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  1. I loved the TCM Classic Cruise. The ship was attractive & relaxing. A film cruise is a bit different from regular film fests. If you travel with someone who isn't into classic films they will have many other fun things to do. At a regular film festival you watch films & interviews most of the time, but on a cruise you can easily spend a lot of time walking around the ship, exploring ports, and a whole lot of eating! And then you do the film thing. I was able to go to many of the interviews but not a lot of the films. The film presentations in the large theater were good. Film purists might object (I think no 35mm), but the images looked excellent. The short seats got uncomfortable after a while. I loved the star interviews before the films. And thanks for the popcorn. The outdoor film I went to was really cool until it started to rain fifteen minutes later. I went to one of the bingo games. It was thankfully shorter than a regular game. Ben M hosted it. He was sarcastic & funny. The wonderful top prize was tickets to the TCM Film Festival. I wish they had more chances to win a prize like that! In my opinion the most popular events at the festival were extensive interviews & conversations with the special guests & Robert O. Most were sold out. I love old films but you can watch them every day. It's so special and memorable when you get to see & hear a Hollywood legend in person. Really historic! And they all won me over! Ernest Borgnine is amazing! 94 years old and he seems exactly the same from years ago. He said he even has another movie coming out this year. And he was so friendly to his audience. Additional talks with him & Robert O were added to the schedule. The Hitchcock blondes interview (Tippi Hedren & Eva Marie Saint) was also sold out. At her age Miss Saint is also amazing. At the second Robert O talk he told interesting stories about escorting Rita Hayworth, knowing Bette Davis, & a very funny one about the first time he almost met Katharine Hepburn. Next time Robert O shows one of their films I hope he tells some personal anecdotes. At the "Meet TCM" q&a they mentioned Constance Bennett's daughter was on the cruise. It would be great if they film an interview with her about her mother and aunt. here's one thing I found on youtube:
  2. I agree with some of the other posts. I love the movie stars going on the cruise but the films (so far) don't excite me. I understand showing movies featuring the special guests. I haven't seen *SPEEDY*, but most of the other films have played on TCM many times and are available on DVD & video. The conversation with Ernest Borgnine & special discussions look great. I can't wait to find out who else is going on the cruise! And I hope they pick more interesting movies. Rarely seen good films with classic stars from the 1930s & 40s!
  3. I hope they try to show mostly pre-1970 films (except maybe a few Ernest Borgnine). Some of the most popular movies at the TCM Film Fest were the rarely-seen ones, like HOOP-LA, NIGHT FLIGHT, THIS IS THE NIGHT, & THE CONSTANT NYMPH. films like: CHRISTOPHER BEAN LETTY LYNTON THE MACOMBER AFFAIR TAKE ONE FALSE STEP TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT
  4. According to the tcmcruise site, the TCM cruise is now sold out. There is a waitlist available.
  5. Ben Mankiewicz left a recorded message on my phone! He mentioned Robert O. and the other celebrities and said they would be announcing additional special guests. Pretty cool!
  6. It was really great to see her! (I also liked Robert Wagner.) I can't wait to watch and hear more of her Hollywood stories. And I know Robert Osborne will be here all month for Arab Images on Film & Essentials while he takes a short break.
  7. The Alloy Orchestra: hope they play with a classic Harold Lloyd pic (The Kid Brother)! And Buster Keaton. I also heard that "Hands Up!" is a very funny silent Civil War comedy. "Terror Aboard" (1933): entertaining murder-mystery set on a ship. "The Hurricane" (1937) was so good! And a couple Alice Faye & Betty Grable musicals would be fun.
  8. Dick Van Dyke Barbara Eden Carol Channing
  9. Except for Matinee passes (so far), the festival is completely sold-out. Does anyone know how many passes were sold? There's no reason to keep it secret and I'd find it interesting, and also the number of passes for each level. And how many were sold last year?
  10. It sounds like the panels could be the most interesting thing to experience. They are unique. I've seen some of the films many times, but I sort of wouldn't mind seeing almost every pre-1970 one again! Special on the big screen. I'm glad they're showing some rare ones like NIGHT FLIGHT, THE CONSTANT NYMPH, and WEST SIDE STORY in 70mm. I'm guessing the celebrities for the non-discussion movies will give their films a short introduction? Actually, I wish the films were scheduled to 3am (maybe as encores). How nice are the different theaters? The only one I've been to is the Egyptian, and I liked it.
  11. What is the dress code for the festival? Other than the opening night film and party which are officially formal - cocktail, is the rest of the festival casual, including T-shirt & shorts? Last year were most attendees dressed up?
  12. How many times can you enter the sweepstakes? Under the OFFICIAL RULES, 2. HOW TO ENTER, it states "each online entry..." and then "each mail-in entry must be mailed separately...," but at the very end it states "Limit one (1) entry per person, e-mail address or household."
  13. Some films found in the festival pages but not currently on the FULL LIST OF FILMS page: *The Devil is a Woman* *The Constant Nymph* *Cabin in the Sky* *The Outlaw Josey Wales* *The Cowboy and the Senorita* *The Day the Earth Stood Still*
  14. Until recently there were a number of classic films only available on VHS. But with the Warner Archive collection, hundreds of MGM, RKO, & Warner Bros. films are now (or soon) available on DVD. TCM still shows a million movies not available on VHS or DVD! VHS videos are more durable than DVDs in libraries. DVDs get easily scratched and become unwatchable while videos last for years. But more people have DVD players now and some even have Blu-Rays. While DVDs are used much much more than videos, videos still circ more than most books. I bet there are a lot of nonfiction titles released on VHS years ago that have little chance of being released on DVD. As far as I know, these Deanna Durbin films were only released on VHS: *BECAUSE OF HIM; I'LL BE YOURS; THE AMAZING MRS. HOLLIDAY; FOR THE LOVE OF MARY; UP IN CENTRAL PARK; NICE GIRL?; MAD ABOUT MUSIC; HIS BUTLER'S SISTER; 100 MEN AND A GIRL; THREE SMART GIRLS GROW UP; IT'S A DATE*. Doris Day: *MIDNIGHT LACE; WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT?* Most of Jeanette MacDonald's MGM films were released on VHS (including all with Nelson Eddy) but only *SAN FRANCISCO* is currently available on DVD. Look up any actor or director to find more.
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