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  1. I've just worked my way through the 98 pages of this thread, and two actors not mentioned, that I used to get mixed up; Robert Cummings and Dana Andrews.
  2. Tune in to TCM at 8pm ET on Tuesday, September 21 to see primetime host Robert Osborne make a very special announcement about the second TCM Classic Film Festival!
  3. It's been a couple of weeks now since this suggestion of "Forbidden Planet" was made, and over the past couple of weeks it has popped into my thoughts a number of times. There are many other films that I would have chosen first, but after thinking about it, I think this film would be wonderful to see on the large screen. The rich colors, creative special effects and huge spaces portrayed, and the different sci-fi sound effects that they came up with, would be wonderful in a large theater. Very much a film made to be seen in a theater. Thank you Allen Jenkins for suggesting it. I hope that TCM
  4. In the TCM Classic Film Union, there is a group called "TCM Film Festival", and we've already started putting photos and video up, if you'd like to add some photos there.
  5. TCM has already started putting photos onto their Facebook page (see Photo albums) of the Festival as it's being put together.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that she won't make it, but thank you for keeping us up to date.
  7. I just noticed today that someone has started a "Bring Olivia de Havilland to the TCM Festival in 2010" fan page on Facebook. It's link is; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Olivia-de-Havilland-to-the-TCM-Festival-in-2010/339279345554?ref=mf&v=wall
  8. If enough people vote, I think you can find a "yay or nay" for any film. I also think that when they see a newer film, some TCM viewers might start to worry that the station risks becoming like that other "classic" movie station where the word classic seems to be applied indiscriminately to anything. In regards to that concern, I personally don't feel that TCM is going down that road. I see this as just temporary special programming where any Oscar connected film fits the theme of "31 days of Oscar", and after 31 days everything returns to normal.
  9. I was hoping there might be special guests from the 1950's era at the festival, but felt that I might be pushing my luck hoping for a guest who would have appeared in films of the 40's. I am absolutely amazed that an actress from the 30's (and a prominent one whose story is part of that era's Hollywood mythology) will be at the festival. It's my understanding that she is almost deaf now, but I expect she will feel the applause when she gets a standing ovation at the festival.
  10. I'm expecting the people attending to be more mature and easier to approach than at a regular festival. So you may find you have plenty of friends when you get there.
  11. I am on the same wavelength as the person who wrote that TCM has spoiled them for watching movies on any station that interrupts the film for commercials. As for Christmas films and shows, I also choose to watch them on DVD whenever possible. We can watch them when everybody is ready and without commercials. A Christmas Story is one that really strikes a chord with me, so it will always be a Christmas tradition for me as well. For the person wondering how people can have the time to watch these films. In my case, I'm self employed, work from home, and make my own hours, so I often work aro
  12. A group titled "TCM Film Festival" has been started on the Classic Film Union section, for anyone wishing to discuss it. For those interested, at the end of April, I'll post some of the photos I'll have taken at the Festival, on that page.
  13. Debbie Reynolds might be possible. According to the touring schedule on her website, she doesn't start her ?Debbie Reynolds: Alive and Fabulous? show at the Apollo Theatre (in London) until wednesday April 28.
  14. The first one that jumps to mind for me is 1992's "Visions of Light" which focuses on cinematography, and shows wonderful footage from the silent films on up. The year before, in 1991, I found the documentary "Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Journey" to be a very entertaining record of the difficulties encountered when making Apocalypse Now. Those two can be found on DVD. One that can't, which I also enjoyed, was 1974's "LIFE Goes to the Movies" which was LIFE magazines documentary on the films of the 20th century.
  15. About 20 years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing this film on screen at a B-movie festival, and the crowd laughed more at this film than at any comedy that came out that year! Afterwards I bought the videotape, and showed it to friends who reacted the same way. Poorly made film, but in a beautifully funny way.
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