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  1. Note there is no college credit for the course. You get a certificate but you can't use it towards credits to complete a degree (that is usuaully how it works with free courses). Also I imagine there are tests no papers because there is no limit to how many people can take the course. Tests can be graded automatically not papers. Also you are not being graded for participation on message boards/twitter, etc. Again there is no real way to keep track of that. It is just for your benefit to engage with other film fans.
  2. I posted in the thread on the first day but Ive found it is easier to post my thoughts and follow other thoughts on Twitter. People have also been posting blog posts there when they have more to say then Twitter allows.
  3. So far the clips are just from films being shown on TCM. This week the clips are focusing on openings. The weekly lectures and podcasts are actually starting next week but I think the podcasts may be taken from Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir podcast.
  4. I've never seen this one but I have it set to record on Friday
  5. I am enrolled and the course is entirely flexible. It is up to you how much you want to engage with it. Now to get a certificate you have to complete the quizzes and the final exam (no papers just quizzes but not sure if ther will be essays on the quizzes) However you can sign up for the course just to learn and not take the quizzes. You won't be penalized you just won't get the certificate. From what I've seen (based on the syllabus) the course includes the following: * Weekly Video Lecture about Film Noir * Weekly Audio Podcast discussing a certain film * 4 days of shor
  6. I've seen this one before but it's been awhile so I've forgotten a lot about it. I loved the singing children (interesting how so many horror films have that same type of scene). But I especially loved the ending scene with the little girl playing ball on the sign and suddenly we just see Peter Lorre's shadow and hear his voice asking her name. Completely sinister and fits the mood perfectly. I also like that we can see the little girl is in danger without the need of violence.
  7. Haven't posted in awhile but I do think they should alter the schedule for a Peter O'Toole tribute. I realize most of his movies are shown quite often but he is such a great actor that he if anyone deserves the schedule to be changed for one day, And it's not like every day has rare films on this month. Just randomly looking at the schedule, Friday has a bunch of movies that are shown pretty frequently. And that is just one example. Edited by: Kinokima on Dec 15, 2013 4:45 PM
  8. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}Is that because Psycho=shower and this movie=bath? After seeing both of them, I'm afraid ever to take a shower or bath again. Just stay away from me if you want. > > Edited by: finance on May 14, 2012 9:39 AM Ha Ha Hitchcock & Clouzot obviously worked together to stop cleanliness But actually I think it had more to do with the whole "twist ending" and the whole warning audiences not to spoil before hand. That type of message was really not done before. Of course now with the Internet I think it would have been much harder for Hitch
  9. Love this movie and completely forgot it was coming on. Well I have it recorded but it would have been nice to let my friends know about it. On another note I read this film inspired Hitchcock to make Psycho.
  10. My 3 most anticipated days: Lillian Gish (silent film heaven) Toshiro Mifune (foreign film heaven) Warren William (pre-Code heaven) However I am pretty excited about the Mason & Rains days as well.
  11. I really wanted to go to this but alas it was not at a convienent time or place for me. Did anyone go to the Philadelphia screening?
  12. A happy change for me, I've wanted to see *A Nous La Liberte* for the longest time*.*
  13. People keep talking about films that would have been good for the series but I am more interested in how people feel about the films that will be airing. Are any of these not to be missed? I only saw Chaplin's The Immigrant & I Remember Mama (both excellent) but I am not sure if I've seen any of the others that are listed.
  14. I love the following: Coffee, Green Tea, and Black Tea Although while I can drink tea straight with no sugar I like my coffee as sweet as possible.
  15. I am actually not sure. All I can say is the contest was on twitter. There wasn't really an opportunity to meet with Ben & Eva but good luck. Maybe if you are determined enough. There was a small Q/A session so maybe you can get a question in at least.
  16. Finance, I didn't stay either but I am assuming they did not stay back stage. I know TCM held a little contest on twitter and some people got VIP tickets to meet Ben & Eva. Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky ones chosen. But it was a magical evening all the same.
  17. I remember watching the following in high school: To Kill a Mockingbird My Fair Lady Of Mice and Men Lion in Winter So yeah some good stuff,my disappointment though is looking back we never discussed the film itself: the directors, the actors, the history of the film. We would usually watch a film because we read the book beforehand which was cool but I do think film itself should be taught in school. I don't even remember why we watched Lion in Winter. It was in my ethics in literature class. I think the teacher just showed it because he liked the movie (same class I saw
  18. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}I was actually looking for you. Didn't you see someone going up and down the line, wearing a green zipper jacket and jeans? That was moir. Nope I didn't see anyone liked this. I was with my friend in the middle of the third row. Oh well maybe at the next event we will be able to meet up. And I am hoping there is a next event Misswonderly, I am not sure if embarrased was the right word, I think Eva and Ben were having some fun with each other. But I do think Ben asked some silly questions and Eva gave some witty & smart answers to said questi
  19. I was at the event, no one asked me if I was from the TCM message boards. Trust me I would have been glad to meet someone from here. Although I went with my friend (who is not on these boards) and it was great to share the experience with her. I was actually in the first group that went in so my friend and I were able to get seats in the third row (we could have gotten even closer but I was worried about neck strain during the movie). Anyways not sure if you heard (especially if you were towards the back) but after Ben listed the actors in the movie: Cary, Eva, Martin; he didn't menti
  20. Not sure why this double posted! Edited by: Kinokima on Mar 4, 2012 10:50 PM
  21. I don't know about nationwide, it seems to be only happening it certain markets (at least for now). I am in the Philadelphia market, I have comcast and thankfully still have TCM. Although to tell you the truth I am not sure I might not be on the most basic plan (I have On Demand but none of the movie channels). I am really sorry for anyone who lost TCM. I already told Comcast that I would leave their service if they moved the channel to a higher tier. edit: To the Op, you can certainly choose to have cable or not these days. I seriously would have given it up a long time ago
  22. I actually commented on one of those articles a few days ago and for some reason they did not approve of my post (all I said is with so many great silent films it's almost impossible to make a top 10 post and I linked to the 100 greatest silent film list...which I think is a better place to start). But I definitely agree there needs to be better education about silent films, especially about the score in most cases not being attached to the silent film itself. Instead people need to read reviews of what version of a silent film is the best to watch.
  23. According to an article the 6 films that inspired the Artist were http://www.indiewire.com/article/the-artist-director-michel-hazanavicius-on-the-films-that-inspired-him City Lights City Girl Sunrise The Crowd The Unknown Underworld (this is the only one I have not seen yet) I was really hoping during the ceremony they would have name dropped more silent film stars/directors/films. The only one that I can recall being mentioned was Douglas Fairbanks by Dujardin. And I don't really want to see more new silent films because then it would just feel like producers trying to ca
  24. I loved the Artist & Hugo. It was wonderful to not get one but two films that celebrated film history like this. If I could I would have given Best Picture to the Artist and Best Director to Scorsese for Hugo but I am glad that both these films walked home with awards. And how wonderful to see a silent film (and yes despite a few moments of sound it's still a silent film) win Best Picture...the 2nd since the first Oscar's ceremony. I am wondering if you told the motion picture industry in the late 20's when talkies were the new rave and silents were out that a silent film
  25. > {quote:title=Jezebel38 wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote} > > > > And alert 'kinokima' and 'finance'. The tour finally stops in Philadelphia this year. > > > > > > Kyle In Hollywood > > > Yeah, but they get NBNW :^0 Despite some of the complaints (about over showings) on this board NBNW is an amazing film. I own it on DVD but I can't wait to see it on the big screen. Also the only other showing I would have wanted to see more is Marty and that is just because they get Ernest Borgnine (who I just ador
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