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    Randolph Scott

    I saw that documentary and not only was he doing his wife (Betsy Drake) he was having a torrid affair with Sofia Loren during the filming of "The Pride and the Passion". In fact Ms. Drake still cried about during the interview. She must've loved him terribly. Although Cary Grant and Sophia Loren did not happen after all. She kind of used him to get Ponti to apply for that Mexican divorce. Ponti was a married Catholics and wife #1 would not grant him a divorce. It was frowned upon in very Catholic countries such as Italy and Spain.
  2. "Pan Labrynth" was not a political film. They used the Spanish Civil War as a backdrop to tell the story but the story itself could've taken place at any time. Just like "Gone with the Wind" could've used the back drop of WWI. All periods of time are "Gone with the Wind"......some people just didn't get it.
  3. "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", it was done before my time but all of the dancers there are exceptional plus they have Julie Newmar as one of the brides to be
  4. True, Marni Nixon was the singing voice of Natalie Wood in "West Side Story", Audrey Hepburn in "My Fair Lady" and she sang for Deborah Kerr in now just "The King and I" but in "An Affair to Remember". In "The Sound of Music" she can be seen and heard singing "How do You Solve a Problem Like Maria' as she is Sister Sophia.....which is easy to spot as she is the young pretty nun on the cobblestone steps. She also had sung parts of animals in the animated parts of "Mary Poppins". I'm a big fan of both "My Fair Lady" and Audrey Hepburn. Who can forget her incredible performances in "Roman Holiday", "Sabrina", "The Children's Hour", "Wait Until Dark", "Charade", "Breakfast at Tiffany's" etc. Now whenever I sit back and look at "My Fair Lady" the more I think it was a mistake not to have Julie Andrews play the part. She would have been simply terriffic and if for some reason Jack Warner was concerned about box office at least use someone that can sing. Marni Nixon, Sally Ann Howes, it makes no sense to me why a non-singer was used. Imagine finding out that Jeanette MacDonald or Nelson Eddy were dubbed....or Mario Lanza or Kathryn Grayson, what a disappointment.
  5. Judy Garland was a dynamo and sad to say I've always felt that her employers were responsible for her demise. When she walked off of the MGM set, there should be no reason in this world why other studios were banging on her door in order to contract her. Notice when Joan Crawford was dumped by MGM she ended up not only contracted by Warner Brothers studio but also winning an Oscar for her first movie there "Mildred Pierce". It seems obvious that her past employer made sure that no other studio was going to have her if they couldn't have her and they actually had the mentality that they owned her. It must have taken great courage to realize this and to say to yourself "I'll have to sing for my supper". Because basically that's what Ms Garland did in order to make a living for herself and to provide for her family. Why did MGM keep her ex-husband Vincent Minnelli contracted and let her go? and why didn't Mr. Minnelli fight for her? True, they had separated but my understanding was that she had caught her husband in bed with another man and blaming no other person but herself she tried to commit suicide with the glass from her bathroom. She died at the young age of 49 and had nothing more to give us. She ran out of rainbows or sang out too many of them. God bless Judy Garland, what a fighter, what a woman, what a loving mother, what an entertainer. She will never be equaled anywhere.
  6. Okay, I understand the question to be if we were deserted on an island who would we like to be with. Although I love Julie Andrews and Judy Garland. It's more of a platonic type of love. Like, "Hey, I would love nothing more than to have you sing to me all day long". Now that that's out of the way as I would never want to insult either of them. Lord knows I secretly carried a crush on Ms. Andrews for years and years and years. But if I was on a deserted island I would like either Ann-Margret or Pamela Tiffin. Either one and I would make sure I am never rescued at all. Although neither of them would feel that way about me. It also wouldn't hurt to be deserted with Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Virna Lisi, Raquel Welch, Elke Sommer, Barbara Eden, Tina Louise, Dawn Wells, Annette Funicello, Carol Lynley, Stefanie Powers, Nancy Kwan and "SHE" aka Ursula Andress.
  7. The American title of the film was "I'm Not Scared" and although the movie was Italian the actress that played the boys mother was a famous Spanish actress, Aitana Sanchez-Gijon. Most people know her from the movie she made a few years ago with Keanu Reeves called "A Walk in the Clouds;. Anyway, getting back to the movie the parents of one boy kidnapped a boy of the same age from a wealthy couple. What happened in the plot is the kidnappers (and there are many involved) all seem to get greedy as they think this family has unlimited funds and the ransom they ask the rich boys parents to pay far exceeds what they can afford to pay. Behind the scenes the son of kidnappers has found the kidnapped boy and made friends with him and when the kidnappers (and this includes the boys parent's) begin discussing that the child may identify them so that once the ransom is collected they need to kill the child. The kidnappers son decides to help the boy flee in order to save his life.
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