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  1. Kraftwerk mit Europe Endless, endlos, endlos, endlos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDKiPtBbBQY
  2. Yep, just like many folks today, the Kettles had to find some way to bring in the do re mi, even if it was on the shady side. A rustic stereo- type's got to do what a rustic stereotype's got to do. I haven't seen The Manster since I was a kid and it was on one of those Saturday night Chiller Theater shows. I don't think there is any good time to show a movie where someone has a second head growing out of him. It's on YT too. Hey dude, you've got a freakin' eye in your shoulder !!!!
  3. Hole, Someone Else's Bed, a song from their most recent CD,
  4. Hard to forget such an immense talent. OTOH, there's Little Jimmy Domingo.
  5. Probably not, though he was good looking enough to at least appear in an opera. Hard to think of any country stars whose names sound like they might have been opera singers. Too bad there wasn't a Porter Wagner.
  6. Some people never learn. And after all the fatalities that these big mouths suffered over the years, you'd think the characters on TV would have known better, but no, the boob tubers were just as likely to spill their guts and then lose them.
  7. If the Germans had won the war they might have put Arthur "Bomber" Harris on trial. He was responsible for carrying out the area bombing of German cities and the firebombing of Dresden, which killed many more civilians than the V-2 rockets of von Braun. But Harris was only following the orders of higher ups too. Today, with more precise bombing, it's hard to have an excuse for killing civilians, but I have no doubt that if things got rough, they would be targeted. Operation Paperclip was used to "whitewash" the German scientists, including von Braun, to hide their Nazi pas
  8. von Braun was working for us since shortly after the end of WW II. I think the case can be made that he was a war criminal, but I think calling him a mass-killer is a stretch. He had to do more or less what he was told to do, or else. He was even detained by the SS for a short period of time as a "communist sympathizer." Just one of history's many ironies.
  9. I'm always amused at how often people in the movies tell the bad guy they're going to the police. How dumb can you be. Yet they keep on doing it. I guess the characters in movies never go to movies. I thought there were a few blacks in the crowd. The Klan operated in a lot of towns, so maybe moving wouldn't have made much difference. People were also bonded to the area they lived in and it was probably harder just to uproot from that place, though quite a few blacks did move north after WW II. If this was still the unfortunate situation today, maybe there would
  10. There have always been supernaturalists who wrote about things that are unusual and contradictory to what we know scientifically. Their motivation was likely religious. Until there is any proof of what they claimed to write about or see, I find no reason to think their accounts are anything other than tall tales, however interesting some of them are.
  11. musicalnovelty, that's how I remember it. They must have trusted the guy's aim since they weren't that far away. I chalk some of these things up to the old Hollywood hokum. I too was surprised to see Ronnie arrive in one car (with siren on) with only one or two other people with him in this crowd of hundreds of not too happy Klansmen. The way he greets everybody shows, with other scenes, that local law enforcement likely knew who was in the Klan, or were even members themselves. I was thinking of a good trick ending where the head Klansman has his hood on and
  12. Okay. Kids on the right, go to CVS, kids on the left hit Walgreens. But first let's enjoy Ma's possum surprise. *Ma and Pa Kettle's Meth Lab* Due to the Great Recession and the end of Pa's 30 years of unemployment insurance, the Kettles have to find a new way to bring in money. They decide to start a meth lab, having the advantage of using 15 children to get pseudoephedrine at the local drugstores. The rest is easy.
  13. Ferlin Husky had a big hit with this song, Wings of a Dove. B & W Color http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1L5FIuiYug
  14. It stared out looking like a noir and then slowly turned into a rather average melodrama. The one redeeming feature was the setting and Klan subject matter. This is one pic where I figured Steve would not be dressed in a pinstripe suit, which he so often seemed to be. Uncle Bob may have been right that there is a superficial resemblance to Streetcar, but the Ginger Roger's character is no Blanche Dubois. It was a somewhat interesting curio, but not something that I'd like to see again and again. I thought Ginger was being held by two Klansmen while she was being whipped, n
  15. Speaking of the Breeders, they did a charming, countrified version of Drivin' on 9. Plus a video with some well known vehicular movie clips.
  16. I have to admit I never think of Samuel Johnson and the word hip as being in close relationship. At best he was a fuddy duddy, at worse an old stick in the mud. Johnson also frequented taverns, where his poison of choice was usually claret. While some of his conversation was super- ficial and for effect, I'm sure he and his companions took up more serious subjects, no matter what the beverage being consumed. This is made more probable by the fact that Johnson was of a argumentative disposition and would often take the side of the argument that was against his own personal b
  17. I guess the fact that it was printed right under the video sort of gave it away, though I suppose many people knew it anyway. Whatever name he chooses to go by, the Catster has always been my favorite 1970s singer/songwriter. I hope Judy and Joni had their schedules well coordinated during that time so as not to meet in any embarrassing situations in "our house." (This site needs a better blush emoticon).
  18. Not to besmirch either Italian-Americans or Irish-Americans, two groups that have contributed so much to our country, but for a long time most U.S. mobsters were of Italian descent, that's just a historical fact. I also remember reading a study many years back that Irish-Americans were the ethnic group most likely to be drinkers. Whether that's changed or not, I don't know. Every so often somebody will open a charming little tea shoppe around here. They usually don't last too long. There's just something too too pretentious about the whole thing. And it's really hard to
  19. Yusuf Islam's cover of the Cat Stevens' tune Where Do the Children Play.
  20. Outside of the chorus, I find it hard to decipher the lyrics to Gigantic, so I checked them on the web and, as one might think, they're somewhat on the bizarre side, ntt.... Kim was also in the Breeders. I guess she was more or less the "head honcho" in the band. I believe she butted heads with Francis about having more input into the Pixies and found an outlet in the Breeders, where Tanya Donelly was a member on the first CD, then she formed Belly, which is one of my favorite alt bands, and so on and so on. Alternative is kind of a catch all
  21. The hot air balloon is another possibility, though it doesn't have as much support as the 'they did it using math and measurements on the ground' theory. I didn't realize this before, but the figures can be seen from the foothills that surround the desert, so some type of manned flight was not necessary to view them. Putting aside how they were made, the why they were made produces a lot of different theories. Aliens, ancient or modern, are a lot more fascinating than a couple of people making crop circles with a few low tech instruments. Science has de
  22. The Pixies, a live version of GiGAnTiC.
  23. I think that if von Daniken had been more familiar with what archeologists knew about these cultures, he wouldn't have made such a fool of himself. While the actual explanations are interesting in themselves, they couldn't compete with the ancient astronaut theory. So he took the ball and ran with it, all the way to the bank. I think by now von Daniken was been pretty thoroughly debunked for most people. Yes, there is a whole lot of misinformation and just plain nonsense on the net. But one can also use it to correct much of this junk. I think after a while most people
  24. I think you're definitely right that people were more trustworthy of their government and most other institutions, such as the press, sixty years ago. Today it's obviously a very different mindset. I agree that it doesn't take much for hyperbole and paranoia to take over, no matter how outlandish some of the claims put forward are. I think we're a little more careful about taking these things to the level of a congressional committee, so maybe things are just a little better than they were during the Red Scare period. We just have to be aware and on guard. Quite a few of th
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