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  1. Very good Terrence Thanks for the quick response. Lou Gehrig delivered his "luckiest man speech in the face of so much for him to battle as well. Your turn now.
  2. Most of our 4th of July celebrations are in remembrance of our forefathers but today, July 4th, 1939 has a special significance for the Boys of Summer...baseball!! A famous speech was delivered in a classic film of 1942. Name the movie, speaker and the actor that portrayed him. ??
  3. Sorry Miles. You are looking for Jeff Daniels who played Col Joshua Chamberlain leading his regiment into Gettysburg's Little Round Top. (Edythe should stick with Johnny Tremaine for 4th of July Pageantry).
  4. Well Miles, we ran very similar posts. You have Gettysburg's 2nd day, I did Gettysburg's first day. Are you looking for Tom Berenger as Lt Gen James Longstreet at the Battle of Little Round Top? I did What Do They Have in Common on Jul 1st. Can you fill in the blanks for me? It shouldn't take long. You already have the answers.
  5. Thread is open if someone wants to post.
  6. HAMMOND, Mrs. Gale Sondergaard in The Letter '40
  7. You must be referring to Gale Sondergaard in "The Spider Woman Strikes Back"?
  8. First guess on this is Bea Arthur playing Maude Findlay on "All in the Family" spinning off to "Maude" ?
  9. ZUCKERMAN, Homer: Bob Holt's voice "Charlotte's Web"
  10. Thanks, Swithin...you are so right! Your turn.
  11. Thanks guys! next: Mr. James, Skitch and Florence.
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