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  1. Lyda Roberti--and I didn't look it up!
  2. Madeliene Carroll was chased all over Great Britain in 39 Steps.
  3. Before I Hang is quite correct. Votre pub etait tres mignon!
  4. I'm a little weak on Carefree--aka Amanda in France. You've got me.
  5. I hear music and there's no one there-- Miles, another hint please--
  6. Orloff hands motif here--scientist uses blood of a killer for his death-defying serum on himself--only to find that it turns him into a killer also.
  7. Isn't that song Easter Parade? & no, I didn't have to listen to it. Edited by: cujas on Jan 3, 2013 4:49 PM
  8. This is Fred's signature tune--They Can't Take That Away from Me. He sang it to Ginger in Shall We Dance, but no dance. More than 10 years later in Barkleys of Broadway they did it up right with a song and dance. Lav--I got one for you--What was the name of the musical conductor of the show they were dancing in? He appears on camera. Hint: he was the husband of another MGM musical star.
  9. Miles--i've been around a long time--and after you gave me that question, I went out and bought the movie. I really liked the number--it was a take-off on Carmen Miranda, not Harry Belafonte. If somebody else wants to answer this time, consider the above a hint.
  10. It was all easy, except for her favorite song. Her authorized biographer, Gerald Frank, quoted her as saying "When you're down and out Lift up your head and shout There's gonna be a Great Day" "It's Gonna Be A Great Day" by Vincent Youmans I know that everyone's favorite record is Judy At Carnegie Hall--and no one would have to google her last tremendous encore, which, of course, was Fred Fisher's Chicago. Miles--it's all yours--
  11. Miles--You are still a thrill, I guess always will, I hope you never depart! You've got the audition song-- For fun, I want to add to the list, the last song that Judy performed on her MGM contract from a movie that the studio released at that time. Re: favorite songs--they're was one substantiated by her authorized biographer, but she named at least 12 others that she especially loved as well,--any will do.
  12. Next-- Judy's favorite song-- Judy's MGM audition song-- and the last song that Judy sang at Carnegie Hall!
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