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  1. 1929: Television icon and producer Dick Clark is born in Mount Vernon, N.Y.
  2. Mayer, Jack Warner, Darryl Zanuck...all forced out of their studios. Harry Cohn was the only mogul to hold on to his studio, as mentioned. But had he lived I think he would have been eventually separated and stripped of his power, as Columbia did go public. And those who feared him would have been the ones to oust him!
  3. Which explained the huge attendance at his funeral.
  4. And sued for creating/condoning a hostile work environment!
  5. What do you think Harry Cohn, Jack Warner, L. B. Mayer, Darryl F. Zanuck would say about their old studios having become independent production outlets as well as television sitcom/drama facilities - if they were alive today?
  6. Finally watching this film in its entirety and enjoying it. Young Mickey Rooney in a role separated from Andy Hardy (other than Boys Town, of course). I just had to laugh at Virginia Weidler kicking Bobby Jordan in the shin. The precocious girl attacks a Dead End kid!
  7. True. Big Valley was not as big a TV hit as MTS. Blondell starred in "Here Come The Brides" with two yet-to-be-known actors (Bobby Sherman and David Soul). She also guest-starred on scores of TV shows during the '70s, working up until her death in 1979.
  8. I wonder if another reason Fred MacMurray seems to be overlooked is that he's mostly remembered as a TV Star. Some seem to believe that his career starts and stops with My Three Sons. His name doesn't immediately come to mind when thinking of movie stars. Barbara Stanwyck was also seen as a TV star (Big Valley); You can also make a case for Joan Blondell, and she later did TV work. Yet they made SOTM at one point.
  9. Fred MacMurray most certainly knew his standing in terms of his career... It's widely known that he was a talented saxophone player, but what I'm getting at is his status as an actor. By the 1950s he was too old for leading man roles (and he knew this); hence, by the end of that decade he began taking on more patriarchal roles, or in some cases, secondary roles. He was first approached for a regular TV role in 1959, when My Three Sons was in its embryonic stage. His close friend Robert Young, busy at the time with Father Knows Best, warned MacMurray initially to "stay away from [TV] series wo
  10. I'm currently reading Fred MacMurray's biography, which is available on Amazon. Mr. MacMurray was not only handsome (according to the females of his time), but also a very clean-cut, straightforward man. Never unfaithful to his first (or second) wife, disciplined in his work, and quite charming as well as talented. My generation (early-50s) knew him best as Steve Douglas from the long-running "My Three Sons"; I knew that Mr. MacMurray had also had a decades-long film career - mostly with Paramount, yet he had done films at all other studios (Columbia, RKO, 20th Century Fox, MGM). He actually s
  11. I have a coworker who's absolutely crazy for Ben Mankiewicz. She says she's planning to go to Los Angeles and steal him from his wife. Yea right!
  12. 1974: Buford Pusser, famed Tennessee Sheriff who inspired the original "Walking Tall" movies, dies in a car crash. His death remains suspicious, citing Pusser's one-man battle against corruption.
  13. Agreed. Vic Morrow was a very talented actor and we not only lost him too soon, but way too tragically. His daughter as you may know is Jennifer Jason Leigh, who is also a fine talent.
  14. Also on this day: Lucille Ball, TV's famed Queen of Comedy, is born in Jamestown, New York in 1911.
  15. CORRECTION: Ralph Cohn was the nephew​ of Harry; son of Harry's brother Jack Cohn, who co-founded Columbia Pictures with Harry.
  16. He held a grudge against Jack Warner. Garner would work at any studio, but he openly admitted that he detested Jack Warner.
  17. I don't know how true this is, but Mae West was once asked in an interview how she got to speaking the way she did in the movies; her answer was from "eating a lot of farina" as a child.
  18. Also on this day: 1997 - The entertainment world loses two big screen legends: James Stewart (age 89, pulmonary disease) and Robert Mitchum (age 79, lung cancer/emphysema).
  19. You left out a couple happenings of the last two days (because ppl went way off topic) June 24: 2005: Ventriloquist and cartoon voice actor Paul Winchell dies at age 82. Winchell, known for his dummies Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff, also voiced characters for Hanna Barbera, and Disney, most notably Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. June 25: 2009: Actress Farrah Fawcett and singer Michael Jackson die. Fawcett was 62; Jackson 50.
  20. You forgot one. June 11, 1967: Actor Spencer Tracy dies in Los Angeles, just days after completing his final film, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner".
  21. Pasty Kelly was open about her preference, and didn't care who knew.
  22. Having lived on both coasts, it's become the norm for me to see some celeb up close. More often than not I just nod a brief "hello" and let them go about their business. I think the only time I got excited was back in the '70s, when I met Dick Clark. I was 14 at the time and I'd watched him on TV every Saturday since infancy. He gave me his autograph and when he reached out to shake my hand, I was trembling so badly you'd have thought I'd seen a ghost! I know he wasn't a movie star, but I idolized this man. I still mourn his passing.
  23. Holy mackerel I had no idea Ginny did a Bowery Boys movie!!!!
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