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  1. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}He mentioned that THE RAZOR'S EDGE was one of his 3 favorite films. What are the other two? I too am curious about them. His remarks about THE RAZOR'S EDGE seem to be in line since he has always gushed over Gene Tierney and said she is one of his favorite actresses. I think Natalie Wood is also but I don't know if any of her films are his favorites (LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER is mine). I also think he may be a Grable fan, for many months in 2011 her Fox musicals were in his Bob's Picks. SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES was in there twice. Once while som
  2. > {quote:title=chandler5710 wrote:}{quote}Whoa - was Tyrone dazzling to look at in that movie or WHAT???? > > He had gone from boyish to handsome by 1941 and brother, my jaw was hanging open. I've seen the movie before but this time, I was really struck by his looks.Amen, amen, amen. I'm struck by his everything. I may be the youngest person that has a shrine of him in my home. LOL
  3. Tyrone Power bisexual? Transgendered? Whoa, no wonder I rarely post here!
  4. This is one of my favorite movies ever. The dialogue is hilarious. Errol Flynn is a hoot - sad that he appears to be playing himself - but he is a hoot. A real gem of a performance comes from Eddie Albert. He really is that friend you can call up when you want to get into some trouble with while having fun. His scenes with Flynn were great. You can really see how much his character really grew to care for Flynn, especially after Gardner left. This film is full of subliminal and implied dialogue. I think the raciest thing really said is the word "impotent" early in the film. You reall
  5. I agree. Saturday he gets a SUTS day. May 2014 he will be SOTM marking the 100 year anniversary of his birth and one of his daughters, or his son do a retrospective on his work. Fingers crossed.
  6. Rest in Peace Miss Thaxter! I just adored her in her many Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Hour roles as well as many other TV and film performances. Such a beautiful woman and a great actress. Her last role was in one of my favorite shows, a 1992 episode of Murder She Wrote and she looked great.
  7. Would love to see these folks get a day. Some should also be strongly considered for SOTM. Access to leasing their films aside: Betty Grable Victor Mature Edmond O'Brien Don Ameche Alice Faye Charles Coburn (worth saying again!) Dick Powell John Payne
  8. Fred, those other channels do not exactly cater to the classic movie fan. HBO and Cinemax may show ONE film a day, if you are lucky, in an early morning slot on only ONE of their channels. This morning the Stanwyck/Webb/Wagner "Titanic" was on Cinemax. However they are more into their original programming and new movies to cater to classic film fans. Maybe they will add a channel and compete with TCM, who knows. Also, to access many of their channels, one has to have an HD box (extra $$ a month on its own) As for the 1960s movies you saw during your 2 weeks of free Encore, can you name the
  9. Interesting thread. No complaints from me about TCM and editing until I see a catheter commercial in the middle of a showing of "Stage Door".
  10. > {quote:title=AndyM108 wrote:}{quote}*Jane* Powell (28 films) was SOTM back in 1995. Eleanor *Parker* (55 films) was SOTM in 1997. > > And Toshiro Mifune (79 films), Jean Gabin (65 films), Warren William (62 films), Joan Blondell (96 films), Glenda Farrell (73 films), George Sanders (110 films), and Lon Chaney (83 films), just to name a few, have never made the cut. I'd say they'd deserve it first. > > > BTW Audrey Hepburn was in 31 films, not something like 12. Don't mess with Audrey. > Warren William is soooooo overdue to be SOTM. I also agree with Joan B
  11. > {quote:title=Arturo wrote:}{quote} > I think Victor Mature's acting talents were sorely underappreciated, including by himself. But he gave some strong performances over the years. Even more than for KISS OF DEATH, I think he deserved to be nominated for his Doc Holliday in MY DARLING CLEMENTINE. No disagreements here Arturo. I don't really care about the historical inaccuracies of the film, it is my favorite adaptation of Wyatt Earp and his Doc Holiday is my favorite portrayal of the character.
  12. Sepiatone, Not only do I appreciate your post but I appreciate Mama Sepiatone. Why? Because I LOVE VICTOR MATURE. Sure, he won zero Oscars, had zero nominations, is never mentioned in "best actor" conversation and is probably mostly forgotten outside of the 50s Biblical pics. But you know what? Thanks to TCM and Fox Movie Channel (or at least FMC of a few years ago), I discovered his films and fell in love. I don't care if the film is a stinker, if Mature is in it, I watch. He too should have received an Oscar nom for KISS OF DEATH - my opinion. Several of his films have aired on TCM. I be
  13. RIP Celeste Holm. I can see TCM maybe putting together a few of her films some evening in the future. If not before SUTS, then in September. Her best film was CHICKEN EVERY SUNDAY. I can watch that movie over and over again. Such a gem.
  14. I would start going to movies again if they came back!!! $15 in a cramped seat or $20 in a comfy seat, people talking out loud, smells of the random foods people sneak in as well as the crappy over priced movie food. I would love and welcome the drive in experience. I can see the negatives and the positives about the idea though.
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