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  1. Musical Novelty--you're on tap!
  2. deleted Edited by: cujas on Sep 13, 2012 6:31 PM
  3. If she's not American, it's the wacky Bea Lillie.
  4. Eve Arden is Barbara Stanwyck's only friend in My Reputation.
  5. Murray Hamilton died for the FBI and James Stewart.
  6. Yes--I was reminded of that by watching a newsreel of the London Premiere of Daddy Longlegs. Fi's turn--
  7. Broadway song 'n dance star of the 20's and 30's--This dapper gentleman became a major Hollywood star of the late '40's and '50's. Any takers?
  8. Tony Randall "stole" Pillow Talk from Rock Hudson.
  9. Kate's first film role--Bill of Divorcement
  10. Walter Winchell--Texas always said, "Hello, Suckers!" --I thought you had Winchell in the question--he's the only one!
  11. Robert Ryan pushed Paul Douglas' envelope in Clash By Night
  12. Fi-- i met to put the Castle name in the question. But you got it right with Adele Astaire. I didn't know there was a Hudson River in Ireland--the Castle is Lismore Castle--the castle of the Dukes of Devonshire-- Fi, it's your turn--
  13. I'm just going off blind--Texas Guinan's with George Raft and Ruby Keeler
  14. Do you know the name of her Castle?
  15. Agnes Moorehead was mean to Joan Fontaine in Jane Eyre.
  16. Edythe--right! It's amazing they're not better known because they wrote The Thin Man Series, Easter Parade, Father of the Bride--and hold your breathe---It's A Wonderful Life! They were really something. Edythe, it looks like we're in the US Open --and It's your serve!
  17. Well, someday we'll all have tea at Highclere and I will invite the chauffeur! Next--Let's stay with castles, i like them. What famous 12th century castle in Ireland was home to a female American Musical Comedy Star--not by birth, or money--but by marriage? Hint: she was not a movie star, but her brother was one of the biggest.
  18. Whatever Mudskipper wants, Mudskipper gets-- And now he wants the next question--
  19. Edythe--I would ordinarily chide you for using a 2000 movie--but I am the biggest Downton Abbey fan west of the Wide Missouri. And I've always been fond of Ivor Novello. Julian Fellowes may have won the Oscar for Gosford Park, but I think he was just warming up to write his real masterpiece, Downton Abbey. And, of course, the character of Ivor Novello came too to Gosford Park and there was even talk about the Lodger movie. FYI- The Dowager Countess Lady Grantham, aka Maggie Smith, also came to Gosford Park. Edythe, shall we take tea now?
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