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  1. > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote} > *"If you bus my table, Kyle, I'll be sure to leave a generous tip."* > > Even in Hollywood, you don't tip the busboy. You're right, one *tips* the waiter, and *they share* the tip with the busboy. So if one wants to be sure the busboy gets some love, one is extra generous to the waiter! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ A forum like this is another good way to share tips.
  2. Well I checked with the Roosevelt for their festival rate. It's currently a couple more $$ than Expedia is offering for the same dates. Expedia is offering $175. Decided to go with Orchid Suites, which is budget but has a kitchenette and is located right behind the Chinese Theater. The Marriott wasn't really a choice, because their rates are higher than the discount rates for the Roosevelt. Got a slightly better rate for an upgraded room from the hotel reservation line -- also my card won't take a hit until I actually check in. If you can afford the Roosevelt, that would be my advice -- to book it directly, because you lock in almost the same rates as the online discounters. I'm going to wait until closer to the 18th deadline to make my mind up about my pass, but I did notice that there *will* be repeat screenings of some films according to the new technical questions category. That's why I think that *Star* would be a good bet on a repeat screening if there were repeats -- which has been answered by admin in the affirmative. It still might be a nice event to go to. I look at it this way: TCM is trying to give early pass purchasers an incentive to "treat" themselves to an upgraded pass. The justification would be that if you were going to buy the first tier pass at the original price, you can now buy the second tier pass at that same price with the bonus event thrown in. If you bus my table, Kyle, I'll be sure to leave a generous tip. ;-)
  3. Thanks for the input Kyle. I had seen the earlier post where someone had replied in the negative for the 'lost footage' being available for *A Star Is Born* so it would essentially be the same copy we saw a few months ago here on TCM. Since you still get admission to the opening night gala party with the basic pass, I think I would 'pass' on the opening night premiere screening. I don't know what TCM festival memorabilia comes with the extra $100, but saving that $100 means I can buy the festival mementos of my choice. Given that there will be 50-plus screenings over the four days, what do you bet the chances will be that whatever copy of Star that will be playing that weekend will have at least one repeat showing? Probably pretty good imho. ;-) I'm looking into rooms and rates, will only need the first three nights as I'm semi-local. Thanks for the hotel suggestions, want to find the most reasonable accommodations as close to the venues as possible. It may end up being the Roosevelt after all. Anyways, I really think this will be a nice event, the discount on the passes makes it a great Christmas present to myself. From the sounds of things, I don't think I'm going to be the only one here that is planning on attending. Although I do admit if I had to swing airfare plus lodging for all four nights etc, it would be more daunting.
  4. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote} > I like the film too. But Ive seen it several times during the past 30 years, while Ive also seen Ward Bond, Robert Young, Robert Stack, and Dan Dailey being nice guys in so many films, I just can no longer imagine them as being mean Nazis. I think that was the point Mr. Mayer was trying to put across when he wanted this film made, that it was the German equivalent of 'just nice folks' that were being suckered into the Nazi party line. Interesting to note that it was a prewar more idealistic James Stewart as the hero of the film. Of course James even at his most post war bitter 'antihero' best would never be a Nazi stooge .... ;-)
  5. I admit that the $100 discount by Dec 18th is mighty tempting. One other film that has been mentioned is the preview of the newly restored edition of (I presume the recently found) *Metropolis.* If they really *don't have* the lost footage of *A Star is Born,* I hardly think it would be worth the extra $100 or the hype! Even if they can't get more details on the schedule before the 18th, a definitive yea or nay on that one issue would clarify for me whether to get the second tier (with Star) or first tier pass. Spotlight membership is right out, and I'd have to see a darn good room rate to do the Roosevelt. Maybe do the Roosevelt for one or two of the four nights and the Best Western (or some other budget flophouse) for the remaining nights. Even though I'm "local" to SoCal, the logistics of traffic in LA make commuting a nightmare. But if they are talking 50+ screenings (I doubt very much it would be 50 individual films), it does work out to be about $8/film for the passes with entrance to the 'partay' and 'brekkie with bob' working out to $250 each and the Star premiere and "special festival commemoratives" going for $100. Given today's film prices, $8 (if purchased before Dec 18th) is not a bad admission price, especially when coupled with entrance to panels, discussions, clubhouse, etc. Those entries would presumably *not* be available to individual ticket purchasers -- another thing that I feel should be clarified for us festival newbies prior to the 18th! I watch a lot of TCM, especially the special programming. It comes out of growing up watching classic movies -- my dad was a big Bogie fan -- and then revival house theaters while in college. So I think that this would be a special time for all of us lovers of classic film -- after all, it got me to join the TCM union! ;-)
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