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  1. Don't get me wrong. I like Joe E Brown. Just not 3 movies in a row. My comment was more about the lineup for the last few days which were all war movies. I can't get TCM on demand because I stream my TV and TCM doesn't list my provider.
  2. We are all stuck in our houses (or we should be) and you are playing war movies all day long for several days in a row. How depressing. And then a night full of Joe E Brown movies. (I can take one at a time , but the whole night? Quite tiresome after a while) How about some happy, lighter movies that we haven't seen in a long time for our self-isolation? I have playlists from many years ago and when Robert was alive the same movies weren't repeated over and over like they are now.
  3. Yes. I've been watching TCM since it started. Lately I find that they are repeating the same movies over and over. I saved some monthly schedules from the 1990's and the movies they showed were far more varied. Now it seems that sometimes they show the same movie three times in a month. They concentrate on the well known movies more than the lesser known ones. Also, they are showing many movies that I don't consider "classic" ie. movies from the 80's & 90's and occasionally even the 2000's. It seems like when Robert died, things changed and not for the better. I used to have TCM on every
  4. I'm annoyed too. I used to have problems streaming TCM ( no problems streaming Netflix or Amazon) The screen would freeze or not even load. I thought they had ironed these problems out, since I've been able to stream them fairly successfully for the last year. Then the other night I tried to stream watch live on my computer and was told that movie wasn't available to watch live on my device even though it was on my TV. Also I don't like the way they've changed on demand. You used to be able to watch most of the movies they showed the next day on demand if you missed them. Now they are offeri
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