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  1. If you are a Tierney fan you should get SUNDOWN on DVD at your local library. She never looked more beautiful!
  2. It is on tonight at 8. Is it Hollywoods crowning achievement? Who today would you cast in the 4 leads? George Clooney has the same sly charm that Gable had, but I can't think of a good Scarlett.
  3. Alice Faye in the film Lillian Russell was a knockout! A lovely face and a spectacular figure. And she could sing too!
  4. I saw him at the Lowes Capitol in D.C. back in the early 50s. He played the drums and told a few jokes. He was an all around entertainer!
  5. Way back in 1948, before Doris made a movie, I saw her at the Maryland University performance of The Bob Hope Show with Les Brown and his Orchestra. Little did I know she would become a BIG star! One advantage to having a good memory.
  6. Good question Hibi. Has anyone living seen Convention City? What upset the censors?
  7. Gustav von Seffertitz, now that is a name to savor.
  8. Of the many Western Stars over the years, who among them actually worked as a cowboy before going into films? Certainly not John Wayne, Randolph Scott , Joel McCrea, Gene Autry or Roy Rogers!
  9. Is it true that the major female actress had written into their contract that they did not have to work when they had their period?
  10. Fred and Ginger dancing in Swing Time 1936 are beyond compare! The plot is silly but the dancing superb.
  11. Montez was a wooden actress whose only asset ws her dark skinned beauty. Henie was only called upon to "ACT" to stitch her skating scenes together. Veronica Lake would have flunked a high school acting class.
  12. I love all the Rathbone/Holmes films! I find the new tv series with Cumberbatch as Holmes too young. The early 30s one with Reginald Owens was mediocre.
  13. Of the many screen beauties over the years, who had the most perfect god given figure?
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