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  1. The best of the 4 that I listed is A MEDAL FOR BENNY. A standout film with a great performance by J.Carrol Naish . Arturo de Cordova and Dorothy Lamour are also in the cast. John Steinbeck was involved in the production and that may be what is holding up its viewing these days. It was shown on cable years ago.
  3. I still haven't found a workable link to the monthly March schedule. Could someone kindly post it that doesn't flash in and out. Thanks.
  4. Shirley Temple was the last stamp issued in the LEGENDS OF HOLLYWOOD series. It took the place of the Elizabeth Taylor stamp which was announced many months earlier, but was dropped because someone involved in Elizabeth Taylor estate wasn't happy. That probably cost the USPS a lot of money and from that point to this very day there has never been another LEGENDS OF HOLLYWOOD. A shame because BURT LANCASTER, KIRK DOUGLAS, RITA HAYWORTH and many others deserve one.
  5. More octogenarians : Katharine Ross 80 Julie Christie 80 James Caan 80 Samantha Eggar 81 Terence Stamp 82 Tom Courtenay 83 Alan Alda 84 Donald Sutherland 85 Alan Arkin 86 Carol Burnett 87 Joel Grey 88
  6. A veteran performer of drama and comedy for more than 50 years....George Segal.
  7. Rob Petrie played by Dick Van Dyke 2000 year old man.... Mel Brooks.
  8. OMG ! Actor , Director, Conservationist ... The Sundance Kid Robert Redford Here's Johnny .... Jack Nicholson MIDNIGHT COWBOY.... John Voight and Ratso Rizzo... Dustin Hoffman The great prizefighter Jack Johnson....James Earl Jones
  9. 4 more. 2 from WEST SIDE STORY: Rita Moreno and George Chakiris Then we also have James Darren and Abbe Lane All in their mid to late 80's. Check IMDb.com for exact dates.
  10. Unless I missed it on this thread, I didn't see Shirley Jones' name mentioned. Born in 1934.
  11. The you I was referring to is the collective group who love Turner Classic Movies. You (singular) are welcome .😉
  12. How could you forget Janis Paige ? Born in 1922. In Warner Brothers ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS with Doris Day in 1948. Could someone please enter a photo of her on this thread. Thanks.
  13. For me , the one to avoid is Johnny Depp. The only Ben Affleck film I liked was ARGO.
  14. PURSUED was a WB distributed film made by Milton Sperling's United States Productions who owned the rights. It was available on the old VHS tape and DVD.
  15. You can also add on KISS AND TELL (1945) with Shirley Temple made at Columbia.
  16. I think this topic needs an update. Neither films are classics,but they should be rescued from deterioration: THE ADVENTURES OF MARTIN EDEN (1942) Glenn Ford, Claire Trevor, Evelyn Keyes and Stu Erwin. Produced by Samuel Bronston for Columbia. THE JOE PALOOKA series of 11 films made at Monogram from 1946-1951 with Joe Kirkwood,Jr., Elyse Knox, Cathy Downs and Leon Errol.
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