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  1. Btw, I'm just assuming autograps are not a possibility correct? So I shouldn't bring my NBNW DVD for Eva to sign?
  2. I have not been in here in a few weeks, but something possessed me to check the boards today and lo & behold I find out Road to Hollywood is FINALLY coming to Phila and the ticket are being released today. Bearing no natural disaster I will be there & hopefully I can bring a friend along. Btw the ticket is just a pic of Cary Grant with the words admit 2 correct? I don't want to miss out because I did something wrong. Also what other Philadelphians will be there? Hoping there will be a good turn out so TCM sees we have a lot of film lovers here.
  3. I thought 2011 was a weaker year than 2010 overall but my 3 favorites all got maor nominations: The Artist, Hugo, and Midnight in Paris. A win for classics and nostaligia this year! I am going to try to see A Separation this Friday, as I do like to see the best foreign film every year (and this seems to be a shoo in to win, unless something goes wrong, which can happen with the Academy). Haven't seen War Horse yet, and frankly I wasn't that interested...but then it does have Benedict Cumberbatch who I love (he was also in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which I saw and enjoyed, alt
  4. @Willbefree (sorry I apparently can't quote on my iPod either) I can't really give a good explanation of what happened to the body, except despite Joan's efforts the police found the body. But yes James Mason defintely fell in love with Joan's character, although it might not have ever been explicitly said. I mean even before he killed his partner & died for her, he was willing to give up his share of the bribery money.
  5. I apologize for the double post but I can't seem to edit on my IPOD. But anyways the guy Mason was initially trying to get Joan's character to blame was someone else. He was set free by the police. Mason killed the guy blackmailing them (and his partner). He dragged him in the car and made it look like a car accident. I believe Mason confessed (or said it was his partner, I forget) that killed the guy the daughter killed before he died. I suppose he felt it was the last thing he could do for Joan's character who he loved. The daughter did kill the guy but accidentally.
  6. I enjoyed the movie although I wouldn't say it's a favorite. Personally my favorite thing about the film was James Mason. I enjoyed the characters redemption in the movie But I think the titular Reckless Moment was not the daughter killing the guy but the mother exposing of the body & trying to handle everything on her own.
  7. Saw it today and it was was wonderful. Although I admit my favorite parts were the clips. I know I've seen them before but when clips of old films were played I started crying. I don't know if it was because I was seeing these clips on the big screen or just because I could feel the love of old films in a new movie. I went solo because no one would see it with me but I heard several kids in the theater saying how much they loved the movie. That filled my heart with joy. Hopefully at least a few of these kids will start appreciating old films. Well I can dream right.
  8. The one Oscar film I was hoping would have made the schedule was Seventh Heaven. I am not complaining because I know there are so many films to choose from and there is always going to be something left out. But please TCM make Seventh Heaven happen either next Feb or sooner!
  9. I wish I worked with you VP19. I am in my 20 somethings (well very late 20 somethings) and I would love to be able to gush about TCM & old films
  10. I still have not seen Detour unfortunately so no comment on that! But your opinion of it sort of reminds me of mine on Night & The City. It's a film I can admire for its directing, cinematography, even its acting but it just leaves me so cold. I know Noir is supposed to be cynical and that is what I ultimately love about it but Night & The City was almost too cynical & dark for me. I know a little off topic but your post just made me think of this movie & my similar thoughts.
  11. I'm sorry I missed it. I forgot it was on thus forgot to record it and definitely did not wake up in time. I hope TCM will air it again soon!
