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  1. Hatari! (1962) A team which captures African animals for zoos has a variety of problems as well as having to deal with the wildlife. I am not a fan of John Wayne. I will not risk wagering "loser must watch a John Wayne movie" even when I am sure to win the bet. This is one of the three movies in which I find him great. He is a basic guy working hard and taking risks and hoping that is all the world asks of him. That is his 'real life' persona and he portrays it well. Red Buttons is wonderful and as cute as a ... cute thing. Elsa Martinelli is at her svelte best. The animals ma
  2. I am very sorry to say that this is an example of our further divergence of opinion. I find David Niven to be quite wonderful while it seems that you do not. You seem to feel that Esperanto is somehow worthy of use while I feel very strongly that it is a blight on communication and every reasonable person should dedicate their life to eradicating it totally from human consciousness.
  3. What of those of us who read German? I am passable only with it so I would possibly not see the meaning of complex phrases on first sight but my little fuzzy has used it much for the last year and would automatically know what it says. Do any here read Spanish? Mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas Is Japanese instantly recognizable by many? 私のホバークラフトは鰻でいっぱいです Perhaps Norwegian? Luftputefartøyet mitt er fullt av ål A problem which I foresee is that choosing a language with which most people are unfamiliar and so would not instantly recognize is that Google Translate is
  4. Barry Bostwick Brigitte Bardot Claudia Cardinale Fyvush Finkel Malcolm McDowell Nichelle Nichols Ron Rifkin Soupy Sales Susan Sarandon S.Z. Sakall
  5. I am very sorry but I do not consider that to be a 'shot across the bow'. It is more of a pop-gun salute.
  6. I have noticed now that one of the other characters in this movie is: Prof. Joseph Josephus Josavich. The only other alliterative character which I can quickly find in his movies is: Hal Holmes in: The Devil's Sleep (1949). He did employ actress/dancer: Amalia Aguilar in: Rhumba Amalia (1947) and: A Night at the Follies (1947). Re: My pulling your leg. I used some time ago the toss-away line: "The word 'gullible' is not in the dictionary." It apparently did not even give you pause. I vowed then to zing one over your head so high you would not even suspect you got got. This re
  7. He may have to pass them through customs and pay import fees when he harvests them.
  8. I can not speak to the creative instincts of producer/director W. Merle Connell. I do note that the nature of his other movies and their ratings on IMDb.com does not inspire confidence in his intellectual wiles. There is a notable exception. Tomb Itmay Concern (1950) has a slightly imaginative title. The movie has been given the synopsis: "An archaeologist and his assistant discover two female mummies in an Egyptian tomb with a warning in hieroglyphics not to wet them with the water in an urn. When they do, one mummy gets up to hi-jinks, while the other, Princess Itmay, does a burlesque
  9. Bebe Berto If you do not recognize the name: she played "Zee Zee" in: The Devil's Sleep (1949).
  10. Raffles (1939) A gentleman jewel thief decides to go straight because of the love of a good woman but fate has other plans. This movie is from the time when they knew how to make great movies. Olivia de Havilland is warm and caring. David Niven is ... well ... he is David Niven. To argue whether the Ronald Colman or David Niven versions of the story are superior generally degrades to picking nits. I might have liked to see a pairing of Kay Francis and David Niven but we must settle for what we have. 8.4/10
  11. Some movies which I know I have watched more than twelve times: The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) The Cranes Are Flying (1960) Blazing Saddles (1974) Throne of Blood (1957) Jewel Robbery (1932) The Irony of Fate (1975) Laura (1944) The Forty-First (1956) The Bishop's Wife (1947) The Mystery of Mr. X (1934) Rebecca (1940) Formula of Love (1984) How to Steal a Million (1966) Two Comrades Served (1968) The Hidden Fortress (1958) Raffles (1930) Seven Samurai (1954) Sabrina (1954) The Quiet Man (1952) Forbidden Planet (1956) I can not count how many times I have watched: All That Jazz (1979
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