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  1. What took you so long? Fay is an overlooked Universal treasure! Lav is up--
  2. Hint #3: A victim of Larry Talbot's secret.
  3. 6. Nanette Fabray split her leg open on a haystack in Louisiana Hayride, ouch!
  4. Gipp--These people have to be famous--is she a relative of yours?
  5. Miles--at this point, I've forgotten more about Astaire than I once knew. But he does a minuet with Marjorie Reynolds in Holiday Inn for Washington's Birthday--so I'll have to go with that.
  6. Frances Fisher as Lucy in TV's Before the Laughter Next: Bobby Kennedy
  7. Hint #2--Co-starred with Acquanetta
  8. Top Hat next: the best dancing you've ever seen in a movie
  9. #1) The Bandwagon takes its name from Fred & Adele Astaire's last Broadway show.
  10. Stuck in the mud again-- let's re-start next: Thomas Jefferson
  11. It could be and it is Jack Donahue--who taught Eleanor Powell her first tap lessons. But it was the Tsar's last Ballet Director, Fokine, who taught Ellie to dance. Miles, it's time for your number!
  12. Hint: danced on Broadway with a legend.
  13. Hint: took his father's real name--but his father had a stage name. For the biz, his mother kept her maiden name.
  14. This young lady was always prim and proper. She wasn't a famous supporting actress, but a consistent one. She appeared in A movies with Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers, Rosalind Russell, although most of her movies were classy "B's". I and many other people see her in a famous horror movie every Halloween. She made a few for Universal and this one was part of the Legend.
  15. When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way from your 1st cigarette to your last dying days! Not so for George Chakiris--started out as Riff in the West End and ended up as Nardo in Hollywood with the Oscar. Fi--do you remember his famous featured performances in the dance chorus of 2 major 50's musicals? And West is a given--but what was that legendary French musical? Edited by: cujas on Nov 1, 2012 4:02 PM
  16. Lav--i saw the book at the library--check out the back cover--everybody from Wade preston to jack kelly--think only Clint Walker was missing--very yummy! next: Father was a wild west frontier scout and mother was a legal secretary--FYI this was on TV, not in real life. in reel life, he was a superhero.
  17. Screwball is my speciality--And My Favorite Wife is my favorite screwball. Re-make is Move Over Darling with Doris Day and her equally sexy co-star James Garner. Ditto--The Thrill of it All!
  18. Ironically--I've never seen this movie in question, Disney's Cinderella, really only bits and pieces. But also ironically--the lady in your question, I watched, as a child on December's Bride, and she reminded me of my Grandmother. Either way--she must have had something endearing to little girls--i.e. Verna Felton, who played Hilda, your Fairy Godmother. Am I on the right track here?
  19. Miles--Miss Bremer was the only discovery of Arthur Freed's who turned out to be a dud. But Freed did ok with Judy, Gene Kelly & Lena Horne. next--This dancer starred in the Ziegfeld Follies, but later became a prominent TV director. Chez nous, his claim to fame is teaching beginning tap to one of Hollywood's Tap Legends.
  20. Harry Potter and Maigret are better known than Michael Gambon--but he made them live on screen. Good Show! Sir Muddy is up--
  21. Hint: one of few dancers to win an Oscar.
  22. Edythe--before I say no--I must congratulate you on remembering one of France's great choreographers and ballet directors. He was the "Balanchine" of France, he gave the world Leslie Caron and one of Astaire's most esoteric movies, Daddy Long Legs in addition to decades of original and cutting edge choreography for his dance companies. Now--the dancer/actor in question--danced in the chorus of some top Hollywood musicals in the '50's at MGM, Paramount and Fox. Then he co-starred in 2 legendary musical movies of the 60's--in the US & in France. Later he recorded records and played dramatic roles in films and TV. Everyone playing this game has seen him dance in the 60's musical aforementioned.
  23. Let's go back--the actor has to be British, hence the thread, and this particular knighted actor is, however, not English. He has appeared in the most popular film series in movies, currently and possibly of all time, and he has appeared as a legendary police detective from literature, on the TV screen.
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