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  1. 8) Hitch abadonded his technicolor movie style for a black & white TV technique.
  2. Hint--not the biggest star, rather a supporting ingenue, but hot in the 60's in a way co-starring with the big stars like Bette Davis and William Holden. Her biggest success garned an Oscar for the leading lady and a nomination for the theme song. FYI--The song was a 60's movie hit that everyone was humming. Those clues should do it!
  3. The one and only sister of Jack and Lionel! Flashback--
  4. Seems like I saw them recently in a Betty Grable movie--Moonlight Over Miami. Looks like all the great dancers are from Kansas, Miles. Are all the cowboys from Connecticut? Miles is up--
  5. Hi, Miles! Yes, from working class guy to the Queen's guy--he's one great actor! Miles is, as usual, right--
  6. Current actor--with unbelieveable range from TV to A-movies; from working class Americans to British Royalty and several real and imagined American Presidents. Hint: His father was a classic film director.
  7. No--Dr. Zhivago, Christie's biggest movie of the 60's, actually garned 5 Oscars and 10 Oscar nominations. Hint:And the British actress in question was never involved with Shirley MacLaine's brother. Edited by: cujas on Sep 29, 2012 5:56 PM
  8. Silver--I'm picking up Good Vibrations; they're giving me excitations! Brian Wilson said he found the theremin in a Hitchcock movie about psychoanalysis called Spellbound. Rozsa's wrote the score for Spellbound in 1945 and later that year he also used the theremin in the score he wrote for Lost Weekend.
  9. Sometimes I wonder if we would have had Hollywood without are friends the Brits. Never have so few, done so much for so many! Can you imagine Classic Films without Hitchcock and Cary Grant, or James Whale and Boris Karloff? And who could measure the contributions of character artists like Una O'Connor, Charles Laughton, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains or Gladys Cooper. This thread is devoted to British Cinematic artists in front of and behind the Camera. First up-- This British actress was born in Asia and gained wide-spread recognition in the 1960's. She co-starred with A-list American & British films stars. Her most successful film of that decade garnered 2 Oscar nominations and 1 win. Actress and greatest film success--
  10. "That's all there is; there isn't any more!" Classic curtain call ending from one of America's greatest actresses. She also appeared in classic films
  11. Silver--you're thinking right! What a wonderful, and mostly forgotten director. Silver, please take your turn--
  12. Yea--the old hypnotic eye got them. Allegedly he stalked Phyllis Kirk when he was married to Dot Malone. And while he was going with Eva Gabor, she got him the job as the Skating Instructor in "Gigi". Much to Minnelli's horror, when he arrived to shoot the scene, they discovered that Jacques couldn't ice skate! More time and money wasted--they had to start over and make it a processed shot. As we use to say, Ginger should have left him on the Left Bank! Lav-blue Rose, it's all yours--
  13. Miles--I never saw Gene's Living in a Big Way except in a clip in That's Entertainment!--You got to say Gene was never afraid of anyone stealing the number from him, not a dog or kids--Few people would have the guts (or ego) to perform with kids like he did in I Got Rhythm! Next: This beautiful actress, who hailed from the Midwest, is a superb dancer and her ability is little known or remembered. She got a contract at a top studio in the 40's and performed in several A musicals there. Also, at this studio she met her husband,a legendary Movie Star. Today she is only remembered as the wife of this movie star, whose own life sometimes overshadowed his movies.
  14. This classic film director created films that defy classification. His versatility and genius in different genres is mind-boggling. 1) He directed a classic Noir with one of Noir's greatest stars. 2) He directed a classic love story about how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 3) He directed a classic swashbuckler with of course, one of the genre's greatest stars. 4) & My favorite--he directed an adaptation of a classic novel that gave one of Hollywood's greatest actresses her 1st real break. Director and movies, please--
  15. Lav--I read a bio of Bobby's life--It is so violent and sad it reads like Piaf's La Vie en Rose. Next is one of my favorite stories--I don't know if I've told it recently, if I have, well, it's still a good one. A classic movie star actress vacations in France in the 1950's and meets a French man, brings him home and marries him. He only stays with her long enough to start a movie career and get linked to 3 other female actresses--one of which he also marries. Hint: Both ladies that he married are Oscar recipients. Please name all the principals involved.
  16. Miles--Both were at MGM--Lady was 1941, Girl was 1953 1)Ellie danced with a dog, "Buttons" in Lady Be Good to Lady Be Good. 2) Bobby Van did an unbelieveable number in Small Town Girl, where he was a human pogo stick dancing to Take Me To Broadway. Behind him was a dog, also dancing like a pogo stick. Unfortunately the dog dropped a beat, but the number wasn't started over. This is surprisingly because Busby Berkeley was directing and he was usually a simon legree with his dancers. Maybe he just liked dogs. Both Ellie, for her Stupendous Opus, Fasinating Rhythm in Lady and Ann Miller, who performed her fabulous Gotta Hear That Beat in STG--complained adamantly about Berkeley sadistic obession with retakes. And Allegedly it was Berkeley who precipitated 2 nervous breakdowns for Judy Garland. But the two above mentioned dance numbers were the best that both tap dancers ever filmed at MGM. Miles--Let's vamp again, like we did last summer! Edited by: cujas on Sep 27, 2012 5:05 PM
  17. This sounds like it's up Allen's Alley--Fred Allen. But Silver--I have to tell you that Bilko's Nat Hiken wrote most of those Allenisms.
  18. Fi--I've got to give you credit on this one--A unique type of question, on a little known subject. Where did you get this idea--on TCM? Osgood Perkins was a well-known and well respected actor on Broadway in the 20's & 30's. I bet few people remember him, much less know he's the father of the Movie Star Tony Perkins. In 1932, Osgood appeared on Broadway in "Goodbye Again". In 1961, Tony co-starred in the movie "Goodybye Again with Ingrid Bergman. Based on a story called I Like Brahms--it obviously was a completely different work from the play. I recently saw it--it's a good international movie, filmed in Paris with French film star Yves Montand.
  19. Lav, I was thinking about this subject the other night. I wonder if we're tuned in to a similiar circuit. I bought 2 movies starring Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin.--But I never got it out of my mind about Connie Francis claiming that she was his real love. What gives?--Scarlett Billows?
  20. 1) Bernard Herrmann's striking theme for Psycho was accomplished with an all-strings orchestra.
  21. Janet Leigh appeared with Nancy Davis in The Doctor & The Girl.
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