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  1. You're a good Kid. I haven't seen Angel on My Shoulder in a good, long time. This situation will be remedied soon. Thanks for the memory.
  2. Hi, Hollywood, I appreciate your welcoming me. A silly search follows: I went to look up White Banners in my Leonard Maltin book ... it wasn't there. I looked in another movie book ... still no luck. Finally, I went to IMDB (Duh), and read about it. It seems to be a dark movie. When I watch a dark movie, I am usually bleeding (with pity for the poor soul). I was wondering if you could let me know if there is a goodly amount of the movie which is after the transformation? If so, I will keep my eyes open to find it on a movie channel.
  3. Yes, mr6666, The Heiress is truly a transformational goodie. A woman is beaten down for years, even though she is kind and obedient. Then, a cad takes her "for a ride." Finally, she returns the "favor." She is a sucker no more. Thanks for reminding me. I will buy a copy soon.
  4. Thank you, Fred, for your suggestions. I have seen It's a Wonderful Life 20 times, usually around Christmas time. It's a classic. That isn't quite what I am looking for. There is a character in it who is transformed for the better (including, the realization that he is loved at the end of the movie). But first, George Bailey transformed from a fun-loving guy (with dreams, and the ability to have a good time), into a man who became darker and darker (to the point of suicide). Finally, after Divine intervention, the last 15 seconds of the movie (during which I usually cry), George sees life differently (as the precious thing it is). What I would like to see is, that movie ending 30 minutes after it did, to allow me to witness George feeling good about life. Also, I am looking for a movie where the tone is a little more upbeat, where this movie is pretty grim. I have seen Les Miserables. It, too, is pretty dark. A man constantly pursued. As far as your 3rd suggestion, I have not seen it. I look forward to checking it out.
  5. I have watched Now, Voyager 100 times (or more) over the years. I enjoy the fact that I get to witness the once-a-doormat daughter change her attitude, and become a free-thinking, free-acting human being. In this vein, there are modern movies like Mumford ... and even The Dream Team. I would appreciate it if you could recommend any transformational movies to me.
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