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  1. In the credits for Bumping Into Broadway, a Harold Lloyd silent, there was a credit for 'Voices Off Stage'. I understand what voices off stage are, but in a silent film? Anyone got info on this?
  2. Just saw info on MoMA website on retrospective of Ida Lupino films. Would be great to see that, but since I won't be in NYC, it wouldn be fine if TCM did one, or maybe had an Ida day. What think ye?
  3. Guess I'll jump in here, too. I'm a Kate fan; like all her work, some pieces more than others. Part of her appeal for me is the long period of cinema history she worked in and her consistently good performances. She absolutely can be annoying; but I think Kate was who she was without apology. I don't think of her as a goddess, just a very good actor who turned in good work. There are other people who can be annoying, but can also turn in fine performances, such as Liz Taylor. Even though she was incredibly beautiful and sexy, she was also tough and shrewish in more than the title
  4. I'm thankful there is a body of work to stay with us, even though she could have done much more. SO, if someone films the life of Lena Horne, who should star?
  5. Then he was a natural, and that came across in his work. Handsome, charming and not a bad actor. What's not to like.
  6. The fact they both went to save the cat was partially why it was romantic; awfully sweet for those slick moderns.
  7. Well, Edd had his comb and little else, I thought.
  8. "Pirates" was intentionally over the top and silly; thought "Black Swan" was quite serious. But, yes, they are both quite campy.
  9. I don't have an answer, but here's what quick search provided: Dino films w/Stella: How to Save a Marriage--and Ruin Your Life (1968) The Silencers (1966) Dino films w/Kim: Kiss Me, Stupid (1964) Pepe (1961) I'm not familiar with these films, so I can't provide any info about them.
  10. May you have many more years of sharing your knowledge and love of film!
  11. It's hard to conceive of $100 M, whether someone's worthy or not. But I suggest that NO one is worthy of that level of pay, at least no one who's in entertainment or sports. Yet, we buy the films or music, we attend or watch the games ....... seems to me it's a hugh symbol of messed up values.
  12. How about all the above as the correct answer? I liked Mr. Sanders' work, usually. AND I like watching Mr. Power, but this one was tres bad.
  13. Whenever we lose one of the greats, or just someone we've been really fond of, I immediately think I didn't see enough of their work. Well, I didn't see enough of her work. I loved Georgy Girl and now want to see everything she did.
  14. Sorry I missed that one yesterday; I'll watch out for future showings.
  15. Don't know why someone else thinks she's tailor made for the part, but I think Kate can carry this role. As for remaking the film, aren't they remaking everything? TCM could schedule days and days of viewing based on original film versions and the remakes.
  16. Which begs another question: which actors did their own singing in films, and who sang for the ones who didn't? That's whole other discussion, no doubt.
  17. Couldn't watch all the films yesterday, but was glad there was a tribute to Eddie. He was good, solid second lead and probably didn't get his due. I recall him as the bad guy/killer in a Columbo episode and thought he was good at being bad.
  18. This one also sounds like a Depp film; guess Downey got there first. I like RD Jr and will probably see this one, but you have to wonder if there are simply no other vehicles around, or can no one come up with a better idea. Maybe there really is nothing new under the sun.
  19. Robert Preston was in __All the Way Home__ with Jean Simmons.
  20. Thank you for confirming my sanity (at least in this regard); maybe I should ask TCM to try.
  21. Iris2

    Funny Face

    Not a bad movie, but I felt Fred was just too old for Audrey. I like both of them very much, but not together here.
  22. Promises, Promises with Orbach was really great. But movie musicals are not well-received these days (Chicago being the exception). If someone had produced film version of Promises with Jerry, it would've made this film maven really happy. I like The Apartment; Lemmon and McLaine are good together. Yes, it has a dark look--guess they didn't want to endorse the illicit behavior of characters--but it ends so sweetly ......
  23. Howard Keel, no doubt about it. He was gorgeous, absolutely delicious-looking in Kiss Me Kate. Could listen to him sing all day. On the other hand, just for really fun entertainment, probably Danny Kaye. These guys would serve entirely different needs.
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