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  1. Some words that convey , for me, the quality of the opening scene to Fritz Lang and Peter Lorre's masterpiece "M" are trapped, ominous, foreboding, eerie, doomed ,. I believe that the film captures, from its opening moments, that sense of immanent death that is inherent in all of life, and that it is complicated in a compelling way by the immediate assertion of a corruption of innocence by intentional, compulsively disordered evil . Both the beginning and the ending of "M" are shiveringly intense, dynamically engrossing movie sequences that epitomize the genre of film noir. It seems
  2. i am afraid i am a little slow on this. gosh, where did this month go? alrighty then, will do all i can to find more info and share as i go along
  3. THE UCLA folks, in particular Mark Q., astounded me with extremely timely and generous offers of assistance, and sincere interest. I am most grateful to the folks who replied thus far for their sterling help.
  4. Thank you for your comments and help thus far. Atlas Film Corp has 43 titles listed in the American Film Insitute archives, all from 1910. My great Aunt would have been acting in the years between 1915 and 1920, according to my father who said that she acted prior to attending college, but he is not certain what years. he believes she was an actres for some perof the period between 1916 and 1919. Dad say her surviving children may know the film titles. any additional info greatly welcomed
  5. Thank you for this information. I did find a land dispute on record that indicates that the Atlas Film Corp was still functioning into the late 1930s at least.i believe there was a french movie museum that collected films, i often wondere if they had any of hers. The family lore did not go into specifics and though my great aunt died at 104 still sharp as a tack,we were not in touch about this subject. She did however many many years ago give me her film making cosmetic kit, with greasepaint rouge and et al, which i still have more or less intact. It is stamped with the name of the compa
  6. My great aunt was an actress for this company which had studios in Newton, Massachusetts. I would like to find a film in which she had a role, no matter how small, if such is still extant...
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