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  1. Kwanzaa is a joke and it was made up in the 1960's by a guy with the last name of Karenga who was a convicted felon for brutalizing women. It is an idiotic made up celebration by a bunch of left wing dopes who think that diversity away from traditional Christmastime celebrations will make them seem more relevent. It is ridiculous. I mean really, do you know anybody who celebrates Kwanzaa? Unless you live in a heavily black community, I truly doubt you do. It should just go away like the plague and not rear it's stupid head again. And I think it will. The only reason any politician would even mention it would be so they could get the black vote in the next election, and if that's the case then who would want to vote for those people anyway. How dare anyone try to compare Quackzaa to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanakuh and New Years. All religious or traditional holidays, or actually holydays. And if somebody is offended by this opinion or anyone else's who thinks it might be racist, so be it, cuz I could really care less. Kwanzaa is effing stupid.
  2. How right you are. It's seriously difficult to believe that she is 80. I'm sure she especially can't believe it herself.
  3. That's true. I forgot about her appearance at the festival. I think Robert Osbourne does really dig Debbie and vice versa. I'm sure she gets due respect and I know they love the fact that she is one of the few movie stars left from the glory days of Hollywood.
  4. Today is Debbie Reynolds' 80th Birthday. It's surprising to me that TCM is not showing nary a Debbie movie today on her big 8-0. I know they show a lot of her movies throughout the year, but today is a pretty big day in her life. I would love to see A Catered Affair again, a movie she is great in and should have been nominated for an Oscar. Debbie was a triple threat at a time when that type of talent was highly sought after and respected I hope there was no disrespect on TCM's part for not having a birthday day for Miss Reynolds. Maybe the programming was all set up before someone realized it was such a big birthday for her. Anyway, I think it's too bad as she was an iconic MGM performer and a huge star in the 50's and 60's, and still performs today in nightclubs all over the country. Happy Birthday Mary Frances Reynolds! You look absolutely fantastic for your age, you're still vivacious, pretty and full of energy. I hope you're around for a long time to come.
  5. This is a beautifully done memorial to so many who passed away this year. Whoever put this TCM Remembers together did a fantastic job and should be commended. Watching this and seeing all these actors who have passed reminds me how precious life is, and how wonderful it is to be alive. A very sweet and sad memorial. Thank you TCM. :_|
  6. How about me? The opposite of you, obviously, except for your last sentence. I don't have to prove that I'm warm and lovable when you get to know me, I just am. Gee rover27, you must love Comrad Obama, he's just your kind of guy, and a Kenyan too. The problem with radicals like you, I mean look at your list, your a multi-tasking type of lefty, is that you always have a new flavor of the day; whatever the protest, you'll be there with your flip board of signs. Do you live in the United States rover27? If you do, why don't you and those like you get the heck out, and leave this country to those who love her and will fight for her freedom and liberty. Because all those isms that you listed below, don't believe in freedom, they believe in keeping the people down, ignorant and poor. I mean Kenya has had such great leaders right?, so kind and lovable to it's people. Ha! When a Republican gets elected in 2012, why don't you and your pal Alec Baldwin leave this great nation, like he promised many years ago, and go find your socialist utopia somewhere else. BTW, you still didn't answer my question. Why did you call me a disgusting name like teabagger, or are you too ignorant to even have an answer for that, since you lefties are so good at name calling but not backing it up with logic? I want to apologize to all the other commenters on this thread. I didn't mean to stray so far from the subject. I'll try to stay on subject from now on. But I'm not going to let somebody named rover27 (or anyone else) besmirch my good name by calling me names, especially something as grotesque as teabagger. If he answers me back regarding this, I will try and let it go. He can have the last word, and I'll try and turn the other cheek. I know what kind of animal he is, and it's not a warm fluffy puppy. Again I apologize, not for my comments to rover or how I am politically, but from straying from the subject matter. I agree that since this is not a politcal forum, we should stick to the subject of our love of older movies.
