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  1. I don't know but I imagine it's very awkward for the media to deal with two legendary star deaths in the same day. I remember when Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died the same day, Michael Jackson got more press than Farrah Fawcett did. I'm not sure if it's fair to say one person is more important, famous or legendary than the other so therefore this person gets more coverage than the other. Me personally, I feel that Joan Fontaine having lived the longer life, and is one of the few remaining adult stars of the 1930s/1940s should get a decent honor. What I mean by decent, is
  2. I really hope TCM edits their piece to include Joan Fontaine and Peter O'Toole now belongs at the end of the montage, not the lady that swims around the pool.
  3. I realize I don't know these old stars personally but I have suddenly felt very sick and just want to lay in bed and cry. I just don't feel good right now.
  4. I just hope somebody told Olivia De Havilland to take it easy the next few days......
  5. Packford didn't just play little girls all the time and IMO I don't believe she is "outdated" to modern audiences. The only time she played 11 years old was in The Poor Little Rich Girl(1917). All of her other "little girl" films are her playing prickly tomboys that aren't little girls but aren't fully grown mature women either. The range of age is 14-18. Here is a list of films where she played adults... Caprice(1913) Hearts Adrift(1914) A Good Little Devil(1914) The Eagles Mate(1914) Such a Little Queen(1914) Behind the Scenes(1914) Mistress Nell(1914) The Dawn of a To
  6. Like I said most university students recognize the name and picture of these people I listed in the previous post but they most likely have yet to even see a movie of theirs at the same time. It's based primiarily on style and what they represent in youth culture. Because I was a university student myself only a few years back, I can personally make a case thatI've seen other students say they know what Steve McQueen looks like(due to posters, post-cards, etc. sold in book stores) but they have yet to actually see a film of his, unless it was a male who was really into cars, then maybe th
  7. Most young people(teens-20s) know of the classic movie star names Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Humphrey Bogart,Grace Kelly, Elvis Presley, Al Pacino, and Audrey Hepburn. The reason being at all the gift shops and University stores(at least in California) sell post-cards of these people in their coolest movies and they are regarded as icons of style. I believe the closest "icon of style" in silent cinema would be Valentino as he also comes in your typical post cards and posters I believe unless I'm mistaken. Charlie Chaplin is also another one that you might se
  8. The choice the students(9-11) made was amusing to me. I assumed they would have picked Chaplin over Pickford due to the fact that Chaplin films can be very entertaining for the youth audiences. I guess Chaplin had an off-day for that group of students.
  9. I always find it interesting who is still known by name from the silent era by today's general population. I'm a big silent film fan so I always try to incorporate silent cinema when I teach video production to elementary school students(age 9-11) in urban setting. When I showed Charlie Chaplin(The Circus) to the students, they asked why he set himself up for trouble in every scene and questioned his intelligence. When I showed a clip of Mary Pickford(Heart O'The Hills) though, they asked me if that was "the real life Goldilocks" and she was a huge hit with the group. After taking an unofficia
  10. Hi Hamradio, I guessing the cat was having a funny random moment but from the film text, I haven't found a real reason why the cat decides to freak out on her. I think I've seen another incidence where an emergency phone is hidden in the bushes, only in silents though. Unfortunately the title of that silent escapes me at the moment. I don't know if they really existed or not but I found it strange too. I never realized the ADT in the film until you mentioned it. I just always take it for granted that the rich have always had those systems but I don't know when they were first
  11. Hey all, for those who are currently watching TCM, The silent film stars Mary Pickford and was last played on TCM back in November 2010. I really hope if you haven't seen the film you catch it at 1AM ET/10 PM PT. One of my favorite silents of Pickford and also a great film to be introduced to her if you haven't seen a film of hers.
  12. I know this isn't a "TCM Festival" screening but just thought it wouldn't hurt to let you movie fans know anyways. On monday at 7PM at the Mary Pickford Institute HQ(Venice Blvd. & National) Culver City, they are going to screen rare Mary Pickford biograph shorts from 1909/1910 and an early IMP short(Carl Laemmle before Universal). They are going to be in High Definition screening and Robert Israel will be performing live. While the even doesn't have an admission fee, because the Mary Pickford Institute just lost funding last week and are currently broke, they are asking for dona
  13. Oh yes gagman, I'm thankfully aware of nitrateville and I'm "bankofamericassweetheart" on that forum. Yes I am watching the The Iron Horse and absolutely love the print! It's also my first time watching this film! I guess the one good thing about that mediocre TCM series is that we are getting all these beautiful silents all this month.
  14. When I saw The Hoodlum(1919) last night I felt like I saw the most entertaining silent in my life. As a first time viewer of a this film, the expectation of this film was high, and its very rare for films to exceed my expectations and it usually don't matter anyways because I never expect them to. But when I finished watching this film, I was like WOW, I was in shock for like 15 minutes. This film really speaks to me which is odd because I'm 26 years old and this film is like 91 years old. I've seen quite a few silents this past year and loved a great deal, but for some reason this film i
  15. Okay so I know nobody cares about Gloria Stuart dying since Tony Curtis overshadowed it but jeez TCM have some class and give her a proper tribute! She was in those Shirley Temple films and the Universal horror films. It's October..... come on now. Give her a tribute!
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