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  1. I'm looking forward to "Don't Bet On Women" on 1/12, a 1931 Paramount film with Jeanette MacDonald.
  2. Hi, Did anybody watch or record "Murder in the Private Car" this morning and experience a picture and sound dropout for about 10 seconds at approximately the 37:30 mark? I could be wrong but this didn't appear to be a dropout from from my system provider (u-verse) as it went to a green screen. While I realize it was a short dropout, I was anxious to see this film in its entirety, and if this was an issue with TCM's print, I hope it will be fixed and aired again. Thanks!
  3. Not sure about the actress, but I'll say James Cagney as far as actors go. I was going to list some of the movies, but don't want to spoil anything for folks who haven't seen them. I know of three gangster pictures for sure.
  4. While I checked out the February 2015 schedule hoping for a few pre-1950 titles that have not been shown before (or very rarely shown), I fully knew what to expect, based on past experience. There is a reason the Oscars month schedule is available on the 1st of the month as opposed to the 10th or later.....they had it finalized some time ago. This was also the case last year and probably a few years prior as well. I'm having a hard time getting upset with the scheduler at this time, because October included many RKO early 1930's pictures that are broadcast very rarely. I guess m
  5. No problem. Actually, I was able to go back to October 2003: http://www.angelfire.com/bc/diet/zTCM2003oct.html
  6. Please try this URL I found: http://www.angelfire.com/mn/nn/TCM.html If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can select prior months and years schedules. Also, I was able to pull up the January 2007 schedule by changing the year in the URL, after selecting any month other than the current (default) one. You can probably go back before 2007. Hope this helps.
  7. I'd like to add two of my favorites from 1941 that have not been mentioned: Man Hunt (directed by Fritz Lang) Buck Privates (Abbott & Costello's first top billed role and great music from The Andrews Sisters)
  8. I'm surprised that TCM has not aired any of the musical shorts that June Allyson appeared in during the late 1930s this month. It would have been nice to see June making her earliest screen appearances.
  9. My top 6: 1. Carole Lombard (hands down) 2. Debbie Reynolds 3. Jean Arthur 4. Ginger Rogers (as a blonde, in my opinion) 5. Dorothy Lee (I think her Wheeler and Woolsey roles would qualify her as a comedienne) 6. Betty Hutton (I think she was very attractive in the 1940's)
  10. The 1937 version was released in March. The 1929 version with Norma Shearer is the one being released next week through Warner Archive (and the following week through Movies Unlimited), according to the MU website.
  11. CHARLEY'S AUNT (1941) is available from 20th Century Fox on DVD for about $12 on Amazon via this URL: http://www.amazon.com/Charleys-Aunt-Jack-Benny/dp/B000O78KYM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395865708&sr=8-1&keywords=Charley%27saunt1941 I have the DVD but have not yet viewed it. I consider COLLEGE HOLIDAY (1936) to be a very pleasant surprise because it has never been available on VHS or DVD. I have a very poor quality dupe of the film, which has a very charming musical introduction. Also, it seems like it has been a while since TCM showed a Paramount pre-1950 movie that
  12. I'm hoping that the HAPPY DAYS scheduled on the 5/11 page is the 1929 Fox version, although it is an early talkie and not silent, like most movies after midnight on Sundays are. The listing currently has a short from 1926 listed with a 14 minute running time, but the cast and Maltin review is for the 1929 movie.
  13. Sorry for the long list....what can I say?? There were so many lovely actresses back then. No particular order, except that I listed those not previously mentioned first. Dorothy Lee Janet Gaynor Nancy Carroll Diana Lynn (I find her speaking voice mesmerizing) Helen Chandler Elizabeth Allan Simone Simon Martha O'Driscoll Alice Faye Donna Reed Debbie Reynolds Anne Rutherford Jane Powell Betty Hutton Deanna Durbin Joan Bennett Priscilla Lane Dorothy Lamour Margaret Sullavan Maureen O'Sullivan Paulette Goddard Jean Arthur Carole Lombard
  14. Amazon currently has the Fox Cinema Archives titles on sale for $13.99 including some titles that are up for Pre-order (such as Happy Land).
  15. Last August/September, there was about a 6-8 week period during which it seemed that Warner Archives had stopped releasing pre-1950 titles. Based on the AMAZING stream of film releases from 30's and 40's since then, clearly my concerns were unfounded. Thank you, Warner Archive for a VERY IMPRESSIVE run of great classic movie releases. Keep up the great work!!
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