  7. Wow rover27, you sure have a lot of class. You assume because I don't like Baldwin's politics that you have the right to call me something disgusting like a teabagger? Do I not have a right, as a free American, to have a different political perspective on things? That makes me a teabagger? What does that make you rover? A small minded, name calling lefty who if someone disagrees with your political view you can't think of anything smarter or more original then "Foxwashed" teabagger? Whatever Foxwashed means. Are you and Anderson Cooper pals, do you play on the same softball team, if you know what I mean? I don't like Baldwin for a lot of reasons, as I stated, I was honest. But I also complimented him, saying he is a talented actor and good on The Essentials. I don't have to like his politics, that's why we have a two party system. You guys won in "08, but I hope you don't win in "12. I have the privilege of being an American, and the privilege of voting, as does Alec Baldwin and I guess you. But you relegated yourself to namecalling, and a very unattractive word indeed. That shows me how pathetic (yes, now I'm namecalling) you on the left are, and how digusting you are for using a certain word. Shame on you. No wonder our great country is going to hell in a handbasket.
  8. Your comment is one of the most illogical and stupid things I've ever read. So your saying because Alec Baldwin is rich that he can act anyway he wants? That he can make a complete idiot of himself while on this plane by continuing to play his stupid game and have a complete meltdown because he was told to stop? He's an elitist overbearing snob and brat. It sounds to me that you worship at the feet of these phony big-headed gods. Also, don't blame all of America for not being able to handle the truth because a certain percent watches The Kardashians. I don't know anyone who watches The Kardashians, and I don't know anyone who would accept Baldwin's or anyone other famous person's behavior as anything short of being a complete jerk and tempermental swine. And to compare Trump to Bernie Madoff is dispicable. That guy swindled thousands of people out of millions of dollars, and is in prison for life. I'm not saying Trump hasn't done things that might have been on the shady side at some time in his life, but he's never been accused of swindling people out of money and I think he seems like a pretty honorable guy in most cases. If he was anything like Madoff, you would have heard of it by now, as in would be all over the news. So willbefree, you go right ahead and think it's okay for famous or rich people to do anything they want, and see where it gets them. As Americans, we have freedom to do a lot of things we want, when we want, but we don't have the right to act like an @sshole and make others watch and wait while you rant and rave like a big fat baby. Get your head out of your @ss!
  9. What's wrong with having a talent for making money? I wish I had that talent, if I did, I wouldn't be living in a small two bedroom apartment in my late '50's. And I'm not blaming anybody for that but myself. Besides, there are a lot of different types of talent. Being a good businessman like Trump is awesome, as is being able to hit a baseball well, throwing a football down field, dunking a basketball, it's all talent, just different. And I do think that Alec Baldwin is a talented actor, but he's also a POS and an embarrassment. His temper is scary. I can't stand him in many ways, mostly his politics, but I have to admit I like him on The Essentials. But jamesjazz, it's ridiculous to say that Trump is no different then Paris Hilton. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but has done nothing with her (inhereted) money or employed thousands of people. Trump on the other hand, may have had a wealthy father, but he has also done so much more with his money. Building beautiful highrises, golf courses, selling real estate. You may not think that's much, but look at how many people he has employed, how many jobs he has created for Americans. Many more then Barry Sotero has done in 3 years in office. But then again, Trump has talent. A modern day P.T. Barnum.
  10. The book was still better, though, and I actually wish the movie was longer. One of the few films you'll ever hear me saying that about. I just finished reading the book. It took me 5 months because there are over 800 pages and I'm no speed reader. It was really good, but I wouldn't say it was better then the movie, just different. I agree with you though, after reading the book, the movie could have been up to an hour longer. I know that TCM plays this movie ad nauseum, but it was great to watch it while reading the book. It made me look at the characters so differently Great film, great cast.
  11. In The Razor's Edge, Baxter brought me to tears at least twice. I hated Gene Tierney's character for what she did to her. For some reason The Razor's Edge has been on TV a lot lately. The more I see it, the more I believe that Anne Baxter stole this movie out from under everyone. Her role of Sophie is so heartbreaking and touching. She went from innocent and wide-eyed to the other extreme. I mean you couldn't take your eyes off of Gene Tierney's beauty but her character was so awful and mean. Anne's Sophie made your heart bleed and your eyes cry. Anne Baxter was a very fine actress.
  12. Cool, thanks a lot Kyle. I'll give it a try.
  13. Does anybody know if there is a way to watch any of the Private Screenings on the TCM website? I don't have a DVR so I wasn't able to record the Debbie Reynolds Private Screening today (I actually have a job now.) I would also love to see many of the other PS's that I've missed over the years. If anybody knows if there is a way to watch, can you let me know? That would be a nice feature if TCM provided this to their fans. Thank you.
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