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  1. IMDb.com allows a keyword: "ensemble cast". https://www.imdb.com/search/keyword/?keywords=ensemble-cast&ref_=kw_ref_typ&sort=release_date,asc&mode=detail&page=1&title_type=movie
  2. A distance of 1.6km from center of 15kt airburst blast is survivable if you take fast action. Protection from pressure wave effects is paramount in the first few minutes. Radiation effects can be minimized by masking and quickly moving to proper shelter very soon thereafter. You have little hope of survival if you are directly exposed to the blast but being on the lee side in a building and following proper procedures gives you an excellent chance of surviving. You may with to investigate: https://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/ for proper information regarding distances of effects.
  3. Would it be intrusively personal which type of tooth fairy you envisioned?
  4. I will heartily recommend that you have "Safe Search" set on at least: Medium before Googling for "Clippy T-Shirt Memes". Some of the offerings rise to new heights of gross supposed-humour.
  5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) Seven Samurai (1954) Formula of Love (1984) While the Door Was Locked (1946) The Sleeping Car Murder (1965) The Night My Mother Killed My Father (2016)
  6. I was referencing a: "First World Problems" meme: I felt it was more appropriate and less insulting than responding to his mention of a ride with this image:
  7. That is a very cute bike. What sort of Harley is it?
  8. I said what I meant and I meant what I said. 😉 USA was not the only country with pilots or motorcycles. Most WWI pilots were White Russian. They lost most of their status and much of their freedoms in the years after the war ended. Motorcycles were a way for them to recapture some. I never met Dean Martin nor was I present when he was drinking. My impression comes solely from his performances and the 'home movies' with him and other members of the: Rat Pack. I fully realize that he may have been in a sense performing for the benefit of the camera on the latter case
  9. I know that people will disagree with my assessment. That is normal because I am such a disagreeable person. Steve McQueen is the ultimate cool because of his loner and live-and-let-live attitude and his looks which tell that he has seen much of life. He presents similarly to the WWI pilots who later became motorcycle riders because they sought the freedom and the control of their own destiny. Robert Mitchum is as cool as a dead frog in the middle of the road because of his overbearing attitude and his looks which are those of a punch-drunk boxer who did not have the sense to quit af
  10. I can not speak to 'gender' because that is a linguistic/social construct which varies by place and time. As for 'sex': medical science recognizes several major chromosomal types: 45,X Female with reproductive problems AKA Turner Syndrome 46,XX Female 46,XY Male 47,XXX Female with varied physiological impacts AKA Triple X Syndrome 47,XXY Male with potential reproductive issues AKA Klinefelter Syndrome 47,XYY Male with potential learning difficulties 48,XXXX Female with potential intellectual disabilities 48,XXYY Male with potential development issues 49,XXXXX Female
  11. "I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant" ― Alan Greenspan I am sorry to say that I know of no site which explains it clearly in non-technical terms. The best that I can suggest is for you to scan the Wikipedia article for: "magnetic tape" to see if any parts are understandable.
  12. I am far from the best choice for explaining technical details in English but I will try to make it understandable. Please forgive me if this seems a mish-mash. The tape used for recordings has a coating with tiny particles which can be magnetized. That is why it is called: magnetic tape. Whether or not a particular particle is magnetized is part of the 'code' of the recording. Example: adjacent particles which are respectively: magnetized, not magnetized, magnetized, not magnetized can be read in binary as: 1010 or in analog as on-off-on-off. The recording head of a tape recorder
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