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  1. I've just gone through 11 pages of this wonderful thread & am impressed with so many of the posts. I think I was specifically looking for Allen Jenkins & Frank McHugh as two of my all time favorites, especially McHugh & his distinctive laugh, & there they popped up. I haven't been on in quite some time & forgot how great this forum could be.
  2. As a longtime BK fan, I was so happy to see "Seven Chances" on TCM. I had never seen this one before & was on the floor. Love this guy!
  3. I pay $10.25 for Broadcast Basic Cable, $57.70 for Standard & then $30 for Road Runner, all from Time Warner Cable (I'm in the Adirondacks) with a grand total of $101.86 with all taxes. I watch a lot of TCM, PBS, HGTV, CNN for news &, as I'm a court buff, watch the True Channel's "In Session" live court trials. I have about 65-70 channels & sometimes nothing's on, including TCM. That's when I get back to my first love, reading.
  4. I agree with you that the memory is better than the mailed autograph. At least you know the memory is genuine. Back in the '50s I worked at the Park Sheraton Hotel in NYC & collected many autographs for my younger sister as stars passed by my office in the lobby. Some even lived there for a while. It was very exciting & my supervisor was very tolerant of some of my antics. I remember when I had just gotten Harry Belafonte's autograph & as he was exiting the hotel he pressed his face to the window in the office door, which was in the vestibule, & naturally my face was already p
  5. I was going to respond to this thread after reading all the other responses & find that you said it all. I think it was Emily Dickenson who said "My mind lets go of many things/Like dates of wars & deaths of kings..." I too might add facts of many things as well. I don't much care who plays host as long as they know something about the movie itself, which Ben seems to know. I also don't much care what he's wearing. He's okay in my book & certainly not worth firing over a few gafffes.
  6. I'm currently reading "Tales of Hollywood",edited by Graydon Carter & published in 2008, which is a compilation of articles prevously published in various issues of Vanity Fair, about 13 rather iconic films. I highly recommend it to those who are interested in the stories behind the making of films in general. This publication, which includes "Rebel Without a Cause," "Cleopatra," "The Graduate," "The Producers," and "Saturday Night Fever" is one of the best. There are other pictures of course, making up the 13 films discussed, & a lot of the information contained is eye opening, deligh
  7. Well said! May I also add something about the sets & costumes of the thirties' films, which made visible social statements as well as the dialogue styles. Not just in the films that depicted rather high social standings but the gangster & "poor working girls" ones as well. They are nice windows into the culture of the time.
  8. Sounds like a German film, not listed in E. Katz's Film Encyclopedia. The only German film that is listed is for her is "An jedem Finger zehn" (whatever that means) done in 1954.
  9. I caught it for the first time & found it interesting too. I thought she went to France just to work as she felt she was not appreciated in the US, not necessarily to make movies. Or, was she invited over specifically to make films?
  10. I liked the Gibson very much. I also liked the Branaugh version but could have done very well without the pyrotechnics thank you. Haven't seen the Williamson & find that parts of Olivier's were very well done. Appreciate Kevin Kline's talent very much but haven't seen his version. With all the Shakespeare plays I've caught at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, I have not seen Hamlet there. I also like reading it. Somewhere in recently published "The Noel Coward Reader" edited by Barry Day, NC makes a reference in the 1920s about the incestual relationship between Hamlet &
  11. Ah me, I did give it a whirl, copied it just fine but when I tried to email it I was told that it had to be converted. Why aren't things ever easy? I had a hard enough time finding where it was stored & when I finally found it, couldn't do anything with it... thanks anyway...
  12. Thanks so much, have given it a whirl! I'm not very computer savvy & every little bit helps my meager understanding. Now I just have to remember how to do it the next time... thanks again.
  13. We miss him already. A highly respected & very knowledgeable gentleman is our RO. I do hope his fans allow him the privacy needed for recovery. We can only wish him well.
  14. And let's not forget the tossing of the young Buster Keaton by his daddy...
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