  12. I think part of the problem with early Grant was he just wasn't enjoying the roles he was given at Paramount. It's actually kind of strange Grant was not given better roles at Paramount. I always thought of them as a studio known best for urbane sophisticated comedies, and who was better at that than Cary? Besides not working with Wilder, I also regret that Grant never worked with Lubitch. Again the director seems perfect for Grant's style. In fact he could have worked with them both in Ninotchka. I am really sorry Grant turned down that role. Surely he would have been just as good if not
  13. That's one of my favorite parts of the movie. I thought he didn't sound completely insane there. Well okay what he said was extreme but I didn't disagree with all his points. :^0 Anyways I do think Bigger Than Life is a great film with a great performance by James Mason. To me it is not just a picture about the dangers of drugs but also a commentary on Suburbia & the Nuclear Family; a very daring film for the time it was made.
  14. Bicycle Thieves is apparently the more accurate translation of the title. This is why Criterion now uses that title. But when the film first came out here it was definitely known as Bicycle Thief, hence when TCM ran an old ad for the film that is what you hear. Bicycle Thieves makes more sense to me storywise though.
  15. A major wish I have is this year during Oscar Month they play Seventh Heaven directed by Borzage. I wanted to see that movie for the longest time (and I want a good print). It's probably only a little time before we learn the Feb schedule too.
  16. I am sorry I didn't see this thread earlier. It's actually one of my favorite films and I am happy to say I own the Criterion DVD of it now (it's a really nice release too). I also happened to write a blog post about the film here http://sittinonabackyardfence.com/2011/10/13/blog-contributor-kimalysong-bicycle-thieves-a-real-italy/ I agree with you the fact that it has regular/real people at its center is what makes it such a powerful fuilm that we can all relate to. And while the issues of this film are from the Post-War period with rising unemployment & poverty today the film
  17. Wrote a blog post on tomorrow night's premiere of *Bigger Than Life* http://sittinonabackyardfence.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/blog-contributor-kimalysong-bigger-than-life/ It's a great film and I am glad to finally see it on TCM. Although I have to say TCM's own article is better than mine http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/443506%7C430507/Bigger-Than-Life.html
  18. Thanks for the info! I had intended to record Steamboat Bill Jr to keep but I think I will wait for TCM to air it again, hopefully with a better score. I really don't like the Alloy Orchestra one at all. It really shows how critical a score can be for a silent film. I am also really sorry I missed the documentary on Keaton. I forgot to record it and it sounds like it was a great one. Well it's my own fault. And I still have plenty of Keaton films left to watch. What a great month October has been.
  19. I am not sure I would say Cotten was the "King of the 1940" movies but that doesn't matter to me I am still a big fan.
  20. Well I think it is saying something about evil. Robert Mitchum's character isn't really scary when we reveals his true colors and its the same with true evil. Evil is only scary when we let it have power over us. The story is very allegorical after all. Edited by: Kinokima on Oct 10, 2011 1:33 PM
  21. I actually feel those scenes do work. It's almost like Robert Mitchum seems really frightening but when you strip everything away and show the truth of who he is, he isn't really scary at all but almost comical. And just a coincidence but my friend is having a contest to give away the DVD/BR of this film at her blog. I already own the DVD but I thought someone here might be interested in trying. http://sittinonabackyardfence.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/calling-all-ghosts-ghouls-and-dead-movie-stars-its-contest-time/
  22. So I just saw Steamboat Bill Jr for the first time *on TCM.* Although it is actually my 2nd time seeing the film. I saw it before on Netflix and fell in love. It is definitely one of my favorites of Keaton's. However I was kind of disappointed in the score on the TCM version. I felt it was overly dramatic. The score I heard through Netflix was a bit repetitive but I felt it fit the comic atmosphere of the film a lot more. Is this the score that is usually shown for this film?
  23. I can't believe I missed this (I didn't even realize it was on the schedule). I wanted to see this movie for a long time, in fact I put in a request for it awhile back in TCM's request a movie. Hopefully TCM will play it again soon.
  24. Bedknobs and Broomsticks is definitely not in heavy rotation. It may not be her best but I am definitely looking forward to seeing it again. I used to love the movie when I was a kid.
  25. Yes of course I can wait 2 weeks. I honestly did not see it on the schedule at all. I must have missed it. Happy to be wrong.
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