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  1. The 1937 version was released in March. The 1929 version with Norma Shearer is the one being released next week through Warner Archive (and the following week through Movies Unlimited), according to the MU website.
  2. Last August/September, there was about a 6-8 week period during which it seemed that Warner Archives had stopped releasing pre-1950 titles. Based on the AMAZING stream of film releases from 30's and 40's since then, clearly my concerns were unfounded. Thank you, Warner Archive for a VERY IMPRESSIVE run of great classic movie releases. Keep up the great work!!
  3. I hope I'm jumping to conclusions here.....but it's now been more than a month since Warner Archive released a title dated pre-1950. There are still a huge number of un-released films from this period. I hope Warner continues to consider them. Edited by: classicmoviefan09 on Sep 13, 2011 11:15 AM
  4. There have been typically two Warner Archive release dates per month. The two I am referring to are the one for the second part of April and the one for the first part of May (today's release). The first included some Tarzan movies from the 1960's, which I don't personally consider to be classic or old movies. There was nothing prior to 1960 in that release. Today's release only includes movies from 1970 - present. These haven't been listed here yet, but can be found at wbshop.com. I fully expect there will be many more old/classic releases from the 20's, 30's and 40's, but this is
  5. Just speaking for myself, I'm becoming a little concerned with the fact that this is the second release of Warner Archive Collection new titles without a single movie/short from pre-1960. I really hope that they aren't abandoning or moving away from the truly classic releases (pre-1950). If anybody has any insight on this (such as the people who attended the workshop with Warner at the end of last year), please share. Thanks.
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