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  1. I'm certainly not faulting TCM. These things happen. Still the best network in the world!


    I tried to search the internet for TCM archive schedules, but nothing came up, which is odd, since I've looked them up in the past.


    I watch and record TCM pretty religiously and don't remember this movie airing recently.


    Are you perhaps thinking of "Sons o'Guns" (1936) with Joe E. Brown?


    If not, I hope somebody can recall when this 1941 movie aired last.

  2. It appears TCM had issues with "Three Sons O'Guns" (1941), which was scheduled for 6:30pm et today.


    After the TCM TV-G logo played, the last 5 minutes of "Three Sons O'Guns" aired followed by the closing credits.


    Then the screen went black for a couple minutes, followed by the TCM Technical Difficulties message for at least 5 minutes, after which "Three Sons O'Guns" was joined in progress.


    So, the first 10-15 minutes of the movie never aired.


    I'm assuming I wasn't the only one who experienced this.


    I'm hoping TCM will re-air this movie in the near future, and perhaps add it to AT&T U-Verse On-Demand in the meantime.

  3. Hopefully I'm wrong, but it looks like we're back to the shorts not being listed again.


    As of right now, there are no shorts on the schedule for the next several days.


    Somehow I sense listing the shorts is an after-thought and definitely not a priority at TCM.


    I really don't understand why this is so difficult to get the shorts listed on the schedule on an ongoing basis.

  4. TCM did a very nice job scheduling for July 2011 in my opinion.


    There are a lot of rare 1930's films that do not get aired very often.


    The schedule gets topped off wiih Rainbow Island (1944) at the end of the month. A rare Paramount film with the lovely Dorothy Lamour!!


    Much of the time, I look at TCM's next month's schedules and walk away with a "I can take it or leave it" feel, but July is an exception. Thanks.

  5. I could not agree more that I would rather have the chance to see imperfect copies of rare movies than not see them at all.


    I have every confidence that TCM does everything they can to get the best available print of movies to show on the air.


    In my opinion the print of Lucky Jordan was just fine. It beats the pants off some of the lousy 3rd and 4th generation prints of films I've seen on VHS.

  6. I have a suspicion that the reason for the lack of shorts being listed on the schedule and the fact that the April 2011 schedule is not yet posted are not coincidental.


    My guess is either the person who handles the scheduling has been on vacation or out sick........or as another poster suggested, there have been staff cutbacks at TCM.


    Either way, it's unfortunate and as a viewer, I am not happy about it.


    I would think one of TCM's top goals would be to keep their loyal viewers happy.

  7. There is a 20+ minute opening on TCM's schedule between Love Me Tonight and Love In The Afternoon tonight.


    There's also about a 15 minute window between Gary Cooper: American Life, American Legend and Key To The City tomorrow morning.

  8. Radio Runaround (1943) with Leon Errol ran between Love Is On The Air and Girls On Probation this morning.


    *TCM Programmer:* Please go back to listing upcoming shorts either on the Schedule or on the Bulletin Boards as you did a few years ago.

  9. FYI....there is a 31 minute gap on TCM's schedule tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, between Love Is On The Air and Girls On Probation.


    I would expect a short to air during this time. On the other hand, I've been wrong before.

  10. There have been typically two Warner Archive release dates per month. The two I am referring to are the one for the second part of April and the one for the first part of May (today's release). The first included some Tarzan movies from the 1960's, which I don't personally consider to be classic or old movies. There was nothing prior to 1960 in that release.


    Today's release only includes movies from 1970 - present. These haven't been listed here yet, but can be found at wbshop.com.


    I fully expect there will be many more old/classic releases from the 20's, 30's and 40's, but this is a disturbing trend, nonetheless.

  11. Just speaking for myself, I'm becoming a little concerned with the fact that this is the second release of Warner Archive Collection new titles without a single movie/short from pre-1960.


    I really hope that they aren't abandoning or moving away from the truly classic releases (pre-1950).


    If anybody has any insight on this (such as the people who attended the workshop with Warner at the end of last year), please share.



  12. This is very, very late notice, but I just noticed it myself.


    There is nearly a 30 minute gap in TCM's online schedule on Sunday morning between 8am and 8:30am eastern time. It is between "The Girl Of The Golden West" and "Ma And Pa Kettle".


    I would not be suprised if TCM played a short (maybe even Hal Roach) during this window.

  13. filmlover,


    I agree with much of what you said but take great exception to this statement:


    "Umm, hello...the festival audience IS their faithful viewers!"


    I live in Michigan where the economy has hit harder than anywhere else in the USA. I LOVE TCM and classic movies, but do not have the money or the means to get to Los Angeles for this festival. I know I am not alone in this situation.


    I am anxious to see the May schedule but am willing to be patient.


    I am as big a TCM and Classic Movie Fan as anybody!

  14. Hi All,


    I've only had TCM since July 2007, and have dilligently viewed all of the non-Turner owned Pre-Codes that have aired since that time.


    I've seen a handful of titles mentioned here that aired on TCM prior to July 2007, but have not been re-aired since, and am interested in knowing if anybody has a list of these titles?


    I'm interested in getting a list of all Columbia/Paramount/Universal films up to 1950 that aired prior to July 2007, but would be happy to start with the pre-codes, or whatever is available.


    P.S. to markbeckuaf - if you see this post, is your website down permanently or will it be available again in the near future?



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