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  1. Anybody catch this movie over the weekend? I just LOVE it, the ending is so perfect. One question though for anyone who's seen it, when they open up the freezer, WHAT is in it?
  2. That wouldn't have done any good, all Frankie needed was for her emotions and her mind to grow a bit to catch up with her body, and to make a friend.
  3. We can also forgive the fact that she doesn't look like a 12 year old because that's exactly the point. She's grown so much over the summer, that's why the man at the bar thought she was an adult and took her into the back room. Though the first time I saw it, I came into it after Frankie takes off her dress and is in the kitchen in her slip and at first I thought it was a boy dressed up as a girl, then I realized it was a girl and figured she might be 16.
  4. I once saw the Hallmark remake with that girl from Fly Away Home...she did the role absolutely no justice. I think they had it right the first time, Julie Harris was 27 playing a 12 year old and it worked because Frankie was in a sense an 'old' child, the way that she already seemed so burnt out on every aspect in her life.
  5. I love this movie, it's one of my favorites, I loved Julie Harris (R.I.P) in it as Frankie. I don't know why it's not a more popular film. What's ironic is as a teenager I could relate very much to Frankie even though I had a mother. Especially when Berenice told her 'You're too mean to live' and Frankie replied 'I KNOW IT!', yeah, definitely been there. How about everyone else? Anybody see this movie?
  6. First time my mother and I saw this movie, it was the 4 hour version, and we had to watch it installments too so it took 4 nights to see the whole thing.
  7. I LOVE it, it's like a month long Silent Sunday. I've recorded more than I've actually seen so far, but we did see The Phantom Carriage, finally, and I saw Never Weaken the other night. I've also recorded to see later, The Wind, Greed, Way Down East, Metropolis, Intolerance, Safety Last, and some of the shorts like Canned Symphony. I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them right now.
  8. How about Buster Keaton, or "Fatty" Arbuckle?
  9. "If you can't enjoy Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, I feel very sorry for you." Agreed! They're the best! Buster especially.
  10. I recorded this movie today and it was only 2 hours instead of 4. I suppose this is the 'original' edited version without all the still photos, but why would TCM show that one instead?
  11. I recorded this movie yesterday and saw it last night, and again today. SO funny. Talking Buster is different from silent Buster but he is still hilarious. And he and Jimmy Durante seem to work well in movies together though I've noticed theirs is a distant kind of chemistry, which makes sense because in the ones I've seen, they always come in meeting each other at some point, they don't right away know each other like other comedy pairings. Anybody else see it? What'd you think of it?
  12. Did anybody catch this on the Sunday night import last night? I don't know how many years it's been since they last showed this movie, but I finally managed to get it recorded!
  13. Saw this again today. Doesn't matter HOW many times I see this movie or they show it on TV, it NEVER gets old, THIS is my favorite Frank Capra film, and one of my favorites of Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur and of course Lionel Barrymore as the lovable Grandpa Vanderhof, that every family should be blessed to have.
  14. To reply to the original post, before Mae West I think EVERY single Hollywood movie starlet that the world loved was VERY flat chested, you look at them and they're beautiful but they do not look ANYTHING like most of the women you see today, they're not built alike at all. People say Mabel Normand had a big bosom to accompany her petite size which made her sexy but I don't see it.
  15. I LOVE this movie. Just would NOT be Easter without it, but I sure wish they could find a better time in the day to show it than 6 A.M. Anybody else like this movie?
  16. I LOVED this movie. I've wanted to see it for about 13 years. Yes, Curly Joe is no Curly, even though they obviously tried to make him one here, but it was still VERY funny and I loved it. I also saw that next Saturday they're going to show The Three Stooges Meet Hercules, and on another Saturday it's going to be the Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze, I'm hoping soon they'll also show The Three Stooges in Orbit, that was always my FAVORITE movie they did.
  17. My mom and I were watching him tonight and she was saying he looks better now, that his eyes don't seem as hollow as they did when he first got back from vacation/recuperating, and my dad came in and pointed out that however, Robert doesn't move his left arm much anymore. I had not noticed this and they did a closeup of him so we couldn't see it, but has anyone else noticed this and if it's true does anyone have any idea what happened?
  18. I LOVE The legend of Billie Jean and yeah, I think that would be a good example. Another movie that came to my mind, Suddenly, 1954, Frank Sinatra is going to assassinate the president, and he holds a mother, her father-in-law, her little son, and the town's sheriff hostage...and the sheriff, Todd, played by Sterling Hayden...you know this is a small town and they don't have hostage crises, but there's one now, and he has to keep everybody calmed down so nobody gets hurt, all the while trying to talk sense into Sinatra's character that nobody ever got away with assassination. What makes a
  19. I just saw this movie for the first time and I LIKED IT, but my brother and I argue over whether it's funny when Richard Dreyfuss is throwing bricks and trees and garbage cans in through his window and climbing in through the window and pulling the ladder in behind him. I found it funny as hell and laughed myself sick, he disagrees. Can anybody else comment?
  20. Movies that are BETTER than the books? Crazy in Alabama (1999) definitely. No comparison there. Also, Fried Green Tomatoes I Saw What You Did! (and I Know who you are), a bit cheesy but I do think it's better than the original novel, I will have to reread it, but the movie's reason for the man's motive to kill these teen girls who call him, is a better motive, he's just killed his wife, whereas in the book, the secret is whe he was 13 he killed a woman because she took away his cigarettes. But better than the book, Evelyn Piper's The Nanny, which we recall with Bette Davis, I
  21. Once again I can't reply to the right post because of the POPULAR FORUMS on the side of the screen, but I do have to agree with this quote "I never saw a old movie (especially silent movie) that I didn't like. I've seen many, many, many movies today that I didn't like at all. I think movies focus too much on special effects and what they don't realize is that CGI dates very quickly and can become laughable within just a few years. People just assume that silent movies are dated and badly acted. I just say that those who think silent movies are badly acted obviously have never seen Robert
  22. FredCDobbs, I can't reply straight to your comment because these RSS things on the side get in the way of the full message and the reply option. But I agree, I hadn't thought of that, I must use that if the argument persists but you are right, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington my God I LOVE that movie, and today it's no secret ALL politicians are crooked, everybody who goes INTO politics is crooked, where's Jefferson Smith? Where is Longfellow Deeds? (forget about that Adam Sandler remake), where is John Doe? Or Elwood P. Dowd? Or Grandpa Vanderhof? Or any of them? These were the heroes of the big
  23. I went to see Hugo last weekend and there are a lot of opionions about it and they all differ...and when people talk about the silent film part of the movie, that's when everybody really takes sides. One person I spoke to says that silent movies are not ANY better than today's movies, that if they're dumb today they were just as dumbed down in the 1920s, just in a different way. I don't believe this, yes I'm aware some movies were not too good and fell on their faces, but for the most part they were good and there IS a reason movies 90 years old are still very popular and a lot of the new ones
  24. If you could have the honor of being a guest programmer and watching one movie with Robert Osbourne and discussing it, what film would it be? Not exactly a movie but I would pick Sherlock Jr., I love that film!
  25. What was the name of the short on tonight with the monkey children riding their bikes and not following traffic rules?
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