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  1. Good songs all, but I think the quintessential 60s song is "Just Dropped In" by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition.
  2. How about Ross McElwee's landmark first-person documentary, *SHERMAN'S MARCH?*
  3. I think the exact title is *THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES.* It was featured on MST3K, where that show's heckling silhouettes also couldn't believe that there was a musical number entitled "Shick out of Shape."
  4. True. I saw Springsteen a couple of years ago, and his band still creates more cumulative energy than Hoover Dam, (and is almost as old.)
  5. I saw the Who in 1989, but aren't they a little old to be still touring? Or, maybe they could change their name to "the Huh?"
  6. 5.) Alec Baldwin obsessively read William Goldman's screenplay for this film as a teenager, and can still quote Goldman's description of the way Newman ends his "knife fight" with Ted Cassidy. (Somewhat unprintable here.)
  7. 3.) Katharine Ross's current husband, Sam Elliott, is one of the poker players in the first scene.
  8. Dinah Shore was in *UP IN ARMS* with Danny Kaye. Danny Kaye was in *THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT* with Charles Boyer. Charles Boyer was in *BAREFOOT IN THE PARK* with Robert Redford. Robert Redford was in *THE STING* with Paul Newman. Next: William Demarest.
  9. Victor MacLaglen was in *THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE* with Virginia Mayo.
  10. Gale, Dorothy -- Judy Garland in *THE WIZARD OF OZ*
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