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  1. "Some Like It Hot" is sheer perfection, hilarious from beginning to end! But with "Philadelhia Story" my feelings are mixed, because the script is so damn sexist I can't enjoy some part of it. Such wit, such brilliance, such charisma... but to enjoy thise I have to put up with all those speeches about how a wife ought to be "yar", and never criticize a husband even if he's an alcoholic who's totally wasting his potential. And then there's the father's speech about how he blames his daughter for the fact that he cheated on his wife... how can even the most avowed sexist watch that with
  2. "The Conqueror" is the funniest non-comedy I've ever seen. Truly a laugh a minute, and it was meant as a serious epic film. Check it out, it's hilarious!
  3. Tampopo


    My favorite is "A Night at the Opera" in which their act achieves perfection. My second favorite is "Animal Crackers", which has a raw energy lacking in their later films. I read up on the brothers a while ago, and FYI Chico was a true pathological gambler, Groucho supported his wife later in life because Chico had gambled away everything. My not-really-favorite example was the time he made a bet on one of the horse races being filmed for "A Day At The Races". The race was set up for the camera, the jockeys had been told in what order they were to finish, and everyone on the set knew it
  4. Hilarious film, TCM needs to show it. And "Return of the Pink Panther", with Christopher Plummer as the Phantom, is also wonderful. He, TCM TPBT! Get on it!
  5. "The film I thought under discussion was "Guns of Navaronne" in which the two female actresses performed as infantrymen carrying guns, killing Krauts, and either teasing or avoiding sex." I'm not going to get into the issue of women in the miliary except to correct this: The women in "Gun of Navarrone" were not infantry, they were resistance fighters. Members of the resistance faced all the dangers that official soldiers did, and got none of the benefits. No pay, no medical care, no military-industrial complex providing equipment, and if they were captured they had none of the rights
  6. I've never seen this film on modern TV. Has TCM or IMC or anyone else ever shown it? It'd be a shame if today's young viewers never got a chance to see it. Because the kind of "revival house" movie theaters that showed classic films and cult films are all gone, vanished when the home VCR became common and people didn't have to go out to see the great films. Of course it's great that you can see almost any film at home, but I have to say I miss those theaters. The theater where I first saw "King of Hearts" was a film geek's paradise: Incredibly interesting films to see, the bathroom gr
  7. I'm going to leave out the Disney/Pixar films, because I honestly don't know which ones had enough Disney involvement to be called "Disney Films". Which doesn't change my #1: 1: "Beauty and the Beast" an absolutely enchanting film. 2: "Enchanted", my favorite comedy of the last few decades. 3: A tie between "Sleeping Beauty", with its Tchaikovsky score and 50s/medieval look, and "The Three Caballeros", which is just plain surreal. One of the wierdest movies ever made, too strange to rate a DVD release. And FYI, "Snow White" always gives me the creeps, because at the end a ha
  8. Garsh, thankee. [digs toe in ground]
  9. "The Guns of Navaronne", for three reasons: 1) It's a damn good film, with solid performances and lots of action 2) It deglamorizes war; the characters are fully aware that horrible things are being done to them, and that they're doing horrible things to others and at a terrible cost to themselves. But as Gregory Peck says, it'll only be worse if they do nothing. 3) Strong female characters. So few films even mention that women are involved in war at all, or suffer as a result, or can have any effect on its progress. And Irene Pappas is just incredible, and made so few englig
  10. "What other comedies has Kirk done? " He was rather wonderful in "The Devil's Disciple", the 1950s version of the George Bernard Shaw play. Very low-budget production, little known then or now, but one of his best performances. He's not only very funny, but he quite outdoes his buddy Burt Lancaster, as well as Laurence Olivier (at a personal low point). Definitely something Kirk's fans should see.
  11. Whatever the greatest film of the last decade is, I haven't seen it. Oh, I've seen some films I adored, like "Ratatouille" and the "LOTR" movies, and some very good films, but absolutely nothing truly GREAT comes to mind. Says a lot about Hollywood today, doesn't it.
  12. In a perfect world, the judge would have a look at the 1990 film to see what Beatty had done with the rights, and in reponse he'd give the rights to a more deserving party and slap Beatty with a fine. Man, that film was lame, I can't believe Beatty is clinging to it.
  13. In one of David Niven's books, he had a little chapter about Fred Astaire. He said that yes, Fred would do his tap routines, and the re-do them in the sound studio to get all the taps perfectly recorded. Apparently Fred was so precise and aware of his dancing that he had the taps accurate to the fraction of a second, and could tell if the soundtrack was slightly out of synch. Niven even wrote about the time Astaire called up from a film premiere, hysterical because the soundtrack was three frames out of synch or something! Niven did exaggerate a few things, but after reading that I was
  14. "...a wonderful young singer Emmy Rossum who stared in the movie `Phantom of the Opera`. We all loved her in this film." Speak for yourself, I thought she was terrible. Not enough of an actress to carry a film. As for why we don't see this sort of thing any more... well, most of the young people with singing and dancing talent aspire to be the next Britney Spears or Shakira, and to star in music videos rather than musical films. Popular tastes have changed, and not IMHO for the better.
  15. I'm going to say that IMHO "Singin' In The Rain" is the best musical of all time. Great musical numbers, dancing you can watch forever, wonderful catchy songs, lovely production numbers. But unlike most musical, if you took away every last song and dance number... it'd STILL be a great comedy film! How many musical films have anything so good, between the musical numbers?
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