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  1. In general, tap dancing in all films was later dubbed in for recording quality. Only the very best tap dancers dubbed their own taps, i.e. Bojangles, Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell or Gene Kelly. Actors who were not professional tap dancers were also dubbed. For example, Astaire's Assistant, Hermes Pan, always dubbed Ginger Rogers. In fact, many great Black Tap Dancers made a living in Hollywood dubbing for White Actors.
  2. cujas


    Whit Bissell--I've seen him in a number of Perry Masons in the first several seasons. He is so consistently good. I believe you should check out Seasons 3 & 4. Good Luck
  3. Martha Ivers=Barbara Stanwyck in The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers Edited by: cujas on Nov 21, 2009 3:33 PM
  4. I was a child watching "Love That Bob", but it was apparent to me that his acting was superficial, over-blown and egotistical. What I really loved about the show was Ann B. Davis, Dewayne Hickman (brother of Darryl and to become Dobie) & Rosemary DeCamp. In all fairness, when he was directed by Hitch (Saboteur, Dial M), he was quite good. I could also say the same about Robert Young in Secret Agent. (Although Young was by far the better actor.) In Secret Agent you see potential in his performance that I think he never reached.
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