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  1. One disappointment is TCM is not airing One Week for the Keaton shorts. Now I know they aired it last November but it is one of his best, I would have loved to see it again. Now this is a minor complaint since there is more than enough great Keaton to make up for it. But TCM please play One Week again soon.
  2. I would love to see White Christmas on the schedule as it is actually a film I have not seen yet. But sadly I think AMC gets the rights to that one and I refuse to watch it with commercials. I would also really love to see Christmas in July. That is a Preston Sturges film I have not seen yet (actually TCM more Preston Sturges films would be lovely in general). I know TCM will be airing Miracle on 34th Street this year. It is one of the essentials I saw it a long long time ago so it will be a treat to watch that one again.
  3. Topbilled, I hope you don't mind I am using your listing of the films TCM is showing for a blog post. You just organized it so well (listing what are the non-silent films & what are the cameo roles). I don't think I can do it any better.
  4. I've only see Olivier's version and I thought it was okay... Personally my favorite Hamlet I saw is The Bad Sleep Well. Which okay is not exactly a Hamlet adaption but a film directed by Kurosawa that is somewhat inspired by Hamlet. The film works better if you read the Shakespeare play. And for me it is one of the best examples of taking Shakespeare and putting the storyline in another setting.
  5. Agreed Swithin, quite honestly I don't understand how anyone can say this movie is NOT essential. It's one of the most important movie musicals of the 30's. I always get annoyed when people act like movie musicals didn't start hitting their stride with 42nd street. Movies like this prove them wrong. Although I do love Lubitsch musicals too. I go back and forth between this one and the Smiling Lieutenant as my favorite from Paramount of this period.
  6. I enjoyed the movie and can certainly see it was precode (with the coat scene, Miriam going off with her rapist, etc) but with all the hype concerning the movie's controversy, I expected more maybe. I also read that the end was especially controversial. But I am at a loss why that was. It was changed from the book ending and I expect that was to please some censors. I know this was before the code, but reading the changes from Faulkner's novel I can't believe this was not censored a bit and those changes were not just by creative choice. But I still enjoyed the movie and that is wha
  7. LOL I think I accepted this a long time ago I mean besides being obsessed with Classic Films I love animation & comics (especially from Japan) I love foreign films I love to read I enjoy fantasy/Sci-fi I love classic literature I love British series/dramas You can just stamp nerd on my forehead. edit: Also I think it is a shame that so many people take the negative meaning of nerd. I don't! I just feel I enjoy things outside the mainstream but I am proud of that fact. And while not all my friends share my interests my interests do not stop me from having f
  8. > {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}{quote} > Almost enough said. TAKASHI SHIMURA! That makes it enough said... Okay you are absolutely right. How could I forget that?
  9. What would I choose to take on a desert island....definitely Kurosawa's body of work. And out of foreign directors I find Kurosawa to be very easy to get into. His Samurai pictures were heavily influenced by Westerns. His crime films have a noirish feel. Much of his work is based on Russian Literature and Shakespeare. Plus he has Mifune....enough said! And now I am sad I don't own the DVD for Rashomon!
  10. I had already seen most of the movies before. Twentieth Century and To Be or Not to Be are two of my favorites personally. But I know comedy is really subjective so I will not argue that. Nothing Sacred I am less fond of. It's not the cast because I love both Lombard and March and I actually thought they had great chemistry but the comedy and storyline doesn't work for me. I recorded Hands Across the Table and will watch it as soon as I can. I recorded Mr and Mrs Smith as well but for some reason it did not record correctly so I will have to wait till next time. Hitchcock had sai
  11. Awesome didn't expect someone else to know Only Yesterday on here I know people know Ghibli on here but that one isn't released in the states (and what a shame it is).
  12. I just finished watching it. I wouldn't say the Leopard was my favorite film ever but it was definitely worth watching (for the sets & costumes alone). I love how in so many scenes the colors of the costumes matches the colors of the sets. It was a really great use of color. But it is definitely a very important film in Lancaster's career. And his performance (even dubbed) was really powerful. I love the story of how Visconti was disappointed he was cast at first but Lancaster ended up earning the respect and friendship of the director. This was also the youngest I've seen Alain
  13. Well either way you are watching someone dubbed but I would rather watch just Lancaster dubbed than everyone else. Plus from what I understand the Italian version is the more complete version of the two.
  14. I am excited to see The Leopard which is a film I wanted to see for a long time. Although I am recording it. I'm too exhausted to watch a long movie tonight. Hopefully I will have time to watch it this weekend. I also recorded Brute Force And I mentioned this in another thread but I just found out the other day that my grandfather (now deceased) actually drove Burt Lancaster in a cab. According to my mom my grandfather told the family Burt was very tall and a real gentleman. I didn't even know my grandfather was a cab driver.
  15. First of all *Cobolt* if you don't like silent films...Don't Watch Them! Contrary to what you may think you are not TCM. You are one viewer and do not represent all the many other viewers of the channel. Many of us love silents and highly appreciate a day of Lon Chaney films. Anyways enough of that! I got a DVR recently because I am actually working (albeit only a temporary job). Pretty much all of Lon Chaney's day is stored on my DVR (with a bunch of other SUTS films). When I will find the time to watch it all I have no idea. I did attempt to watch the Hunchback of Notre
  16. I would love to see Beau Geste and Sherlock Holmes, but I won't get my hopes up too high. And although they are not rare on the channel, a night of the Thin Man movies is always something to be happy about. And I actually still have not seen all the later ones.
  17. Wow awesome news. I love William Powell, especially his stuff from the 30's. He was like the epitome of sophistication.
  18. I am pretty sure Conrad Veidt is okay that no Nazi Propaganda films are showing on his day. He was definitely against the Nazis. A real hero in my eyes. I am looking forward to his day.
  19. Probably the best thing about Colman's day was all the silents they put on. I had always wanted to see Colman in some of his silent movies so I was happy we got quite a few. I thought the non-silent films they chose were just okay. I too would have liked to see Double Life on the schedule. Ah well maybe if he ever becomes SOTM.
  20. Tikisoo I am going to have to strongly disagree with your statement that movie making didn't hit it's stride until talkies. That is absolutely untrue. If anything the earliest talkies were way less cinematic than many silent films feeling more like stage plays than films. As fir swashbuckling silents the only one I saw was Fairbanks, Mask of Zorro which I didn't find slow at all and did think it was a lot of fun. But I do agree that great swashbucklers are few and far between. Although I do hold The Prisoner of Zenda in higher regard.
  21. I have seen it before. It's my favorite Chaplin along with The Kid but I was recording it for my collection. Not sure if it is worth keeping now because of my blunder.
  22. So this is only indirectly related to this thread. I was manually recording Modern Times (I figured I would make a disc of that and The Great Dictator) And what happens just now, my elbow slipped on the remote and I got a few secs of another channel instead. Major Despair! Sorry to vent about my personal problems but I thought you guys would understand. Edited by: Kinokima on Aug 2, 2011 7:25 PM
  23. I am a bit confused because I see people HAVE been posting full schedules, at least for the horror, Buster Keaton, and Ray stuff. How are certain people able to see that but not everyone?
  24. Johnny Geetar I never found In a Lonely Place's main point to be a murder mystery. It's more of a character study. Yes we are supposed to wonder throughout whether that character did or did not do it but in the end the mystery itself is not really all that important. It is what that mystery does to the central characters is what is important In a Lonely Place. At least that was my view of the film.
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