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  1. I so enjoyed that silent film of "The Scarlet Letter" with Lillian Gish last night. She was beautiful in her prime! That was the first time I had the time to take a moment and appreciate her talent and contribution to film that far back. I'm so used to her latest works before she died, that I had no clue she was the person whose films I adored as a kid when I watched classic films on "The Big Show" and "The Big, Big Show" on Saturdays, "Sunday Morning Movie", "The Afternoon Movie Showcase", "The Late Show", "The Late, Late Show", "The Late, Late, Late Show", "The 5 o'clock Movie", "The 430 Mov
  2. Nice to finally know it wasn't my fault I couldn't find "Suggest A Movie". I've been thinking I'd gone crazy and imagined it existed. I've been fussing out TCM at the "Contact Us" site for taking it away off my screen, the way they used to block people for being offensive in their movie requests. I thought I was being punished for something I'd written when I vented a couple of times about my Monthly Schedules missing from my emails for months at a time. And on the few occasions I did receive a schedule, it was days too late. I'd already missed nearly a week of films that, GET THIS, I had requ
  3. I've been pleading with TCM to send the March 2011 movie schedule to my email. They somehow managed to skip an entire month. I thought the schedule system is supposed to be automatic! I'm a collector of the schedules so I can keep track of the movies I've missed when away from home or would like to request at a future date, not to mention they hold the stats to each movie: actors, director, date, time and year. I like knowing that about all the movies TCM airs. I WANT MY MARCH 2011 SCHEDULE IN MY EMAIL NOW, SOMEBODY ! ! ! Edited by: NURSE3 on May 14, 2011 10:55 PM
  4. Markfp2, in search of a solution to my own upgrade problem, I found that you can advance to the future months if you desire. Just go to SCHEDULE under the TCM symbol (top left corner) and click "Full TCM Schedule". A Day/Month calendar will appear at the top center of the page to the left of "Time Zone". Click it and then click the TINY ARROW at the right of the month (May) to advance to the month you want up to August 2011. That's as far as it will go. Now, if only they'd allow the arrow on the left of May to back up to prior months so I can retrieve the March schedule TCM failed to send to m
  5. JimmyDee, I agree with you so-o much on so-o many levels! I don't know why TCM thought it would be better to upgrade in such a fashion as to eliminate the ability to go backwards to a prior month schedule if a viewer chooses! I'm so **** right now because TCM hasn't sent my March 2011 movie schedule to my email for the entire 3 months I've been asking. Yes, March has now passed but I've made it clear to them I want it anyway because I'm a collector. They've ruined my system of doing things with March missing from my emails! I've had to visit "Contact Us" several times now on this matter! I
  6. Not Without My Daughter with Sally Field
  7. Pearl Bailey in "All The Fine Young Cannibals"
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