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  1. I like your sense of humor. I hope we have reached the end.
  2. You, lzcutter and filmlover are kissers. Don't bother to report me, I have been kicked out from better places. Good bye.
  3. Jarrod, I agree with you 100%. The issue here is not whether we can wait or not. The issue here is that we got used to a practice set up by TCM without anyone here asking for it and TCM changed it. This is causing a lot of arguments and unnecessary discussions among posters which can easily be prevented by TCM. They want to give us the schedule four months ahead of time that's fine with me. They don't want to do it, so be it. But for heaven sake, let us know. The other day they shut down a thread like this because of some strong arguments between participants. They can prevent this fro
  4. If it is the festival then they can let us know. The problem here is lack of communication from TCM.
  5. They spoiled us because they got us used to it. Nobody asked for a fourth months ahead of time. They did it on their own, so we got used to it and now we expect it. One more time, if they want us not to bother them anymore, let us know if they are going to continue with this practice or not. It is as simple as that, and again I repete we are the customer and we deserve better.
  6. The problem of when the schedule is going to be posted can be solved very easily. The TCM people should tell us when is it going to be up. They can provide a window of time when to expect it. They spoiled us by posting the fourth month schedule ahead of time. We deserve better, we are the customer. If they change their policy and now they don't want to post it well ahead of time, then they should let us know.
  7. If you like tango and would like to know what "really" happened to Carlos Gardel I recommend Doble o Nada (Tango Are for Two) from Argentina, directed by Jaime Chavarri.
  8. You can buy the DVD from Amazon.com. It is kind of expensive $25.99. It is in swedish with english subtitles.
  9. It is available on DVD, but don't buy it. It is a very bad print. I know, I bought it at Amazon.com. You are better off recording it from FXM.
  10. Of all the films made by Kurosawa the one I like the most is Derzu Uzala and is scheduled for March 30 at 8PM EST.
  11. Don't forget Dersu Uzala March 30 at 8 PM ET.
  12. You don't have to number your favorites list, just keep adding to it. You don't even have to rank the films, you just like all of them with no preference. At least that is my opinion.
  13. Cinemaven, here are some good foreign films that I strongly recommend; O Cangaceiro (1953, Brazil) The first Brazilian film to become internationally known is a poetic adventure played and directed with a lot of energy. The director is Lima Barreto. Particularly striking is the pulsating music derived from folk theme. Plein Soleil (1959, France) Entertainingly suspenful film noir with the most beautiful color photography of the Italian and French Riviera. Directed by Ren? Cl?ment. De Eso No Se Habla (1994,Argentina) An old man falls in love with an adolescent dwarf, against the
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