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  1. More would be accomplished by having the viewers tested. Don't you think so, "funnyman" ?
  2. Both Scorsese and Spielberg are equal in their cinematic expertise. They are the only two directors still making films that I can say that about. I used to see 30 or more movies per year. Nowadays it's more like 10. I want a good literate story. I am not interested in comic book inspired movies to show-off the latest CGI effects.
  3. It should ! Unless voters (members) are so biased against Netflix. They should remember that Mr. Scorsese took the material to Paramount first. They did not want to pay the cost. Netflix was willing. What finally emerged is a classic for the acting of Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci ( in non- hysteric mode) and Harvey Keitel. The direction of Martin Scorsese. The screenplay, the editing, the de-aging effects are all magnificent. I don't know what Mr.Scorsese plans on doing next, but for me this is his magnum opus. By the way, I went to see it the best way...in a movie theater.
  4. How did William Loman get in there? I typed in Willy.
  5. It's time to show the Fredric March version of DEATH OF A SALESMAN ? Yeh ! I know Arthur Miller wasn't happy with Fredric March's version of William Loman. I was and so was the Academy.
  6. Sloane is driven out of a window by a Vegas slot machine. Twilight Zone !
  7. Here's another dispicable character : Everett Sloane in PATTERNS.
  8. Yes ! Good choice. I forgot about that egomaniac that Andy played.
  9. Wonderful story ! Never heard it before. Thanks so much for posting it.
  10. I am sure his name was mentioned on this topic before,but I don't want to go through all the posts. Bruce Dern was one hell of an SOB in THE COWBOYS. He was just as evil in BLACK SUNDAY.
  11. So many well known movies have been mentioned. How about some less well known film? Less well known but classics to me. ACE IN THE HOLE. aka THE BIG CARNIVAL MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME
  12. John Wayne's best performance was easily THE SHOOTIST. He was very human. None of those typical remarks like ...well I'll tell you pilgrim. John Wayne concluded his career with his best film;just like Henry Fonda did with ON GOLDEN POND.
  13. That's what THE SEARCHERS did for me. John Ford's best movies were HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY and THE GRAPES OF WRATH. Some might call it his muckraking liberal period.
  14. 1953 was the greatest year for movies that became classics since 1939. SHANE IS THE GREATEST WESTERN EVER MADE. A diamond of rare beauty. Perfection in its simplicity.
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