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  1. A Night for Crime (1943) A feisty reporter and the studio PR flack who loves her find a dead body at the end of a blackout. This is a neat little murder mystery with the standard fast pacing and cracking wise which is so loved by viewers of the genre. It is Glenda Farrell after her run of: Torchy Blane movies. It is: Lyle Talbot in his common role as a strong but slightly befuddled guy in love with a woman who toys with his affection. I am sorry to say that the rest of the cast seems to be whomever they could pull off the street when filming began. A few have considerable number
  2. https://www.france24.com/en/france/20210731-france-sees-third-weekend-of-protests-against-obligatory-health-pass
  3. My little fuzzy regularly needs blood drawn. He sees it as an opportunity. Typical: Him: I hope it is okay if I am a little nervous. Nurse: Do you hate needles? Him: It is not that. I have learned that it is usually not a good thing when a beautiful woman comes at me with a sharp object. I found it a little amusing when he received his first shot of vaccine because it was done by a male and he had no line appropriate for the event.
  4. There is a credible basis for assuming that there could be 'treasure' of some form on the island. It was for more than two hundred years known as the best place in the area for smugglers and those who wished to transact business outside local authority's watchfulness. It was common procedure in early 19th Century for a smuggler to drop contraband onto an island before going to port and submitting to inspection. They would then have local affiliates row out to the island and bring in the items as needed. It is quite likely that some of those operations were interrupted by the law and so the cac
  5. I do hope that you realize that that respect may be sometimes misplaced. I grew up in a multicultural city on the shore of a great sea. I would have had to have been a very backward child to not understand several languages and to not swim well. A person raised in Kansas had neither the opportunity nor social need to know more than English or do more than wade creeks.
  6. I have a very low tolerance for some types of people. It has been said often of me that I 'do not suffer fools gladly'. I place a user on: Ignore when it becomes plain that their comments and stated opinions are tailored to disguise their bias and animosities. I place on: Ignore also those who are a waste of screen space. This is often due to their not truly wishing to communicate but only to draw attention to themselves by long stretches of incomprehensible text or dependence on emojis or improper formatting which demands nearly an entire page to present two or three lines of text.
  7. I feel it would be slightly unfair for me to select a single movie as best because his performances were uniformly brilliant and any assessment I made would center more on the movie as a whole rather than only his work in it.
  8. I do not often have an opportunity to use this in normal conversation but my fuzzy knows well what I mean when I mutter the first part of it. I am quite sorry to say that I do not know which movie it is in. I am virtually positive that it was in one of my fuzzy's DVDs when I was watching his entire collection but that is over twelve hundred movies and I can not narrow it down very much more than that. "If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread then there must be something we can do with you."
  9. Some cool jazz/swing appropriate to the time period: I believe that the theme song explains the types of stories in the series:
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