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  1. Devil Girl from Mars (1954) An isolated Scottish inn has as guests one night in winter: a model who is running away from her married boyfriend, a hiker who is truly an escaped convict, a professor who lost his way while going to investigate a meteorite which reportedly landed forty miles away, a dipsomaniac reporter doubling as the professor's driver and a tall caped woman who states that women won the battle of the sexes on Mars and the male population is now dwindling. I must wonder what property there is of space travel that compels women to wear the shortest skirts allowed by l
  2. I strongly believe that the Japanese are the masters of ghost films because they elicit visceral rather than cerebral reactions. The Ghost of Yotsuya (1959) Black Cat (1968) aka Yabu no naka no kuroneko Curse of the Blood (1968) Black Cat Mansion (1958) Hellish Love (1972) Non-Japanese movies: A Quiet Place in the Country (1968) Even the Wind Is afraid (1968) The Terror (1963)
  3. How to Train Your Dragon (2010) I like animation of all types and I have a very soft spot in my head heart for innocence. The animation is excellent! I love the color schemes and the action was very smooth and lifelike. This is the highest quality movie I have watched in many years. I am sorry to say that the story was fine but the treatment was not to my taste. Many parts where Hiccup is dealing with his father are very heavy-handed and border on oppressive. Several sections seemed to drag on indeterminably while not advancing the story or character development at all.
  4. Genevieve (1953) This is a simply wonderful bit of fluff! It is about a man who seems truly fond of his wife but is obsessed with his antique automobile. His long-suffering wife does her best to remain joyful, caring and dutiful despite her husband's affliction. Their mutual best friend considers the man a hopeless git and still carries a torch for the wife. The fact that they all remain terribly British come what may makes it all that much more charming. The action revolves around the annual commemorative run between London and Bristol. The husband is bursting with exuberance
  5. Up In The Air (1940) This is a quite pleasant little movie. Frankie Darro is a page at a radio station who dotes on a beautiful new employee but only causes problems for her. Mantan Moreland is at the top of his form as his buddy who helps his schemes even although he knows it means trouble. Included is their bumbling attempt at a humourous radio skit! The movie is a murder mystery but that aspect is kept so low-key that it is easy to ignore it. Some of the patter in the movie made me think it is what: His Girl Friday (1940) would be like if the screenwriters and performers w
  6. I have found two ways in which Amazon Prime has made it easier to find content which is included with Prime subscription at no additional cost. One way is that 'Editorial Lists' and 'User Lists' on IMDb.com now have a 'Refine' function and one of these is 'Instant Watch Option' which allows you to see only the movies in the list which are free to view on IMDbTV or Prime Video. The other way is that Amazon Prime's home page on Roku now shows a 'Free to Me' selection in the menu bar at the very top. This calls up sorted lists of movies and television programs which do not require ren
  7. I found it to be a mixed bag. She was not to my taste also but I found Peter Cushing's performance to be quite charming. This is one of the few movies for which I will not gush over Christopher Lee's performance because I found it flat. I feel the movie has many moments: some are quite good while some are quite bad. It averages out to: meh.
  8. It is usually not smart to disagree with me. 😉
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