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  1. Warner Baxter was in 42nd Street with Edward J. Nugent
  2. Did anyone mention Marie Dressler from Coburg Ontario and Deanna Durbin, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba?
  3. Absolutely, give us a month of his films, I can never get enough of the scoundrel.
  4. Growing up in Montreal, we always wore our shoes in the house, just wiped them well at the door. But when I moved to Toronto, discovered that nobody keeps their shoes on in the house - and you get an evil look if you do.
  5. I'd Rather Be With You - Doris Day with Les Brown: Grable, Lamarr, Garbo, Dietrich, Shearer, Lamour, Russell Garson, Blondell, Miranda Tracy, Milland, Laurel and Hardy, Taylor, Power, Errol Cooper, Mature, Sinatra Turner, Astaire Carroll, Fonda, McCrea Gable, Rooney, Hall Durbin
  6. Masters, Buff - Priscilla Lane in Daughters Courageous
  7. Can I just go back to the original question? I'll say: I Know Where I'm Going
  8. Melvyn Douglas was in There's Always a Woman with Joan Blondell
  9. Jeffrey Lynn was in Daughters Courageous with Rosemary Lane
  10. Francis Flegg, Dr. - John Litel in The Return of Dr. X Edited by: blmcdiar on Jan 20, 2010 11:14 AM
  11. Virginia Mayo was in The West Point Story with Gordon MacRae
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