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  1. Yep, just like many folks today, the Kettles had to find some way to bring in the do re mi, even if it was on the shady side. A rustic stereo- type's got to do what a rustic stereotype's got to do. I haven't seen The Manster since I was a kid and it was on one of those Saturday night Chiller Theater shows. I don't think there is any good time to show a movie where someone has a second head growing out of him. It's on YT too. Hey dude, you've got a freakin' eye in your shoulder !!!!
  2. Okay. Kids on the right, go to CVS, kids on the left hit Walgreens. But first let's enjoy Ma's possum surprise. *Ma and Pa Kettle's Meth Lab* Due to the Great Recession and the end of Pa's 30 years of unemployment insurance, the Kettles have to find a new way to bring in money. They decide to start a meth lab, having the advantage of using 15 children to get pseudoephedrine at the local drugstores. The rest is easy.
  3. Don't worry, old chap. To me, Watson, you'll always be the woman. Now think Watson, how are we going to get those poppers to the other side of London? *Sherlock Holmes and the Closet of Fear* Criminal genius Prof. Moriarity has discovered, by bribing one of the Baker Street Irregulars, that Holmes and Watson share a much more intimate relationship than thought. He then intercepts a letter from Holmes to Oscar Wilde proposing a foursome with Watson and Bosie. Now Moriarity can conduct his criminal enterprises free of inter
  4. Who's the black private dick, That's an espresso machine to all the chicks. (Shaft!) Who's the 150th Street dude, Scarfing down all the fancy food. (Shaft!) Who's the brother with the gun in his pocket, Givin' all the ladies a ride on his rocket. (Shaft!) Yeah Shaft, he's one bad mother...(Shut yer piehole) *Schrafft* Black private dick John Shaft is hired by Harlem kingpin Albert "Collard" Greene to make sure that Mafia boss Anthony "Tony Pro Am" Prosciutto doesn't rip off Greene's lucrative drug trade, which is centered i
  5. Babe, you'd be surprised how good that damn ant looks in a tux. And I've got just about everything we need for the reception. Just have to order a thousand pounds of sugar and 50 jars of honey. *Gi-Ant II: The Final Picnic* Fifty years after the invasion of the giant ants, things have calmed down a bit, and the Benedicts have learned to live with the ants. They have even gone a step further. Luz VII is engaged to one and hopes to produce the first ant-human offspring. But some people are still antists and Bink V gets into a fight with one of them
  6. Listen, do you want to know a secret? I mean a really big one, way bigger than your eyebrows? I'm really....Ants!!!!! Giant Ants headed this wa............................................ *Gi-Ant* When James Dean drills deep into the hill country soil he upsets a colony of huge Texas-size ants. It doesn't faze him, but it p.o. s Rock since the humungous ants start to feed on his cattle. Both Rock and Liz realize there is little they can do at the present time to stop the ants, but they hope that a future Benedict, maybe Luz IV, will find a
  7. This is one of those instances when it is left up to the audiences' imaginations as to exactly what Clark received from the native guide.
  8. Yeah sweetie you're right, the red neckerchief means I'm not interested in girls, and that really is a rifle in my pocket, though how it got in my pocket I'll never know. Hon, why don't you go back to that guy with the big camera in San Francisco. Maybe one of these days we'll run into each other on Castro. *Mogumby* The Great Green Hunter is tracking the little seen Gumby of Africa. During his trek he runs across Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly, who are retiring from the picture business to become missionaries. Clark can't decide which one he w
  9. There was only so much you could venture with a sausage as symbol back in 1959. I never eat sausage on an empty stomach, especially when I'm going through a tunnel.
  10. Thank you for your kind words, Eugenia. Practice makes... things much easier. Hope you have a Happy New Year.
  11. Soda is completely housebroken, but we're still training the Colonel. *Since You Went Astray* At first the Hilton women find Colonel Smollett's gruff but endearing manner charming, but when days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, they grow tired of the old fussbudget. When they learn that Tim is coming home, they work up a plan to get rid of the old duffer. They tell the Colonel that Soda is missing and send him out to look for the dog. They quickly pack up the Colonel's things and leave them on the doorstep.
  12. Welcome to my nightmare: cig butts in scrambled eggs, half-eaten cheeseburgers, used tissues in the coffee cup. *Alice Cooper Doesn't Live Here Anymore* Alice dreams of becoming a singer in a long-haired rock 'n' roll band, but pays the bills by working as a busboy at the local Waffle House. When Kris Kristofferson drops in one night with a case of the munchies, he hears Cooper singing Me and Bobby McGee, recognizes his talent and gets him a recording contract. The rest is music history.
  13. I'm Sphincterus. *Town Without Potties* Even fifteen years after the end of World War Two, personal "comfort stations" are a rarity in some small towns in Germany. This is true of Schisberg, where the lack of sanitary accommodations p.o. some GIs, who go on a rampage. This lack also explains Kirk Douglas' clenched jaw throughout the picture. The soundtrack album includes the title song plus I Put a Smell on You and nine other easy listening selections.
  14. Nothing particularly personal, but everyone knows that in-laws or relatives can sometimes be a mixed blessing.
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