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  1. Thanks for the heads up I would have totally missed this was on if not for this post.
  2. All these people choosing Jean Gabin as SOTM you are people of my own heart. That is still probably my favorite SUTS day TCM ever did. And Olivia has to have the month in July it really would be a crime to not honor her for her 100th birthday.
  3. Come to think of it I haven't gotten any reminders recently either. I didn't even think about it until I saw this thread. I just tweeted this question to TCM directly so maybe they will respond.
  4. I still haven't seen it. I know it's on a lot but every time it comes on I think oh 3 hrs maybe next time. I planned to record it Monday for Omar's tribute but forgot so another time it is again. I also own the book but have not read it.
  5. Yeah but Ford wasn't hiding during filming Midway he was actually injured during the filming. From what I understand Wyler (who will be shown next week) also stayed up close to the action during the filming of his Memphis Belle documentary. edit: Also many of the camera man were also injured or killed. Not to say they senselessly risked their lives but it is pretty riduculous to act like they were cowards "hiding behind buildings".
  6. If anyone wants to see the full mini series version of Fanny and Alexabder the Criterion release also has both versions on it.
  7. Btw which version of Fanny and Alexander are TCM playing? TV or theatrical version. I've seen the TV version which is very good (albeit very long). I definitely watched it over a period of days not all the way through at once. Edit: From the length I assume it is the theatrical version. I may watch it since I never saw that version. Although I am sure the longer miniseries version will be better.
  8. Dickie Moore was wonderful. I do love Jackie Cooper in the Kid as well. Another terrific performance was Enzo Staiola in Bicycle Thieves. Maybe my favorite one off performance by a kid. He actually was in a few Hollywood movies which I have not seen.
  9. Very important I've always loved movies but I didn't realize how important they were until 2011 when I was unemployed for some time and I took the time to watch many films I never saw before and learned and experienced films in a whole new way. I was already interested in older and foreign films but it was around that time that I came also to appreciate silent films. I also started watching films not just because of actors but because of the directors and staff behind the film (although I also discovered a lot of new actors around that time to). And we'll even now I am still discovering new th
  10. I remember that, not sure about the people complaining. I personally loved them. The Our Gang shorts were my favorite and it was the first time I saw them. I love when TCM does special tributes like that and shows things they don't normally show. I also loved all the Laurel & Hardy that month. (Sigh)
  11. Don't have Amazon prime but I personally own the film as it is was part of Criterion's David Lean directs Noel Coward set. I am just hoping people who haven't seen it watch it though so that is why I highlighted it.
  12. The schedule for his day is actually already up http://www.tcm.com/this-month/movie-news.html?id=1120258&name=TCM-Remembers-Dickie-Moore I've seen Blonde Venus (which isn't scheduled) and he does have a good sized role in that. Although Dietrich ultimate choice ruins that movie for me.
  13. Thanks I will definitely add that one to my need to record list. unfortunately will be working during the actual tribute but then I am Friday & Monday off for a long weekend thanks to the Pope coming to my city so plenty of time for a Dickie Moore marathon)
  14. Does anyone have specific recommendations for the Dickie Moore day (besides the popular Out of the Past & Sgt York) So Big with Barbara Stanwyk sounds interesting and it has average review but I'll probably check out The Star Witness with Walter Huston. Doesn't seem to be a lot of movies where Dickie has a large role looking at the cast list but maybe I am wrong about that.
  15. Not much pops out to me this month but I am happy to see IN WHICH WE SERVE on the schedule, a terrific WWII film from the UK directed by Noel Coward.
  16. I can't see the schedule. When I look I just a bunch of dates.
  17. I actually got the book for my birthday back in June and had no idea that TCM was doing this series this month (somehow I missed it when I originally looked at the September schedule). As it were the book got pushed up on my reading list and I am highly enjoying it and the many documentaries that TCM are airing this month. Ironically I am not sure I would enjoy the book or the documentaries themselves as much it's the combination of the two which has turned this into a fascinating learning experience for me.
  18. What a great idea, Id love that And like others I also thought Eddie Muller was a fantastic host. I loved how knowledgable he was and excited he was about the films he introduced. His enthusiasm was infectious to me.
  19. Just wish I had a better understanding of why things are bumped off the schedule. Is it that they want to air these movies but can't get the rights for some reason? At least that would be upsetting but understandable and not TCM's fault (although I wonder why they list it in the first place?) I just hope they don't arbitrarily change their minds.
  20. I definitely hope they do another film course like this. Don't care about the topic I am ready to learn about anything film related. With 20,000+ students the course was a roaring success so i hope they continue and make this a series of film courses.
  21. Ugh that really sucks. Why does TCM keep bumping it from the schedule?
  22. Not a bad schedule. While Norma Shearer isn't my first choice as SOTM it does mean a lot of silent and precodes and I am never going to complain about that. A month of Fellini films is also not something to complain about. I've seen most of these but not all. Also super excited about Kiss of Death airing. It's one of those movies I've known about for a long time but never managed to see (even looked to rent it from I-tunes or Amazon recently but it was not there). But for me the creme of the crop are the Ray films on Nov 30th. I've recently seen all the Apu trilogy in the the
  23. Reading through this thread I was shocked Sanders was never chosen. And he never had a SUTS day either? Well I hope TCM is inspired by this thread.
  24. I actually like the similar scene more in Ivers mainly how we see it like Sam does through the outside. I thought it was beautifully shot. That being said there is no question that Double Indemnity is the superior film but then Double Indemnity is also one of the quintessential noirs.
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