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  1. The song is The Every Thought of You by Rene Marie. Great song
  2. Robert Walker in Strangers on a train. Joseph Cotten as good old Uncle Charlie in Shadow of a Doubt.
  3. I beleive they have changed the song a few times. I have heard Billy Holiday's " These Foolish Things" a few times, but the last couple of times I watched Private Screenings it has been something else. Rarely do I like a song when hearing it for the first time, but this one is really haunting.
  4. I have the Fred Astair, Ginger Rodgers DVD box set. On a few of the films there are documentries with historians commenting on the films. In every case it was stated that the dances were filmed first and that afterward Fred would dub in the taps.
  5. Could be the 1946 movie Margie, starring Jeanne Crain.
  6. The young lady in the show was indeed supposed to be Marilyn Monroe, dressed in that blowing in the wind white dress that made Joe D so angry.
  7. I have been looking for this answer for many, many months with no results. In the movie Miracle of the Bells, was the film made by Olga Traskovna ever really released, and if so, what was the title? If it's any help in finding the answer, she played Joan Of Arc. Thanks, Chet
  8. Can anyone help me out with the name of the woman singing, These Foolish Things. during the opening and closing credits of Private Screenings? Thanks
  9. The movie is List of Adrean Messenger, staring Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum, Frank Sinatra, and George C Scott.
  10. Anybody else having trouble getting to the message boards? I only had to click on message boards and walla, I was there. Now I have to sign in first and it still takes forever, or at least thirty seconds. Hate the colors. Why can't they leave good enough alone?
  11. Jack, you beat me to the punch with Carousel, which should have been a great movie. The first thing I would do is keep Sinatra from quiting by hiring someone to make an offer he couldn't refuse. Already the film is 50% better.
  12. Are you talking about Roberto Rossellini? If so I believe he was the father of Isabella and Isotta. I'm not quite sure who Ingrid Berman is, but Ingrid Bergman was the mother. Every dog has his day.
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