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  1. Sorry to bump an old thread was looking for the September schedule but Saw this and had to reply. I say Hooray to the casting of Jodie Whitaker for No 13! And not only have I seen all the episodes you listed. I have also listened to most of the lost episodes on audio, big fan of Docto Who extended media specifically Big Finish, and have met many of the Classic Actors and Production team at Doctor Who conventions. And my favorite Doctor is Patrick Troughton. Basically my point is don't stereotype. Most of the actors of the Classic series have happily shown their support for a female
  2. Night of the Lepus which I have seen mentioned a few times on here may also interest Star Trek fans it stars Deforest Kelley aka Doctor McCoy Never saw it myself despite my love for De Kelley it's not my type of film at all but since TCM is playing it if I remember to I may record it.
  3. Love the Precode Suggestion
  4. Apologies that this reply is very late as I am just seeing this. This is a delayed thanks as I definitely noticed as vast improvement in the audio quality.
  5. Trying to listen to the Wes Gehring interviews can barely hear a single word with the volume completely up. Adding captions would help a lot!
  6. Having read the novel the Coen Brother version is much closer to the original source. I personally enjoyed it much more than the John Wayne version. Mattie is the star of the Coen Brothers film and that's how it should be.
  7. Dracula I last saw sometime recently but A&C meet Frankenstein I last saw as a child. I actually remember being scared then. Looking forward to seeing it again.
  8. Ill definitely be saving it for that Oct 28 viewing. Id like to watch it live at 8:00 PM plus it's closer to Halloween. But A&C meets Frankenstein is part of Slapstick Fall so that one I will watch this month.
  9. I haven't Joined these boards in awhile. Do you have to put a code/catcha in to prove you aren't a robot. I am assuming you do. Also usually you have to verify the account through email. But again that is common practice for most boards.
  10. TCM probably does block them but more probably join each day. It's not an individual but a bot that can get around bans. They could try making it harder to join the forums though.
  11. I only watched one film on Janet Gaynor day: Lucky Star but I kept thinking of that film so I ended up * Finding Seventh Heaven on YouTube (maybe not the best quality but I was desperate to see it) * Imported Part 2 of the Borzage collection from the UK (This has Lucky Star which is my favorite but I plan to import the one with Street Angel & Seventh Heaven in the future) * Starting reading the bio on Gaynor & Farrell called Lucky Stars. * Have Moonrise a later Borzage film to watch on Amazon Prime. I guess Lucky Star just really inspired me.
  12. JamesJazzGuitar is exactly right but to go further she isn't talking about people's friends who live in the same neighborhood she is talking about using social media to share the experience of watching a film together with the overall TCM community which is much larger than this forum. There is a very large group of people who live watch films on TCM and use Twitter to discuss those films. And no they aren't just "young people" but people of all ages and backgrounds. I know many are also prominent film bloggers and some of those people have formed lasting friendships and have even met at
  13. I also liked the father/son relationship between Huston & Andrews but there wasn't really enough of that aspect for me.
  14. Hmm after watching this one I can't say I care for this film all that much. I'm having trouble feeling engaged. That being said this is definitely one of my favorite performances of Dana Andrews. It's worth seeing for the fact that he is so very different from any other role I've seen him in.
  15. I would hardly call a movie most people probably never heard of overrated.
  16. Personally I think it's a great SUTS. While I wouldn't say the stars chosen are my top favorites (and Im a bit disappointed in the Foreign language Star) there are a lot of rarer films on the schedule that aren't in regular rotation. I've managed to see so many films I haven't seen before this month and that to me makes a great Summer under the Stars. Maybe my favorite since 2011 which had a Jean Gabin day (still my favorite SUTS day)
  17. I was upset that we didn't get Seventh Heaven which I have wanted to see for so long but I ended up really loving this so I guess not bad substitution (still hope to see Seventh Heaven one day on TCM). But as for Lucky Star; Gaynor & Farrell really had such beautiful chemistry and the camera work was magical.
  18. Recording thanks for the heads up. I know it's Anne Baxter day but Dana Andrews and Renoir is what got my attention.
  19. Hard to say what my favorite day has been. I can't watch everything so I've decided to focus on films I have never seen before which has made this a rewarding SUTS for me. So far I've seen Lucille Ball: The Dark Corner Edward G. Robinson- Red House & Our Vines have Tender Grapes Fay Wray: The Wedding March Montgomery Clift: The Search Jean Harlow: Bombshell Janet Gaynor: Lucky Star I would say my personal favorites out of these would be Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Dark Corner, The Search, and Lucky Star. All have been great discoveries (and honestly I can't believe the Sea
  20. I think the stuff from the prison camps is freely available on the Internet Archive. You may be right that TCM did not show it because of its difficult subject manner. But what I am saying about Leni's work is Nazi Propaganda films were taken and compiled into a documentary to be used as evidence for the Nuremberg trials. So that's what you are seeing. Triumph of the Will is so famous that I think most people back then knew where that footage came from and I am pretty sure TCM does too. Note the Why we Fight documentaries were are also compiled from other sources not filmed dire
  21. And you seemed to completely miss MY point or the point of those documentaries. George Stevens and the army were not taking credit for Leni's work they were using Nazi propaganda to make a case against Nazi War Criminals. They weren't praising the film's production work they were horrified by its content. And it was that content (among other things) that was used to convict war criminals. Of course they were going to take one of the most notable uses of Nazi propaganda to prove their point. Stevens never claimed that the Nazi propaganda in the films was his. Although why Stevens would
  22. Fred that documentary was not made for entertainment purposes it was shown during the Nuremberg trials to help convict Nazi War Criminals. I am sorry it wasn't entertaining or an amazing Piece of film technique like Triumph of the Will but that was hardly the point of it. Yes they took Images from Nazi propaganda films like Triumph Of the Will to prove their case against the Nazis. So Leni was very much given credit for that work albeit maybe not the credit she wanted. As for the American director, George Stevens he was one of the first people to enter the camps (Dachau) to be exact a
  23. Oh what a disappointment that was one of the movies I was most looking forward to because I never saw it. So with La Chienne and Blue Velvet cancelled this month that is two of my most anticipated movies off the schedule
  24. Yep this one reminded me of IT too (same kind of spunk and fun spirit to the film) but I liked this one a bit more. Colleen Moore was adorable and the film had a great feminist message that is still relevant today. I don't recall as strong of a feminist spin to IT (although it has been awhile since I watched that one).
  25. Well I am glad this wasn't moved to the genre forum until after I saw this thread otherwise I may have missed this wonderful film. Thanks again for the heads up guys, I LOVED it. Colleen Moore was fantastic and the I loved the feminist message of the film which is still so relevant today. And I did miss that there was another one of her films on last month. Unfortunately I don't always catch everything on the schedule.
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