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  1. As I said just a couple of posts down, "I don't recall if ISZ was among them."
  2. TB, I think TCM has shown Madchen in Uniform. Arturo, I saw a film probably from the 90s, made in Mexico, doc, or semi doc, That was about a town in Mexico that had a lot of cross-dressing gay guys, who were well accepted by the town. Wish I could remember the town, or the name of the film. It would be great for a LGBT series. Also, I saw another doc, set in Burma, about the "Nats." Here's what the wiki says about them: Nats have human characteristics, wants, and needs. They are flawed, having desires considered derogatory and immoral in mainstream Buddhism. During a nat pwè, which
  3. Finance, you should write that one up in 20th Century Vole.
  4. Geeze... please, someone help us out here. Find out when it was that TCM celebrated Cinerama, and give us a list of the films they showed. I'd do it myself, if I knew how. I think they showed ~ 6, and I guess some were musicals. I watched several.
  5. My dad served in the Army Air Corps too, in the Pacific. He enlisted and wanted to be a pilot. But, when they found out that he was colorblind, they wanted him to be a bombardier, because he could see through camouflage. He told me that he didn't think there would be too many jobs for bombardiers after the war. So, he became a mechanic. After the war, he studied engineering. Eventually, he became VP of operations for an oil company. I remember once, back in the mid 50s, some kid threw a firecracker in our back screen door, near where my dad was sitting. When it went off, he dove under the tabl
  6. Perhaps we should try having a discussion of the John Waters film **** (Peck-er.)
  7. Dargo, and KD, I never confuse those two. I prefer Christopher Lee. I think he's a much better actor. But, there is some resemblance, and they certainly made careers out of similar roles. I think that once one sees CL in The Wicker Man, they shouldn't confuse the two again.
  8. I can't remember the title, but there is a modern Hollywood film in which medical students take turns bringing each other to the edge of death, just for the thrill of it. Now, that's Hollywood!
  9. A year or so ago, TCM showed a lot of smilebox Cinerama. I don't recall if ISZ was among them. To me, the best thing about ISZ is Patrick McGoohan. But, since it was Howard Hughes' favorite film, I guess I'd rather see it frownboxed.
  10. Definitely a good one. When I heard Hitch proffer the term, his example was the wine bottle full of sand in Notorious.
  11. I use bold for film titles, italics for TV and song titles. When I abbreviate film titles, I use the same case as when spelling them out: GwtW. Makes the lesser know ones easier to interpret, IMO.
  12. On my screen, Jezebel's was below yours. Does that mean you can show the posts oldest first? I know that a lot of us have been asking for that!
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