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  1. Loius Jordan: Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens, Saturday Night Fishfry Edited by: Geoffe on Oct 21, 2012 8:09 PM
  2. Thanks. The falcon is my next series to start watching.
  3. Hello, I am looking for some film genre suggestions. I am a huge fan of Charlie Chan, Mister Moto, The Thin Man, Sherlock Holmes and the 30s Perry Mason films. Looking for more suggestions for great early mystery films. Also I am a fan of films comedy horror films like The Smiling Ghost, The Cat and the Canary. Also looking for more suggestions in this genre. Suggestions are welcomed. Thank you
  4. My 6 year old daughter is addicted to Abbott and Costello as well as all Charlie Chan films. Kid tested classics at least in my home.
  5. I think at the end of the film when they are blasting the invisible monster that may be what the Krell looked like. You can see an outline of the monster and it appears to be triangular in shape.
  6. 1. Edward G. Robinson 2. Cary Grant 3. Abbott and Costello
  7. Ona Munson in Shanghai Gesture Edward G. Robinson in The Woman in the Window Sindey Greenstreet in Maltese Falcon Of course there are many more but these are a few memorable actors from recent viewings.
  8. Abbott and Costello Join the Foreign Legion nw: abracadabra
  9. I can certainly see the similarity behind Vera Allen and Barbie. Thanks for painting that picture. I shall never watch White Christmas quite the same again. Maybe I will go home and play Barbie's with my little girl tonight. "Sisters, Sisters..."
  10. I love Charlie Chan too. Come on over, I own the whole collection, we can have a marathon any time.
  11. I found this on Wikipedia. This is a list of characters that were parodied on the Flintstones. "Cary Granite" (Cary Grant) "Stony Curtis" (Tony Curtis) "Ed Sulleyrock/Sulleystone" (Ed Sullivan) "Rock Pile/Quarry/Hudstone" (Rock Hudson) "Ann-Margrock" (Ann-Margret) "Jimmy Darrock (James Darren) "Alvin Brickrock" (Alfred Hitchcock) "Perry Masonary/Masonite" (Perry Mason) "Eppy Brianstone" (Brian Epstein)
  12. Let's see how many references we can compile of classic movies, stars, or anything to do with classic Hollywood mentioned in cartoons. I know there are a ton in Bugs Bunny but what others can you think of? Here is the one that got me thinking about starting a topic on this: In a Spongebob episode titled One Man's Trash Mister Krabs mentions: *Look at me! I'm Errol Finn!* Edited by: Geoffe on Dec 26, 2009 1:59 PM
  13. My line up today is: Christmas in Connecticut (since I cannot wait for tomorrow's airing) Charlie Brown Christmas (for the kids) Ernest Saves Christmas (probably a lot of boo's on this one but I love it) It Happened on Fifth Avenue (if there's time after last minute shopping)
  14. Donald Duck In Mathmagic Land. I remember seeing that in grade school in the 1980's and it still sticks with me.
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