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  1. No, Nancy Reagan nee--Nancy Davis
  2. Fi--Andy Williams is one of the most versatile singers of the 20th century. If you really knew his repertoire, you'd comphrend his depth of emotion, stylish technique and broad range. He is actually a Baritone--and he still made a career of hitting Mancini's fluegelhorn high notes. I've seen him 3 times in concert over the last 50 years--he is also a phenomenal live entertainer. Bob Goulet--was a great singer--he had more of a concert or operatic voice--Not really that suited for American pop singing. He could have been a great opera star. Lav is still up-- Edited by: cujas on Jul 16, 2012 5:08 PM Edited by: cujas on Jul 16, 2012 5:09 PM
  3. Lav, you're right--about the dancers--But legendary movie producer Hal B. Wallis was in the audience on the auspicious night and signed Shirley to Paramount. At Paramount the Broadway dancer met Hitch and he made her a movie star. Lav, it's all yours!
  4. Clues are--1 brother co-starred in an English Hitch classic 2nd brother became a staple on American classic TV series--guesting on the top ones for years Both brothers together produced wartime documentaries and a Leslie Howard film Last clue--The older brother, and Hitch star, co-starred in a 40's English classic with a young Jean Simmons. That's It!
  5. Miles--we're waiting for Godot and you! 2 Irish-American tap dancers who made it possible for another Irish-American tap dancer to cinematically enshrine the greatest Irish-American tap dancer of all. 2nd part was the old tap vaudeville team also taught one of the movies 3rd greatest Irish-American tap dancers. Erin go blah
  6. Lav--I've been missing you! And 2 greater singers, there never were. Lav is up---
  7. Here's a twist on Double Indemnity-- A bored young wife, who is married to a rich older man, together with her husband plan to murder a young male business associate and split the life insurance money. Of course, the only complication is that the young, sexy blond wife falls in love with the pigeon. Does this sound familiar to you?
  8. Gotta Dance! On Broadway, one dancer literally does break not a leg, but an ankle and the understudy, who takes her place that night, is whisked away to Hollywood on the success of that one performance. A real-life fairy tale for whom?
  9. My favorite male singer made his starring movie debut co-starring with another major singer in the 1960's. Both singers were at the top of their professions, however one was noted for TV work and the other one was on Broadway. you can take it from there--
  10. 6) This was Monty Clift's 3rd movie and one of his pre-accident classics.
  11. Please review the previous clues-- He had a brother who was a veteran of classic American TV shows & he and his brother had a professional film arrangement with Leslie Howard
  12. Miles--you, I can always count on!--Yes, I just saw Young & Innocent--almost a "lost" Hitchcock film--Nova and Derrick we're wonderful. Hope you've seen it too. Miles it's your turn--(FYI--we still need your assistance on taps.)
  13. Hint #2--we're talking about the greatest Irish tap dancers and their salute to one of their own.
  14. 1 of Hitchcock's English movies. The actress started as a child star. Edited by: cujas on Jul 10, 2012 4:55 PM
  15. "The Tender Trap" "Young At Heart" "From Here to Eternity" "Come Blow Your Horn" "A Hole in the Head" ("High Hopes") Edited by: cujas on Jul 10, 2012 3:44 PM
  16. #5--The Tap Princess says--Marty's love interest--"what a dog"--was none other than the wife of the biggest tap star of the 1950's--Betsy Blair, aka Mrs. Gene Kelly.
  17. For Fi's eyes only--I meant Bogie, had been on Broadway for several years and became a star from the play "Petrified Forest".
  18. Hint: the Hitchcock film in the previous question was filmed in England.
  19. Hint:--My great-grandmother came from Ireland--so did the hoofers in the question.
  20. The director in question was not only big in body, but was, possibly, the biggest director in Hollywood history in terms of box office receipts and critical acclaim.
  21. delete Edited by: cujas on Jul 10, 2012 3:08 PM
  22. Miles--when I was a kid every little girl and every 25th little boy were in tap shoes. On with the show-- This tap duo were legendary vaudevillians who ended up teaching and coaching two of Hollywood's biggest tap stars. One actually had them dancing with him in a film and utilized them for his greatest musical tap role. Here we're talking about 4 tap dancers--the 2 Hollywood stars are very well-known, as are their movies. Hint:--we're talking Buck 'n Wing here, i.e. hoofers.
  23. Very Big Hint: the film director aforesaid mentioned was, indeed, a very big man--in terms of physicality.
  24. Hint: the Hitchcock film I'm refering to was one of his lesser known British gems.
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