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  1. So many great schedules, it was difficult to choose, but my vote goes to Capuchin! I loved your choice of Basil Rathbone as SOTM, and your schedule was clever and most interesting. Also, your knowledge and help to the other programmers was wonderful to see! Also, thank you, Countess, for a fun and interesting challenge theme of Hail Columbia!
  2. Thanks, Capuchin, for that clip of Who Killed Gail Preston. Interesting that it is apparently a remake of The Crime of Helen Stanley, just four years later. Also, great schedule! I'm a big Basil Rathbone fan, wonderful choice!
  3. For those of us who watch and wait with anticipation the great schedules all of you clever programmers create, we look forward to the upcoming challenge! Woohoo....and the more, the merrier!
  4. Actually, it's not true that Ms. Day doesn't want to show herself to the public as some have mentioned, as if she were some kind of recluse. She simply is choosing to live a quieter life away from the spotlight. If you go to her website, you can see a picture of her from just a couple years ago in her remodeled kitchen:http://www.dorisday.com/ (go to Multimedia and then Timeline).
  5. It was such a thrill to watch this Doris Day featurette and to actually hear her own, lovely voice! Thank you, Ms. Day, for consenting to do this wonderful piece for TCM and thrilling all of your fans. And I must say, that whoever did the editing on this, did an excellent job. It was extremely well done!
  6. RhondaNY and Kikilee, On what to wear, I agree with Kyle; go as glamorous as you want that night! My husband will either wear his tuxedo or a white dinner jacket and I'll be in formal cocktail attire, but 1950s style, so you can go as dressy as you wish! And I love the idea, Kyle, of being one of the beautiful roses in the bouquet of women on the Red Carpet! ~Tracy
  7. One of my favorite actresses!! Love you, Doris, and thank you for giving your wonderful talent to film!
  8. Thank you for sending those links, gagman66. Even in that short excerpt, the soundtrack seems to fit the film much better.
  9. LovesLilacs

    The Patsy

    I loved watching The Patsy, with Marion Davies a couple of weeks ago, but was distracted by the Soundtrack by Vivek Maddala. It sounded too modern and didn't seem to fit the 1928 feeling of the film. I do appreciate the tremendous amount of work to produce these original scores, but wondered how others experienced it?
  10. Thanks, lzcutter for all the work you did on composing such a great list of Hollywood sites! I will definitely make those a part of my trip! Getting so excited...only a few days away!!
  11. I'm with you on that one...I've heard your pass will be immediately revoked for also wearing ripped jeans, visible thongs, or rhinestone sweatshirts! Hey, this is our one chance to honor 'The Golden Age of Hollywood' and really dress it up in representing that classic era! (only exception... white polyester leisure suits for 'Saturday Night Fever', fringed leather jackets for 'Midnight Cowboy', or green tights for 'The Adventures of Robin Hood'!).
  12. Great schedule, AudreyForever! Loved your titles and movie choices on the Food theme!
  13. Countess - Another great schedule! Loved your food theme, and Graham Kerr as co-host; great idea! Your premieres of Dear Ruth and First Love are two of my favorite movies! I laughed out loud at your clever titles, like Taco Bell Theater and Dessert Combat. Great job, indeed!
  14. So excited to see what creativity the 15th challenge will bring! I'm liking it already!!
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