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  1. Well Miles--I studied classical piano, but I could barely play that one: Tchaikovsky's Piano Concert No. 1--Tonight we love--Freddy Martin's Band--Merv Griffin (Judy use to sub for him during the holidays and sang Merry Little Xmas) gave it away.
  2. Great answer, Fi! Edward Ellis was Wynant, the original Thin Man. Fi's turn--
  3. Miles--i've been around a long time--and after you gave me that question, I went out and bought the movie. I really liked the number--it was a take-off on Carmen Miranda, not Harry Belafonte. If somebody else wants to answer this time, consider the above a hint.
  4. It was all easy, except for her favorite song. Her authorized biographer, Gerald Frank, quoted her as saying "When you're down and out Lift up your head and shout There's gonna be a Great Day" "It's Gonna Be A Great Day" by Vincent Youmans I know that everyone's favorite record is Judy At Carnegie Hall--and no one would have to google her last tremendous encore, which, of course, was Fred Fisher's Chicago. Miles--it's all yours--
  5. Like the French say --c'etait toute une histoire--I'll let you guess. Next:He played the title character of one of the Golden Age's most popular film series--not serial, it was an A film. But he only appeared in the first film. Edited by: cujas on Dec 10, 2012 4:29 PM
  6. Who was 10/4 Broderick Crawford?--and since this is associated with Astaire and Rogers--I've got all the dirt on it. But I don't like to repeat gossip. Edited by: cujas on Dec 5, 2012 4:53 PM
  7. So sorry, I forgot this one. "And Franklin Roosevelt's looks give me a thrill"
  8. Miles--You are still a thrill, I guess always will, I hope you never depart! You've got the audition song-- For fun, I want to add to the list, the last song that Judy performed on her MGM contract from a movie that the studio released at that time. Re: favorite songs--they're was one substantiated by her authorized biographer, but she named at least 12 others that she especially loved as well,--any will do.
  9. Next-- Judy's favorite song-- Judy's MGM audition song-- and the last song that Judy sang at Carnegie Hall!
  10. cujas


    Reginald Denny--my favorite Sherlock Holmes villain.
  11. Fi--good work! For the Record Cecil's great noir is The Postman Always Rings Twice. Fi, your turn--
  12. I Wish I Was In Love Again--from Words & Music--The last MGM performance of Judy and Mickey.
  13. 1st unfinished business--You Made Me Love You is an Al Jolson song period. A lot of people have sung it--and Judy's version is one of the most memorable. But her singing it was really the harbinger of her concert career, when she picked up Jolie's mantle and became the next great "Mamie" singer Although Eddie Fisher tried hard to grab it. Next--Harry Warren and Al Dubin wrote About A Quarter to Nine for husband and wife: Jolie and Ruby Keeler in Go Into Your Dance. Larry Parks and Evelyn Keyes recreated in The Jolson Story. FYI--It's a great tap number that I used alot in class.
  14. Next: South African born character actor whose "A" movie career spanned from 1939 to 1967. Nominated twice for the Oscar. Co-starred with Bette Davis, Jimmy Stewart and Spencer Tracy. Big HINT--although he was known for his comic interpretations, His supporting role in an A-1 Classic Noir is considered to be one of his most famous roles.
  15. The whole point of the question was that the MGM producer, Arthur Freed, and the MGM Music Guru, Roger Edens, colloborated 1 time for this lovingly, memorable song for Judy and Mickey. Miles--you have it or si vous voulez, you can yield to Flashy.
  16. Next: "Here we are, two babes that are lost in the wood" Song sung by famous, maybe most famous, Hollywood singer and written by a famous lyricist and music guru, who were not really a composing team. But the 2 collaborated, in general, on Hollywood musicals. Song, singer, movie and composers
  17. Miles-- I don't even remember Don Cornell, per se! But I really do remember hearing that song on the radio. I had never heard of Susan Slept Here--but several years ago, I bought the TCM Catalog and saw it--and bought it sight unseen. It's a terrific Xmas movie. Miles--you're up!
  18. I know this song not from the movies but from my Bobby Short collection--Ivor Novello's, And Her Mother Came TOO-- In Gosford Park Ivor Novello (Jeremy Northam) sings this song to the weekend guests. I imagine you can look up the rest on IMDB.
  19. Obviously you're talking about Boris Karloff in Arsenic & Old Lace on Broadway in 1941. For the rest, I don't know--I haven't got your book.
  20. I love Debbie--just saw one from her, so we'll do that: Song by Richard Meyers was a hit, thanx to Debbie. Song & Movie please
  21. 9--The lady of questionable reputation, who had the apartment before Roz and Blair, was a beauty whose sister definitely was a woman who entertained men--June Havoc, sister of Gypsy.
  22. MGM's 2nd theme song--You Are My Lucky Star?
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