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  1. Van Johnson--who could take on George Brent in the arriere dept--with the beautous Lucile Bremer.
  2. OK, Miles--but the next one'll be on you. Next--he danced in the chorus of a number of A-1 Hollywood musicals. Then he got his break as a dancing lead in a legendary Hollywood musical. Also a lead dancer in a legendary French muscial. I used to buy his records too--not a bad singer. Who is? What are? Dancer/Actor and movies.
  3. We're talking about the most popular film series of recent times, maybe for all time.
  4. cujas


    Thank God, Metz is back & we've got him!
  5. Mary Astor "burned" up the screen in Return to Peyton Place, playing Brett Halsey's mother.
  6. Cole Porter's Leave It To Me-- My Heart Belongs to Daddy was sung by Mary Martin and Gene Kelly was in the chorus. Good question.
  7. My very knighted actor is in a movie series that has been filmed for the last few years and his character is a literary police dectective, not a govt. spy.
  8. Miles, who stoled my heart away! When Judy found out she was pregnant with Liza; she was shooting this number with a chorus of guys and she thought that was funny. But in reality it was the director who was the lucky guy--Vincente. Sunny is correct--so I picked it for you. One answer to a customer! Miles, I defer to you--
  9. Fi--that's correct. She was the dancing star of Broadway. Fred & Adele Astaire thought they had really arrived on Broadway when they co-starred with her in a Ziegfeld show. Marilyn Miller is only remembered today as a Broadway star that Judy portrayed in Kern's Bio-pic.
  10. Re: Oct 20--that's Bachelor Father's Noreen Corcoran from the famous Corcoran child-acting family.
  11. This should take us all back through that wonderful door with Miss Young.
  12. I don't know how the computer did it--but I moved on and the computer didn't come with me. RE: Loretta--I bought the below mentioned movie, Cause for Alarm, in a cheapie group. And, I thought she carried it off well, and Barry Sullivan had me scared! But the budget seemed more toward the TV level.
  13. on-line anything is possibe--but the correct question is below.
  14. Next--Very much alive Knighted British (though not English) Actor, who is appears in a very popular film series and is also famous for portraying on film a legendary literary dectective. Not easy--but the clues are very clear.
  15. Early musical by Ziegfeld star--music by Kern.
  16. Yes, Miles--our beloved Mr. Peepers. FYI--Wally was the last recorded person who talked to Marilyn before her death. And he was also Bobby Blake's best friend. Miles is up! Edited by: cujas on Oct 22, 2012 4:43 PM Edited by: cujas on Oct 22, 2012 4:45 PM
  17. When you say 1930's, saucy lyrics, revisions necessary--That can only mean Cole Porter. Only can think of Anything Goes--not to use all those great songs was definitely stupid.
  18. Thanx, again Lav-- Next--This guy was somewhat of an engima; his popular persona was opposite his real self. *He is one of the early TV sitcom stars, who, along with his show, is almost forgotten. He was a staple of all kinds of TV shows in the 1950's, but continued working on TV into the early 70's. *Boomers knew his voice/character as the star of a popular Sat morning cartoon show. *He was the "best" friend of at least 2 of 1950's Hollywood legendary stars. --Made few movies, but TCM people all know his name.
  19. Catch-22 next Clinton Sundberg, Donald McBride and Patricia Marshall
  20. Catch-22 next Clinton Sundberg, Donald McBride and Patricia Marshall
  21. The extremely beautiful and exotic Merle Oberon? Who, indeed, considered herself to be British.
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