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  1. When will men ever get a clue?
  2. I thank you very much for creating this! She was quite attractive but there is at all times a hint of her being a person whom you do not wish to cross.
  3. I thank you greatly for your kindly vote! I feel that they are all quite wonderful schedules. I wish to thank also waldo for creating and running such an excellent Challenge. The number of entries speaks highly of how superb his creation is.
  4. This is one of my favorite movies of all time also. It was a difficult choice but I felt that: Gambit (1966) was just a little more fun because it has Shirley MacLaine speechless for half of the movie and so there was great tension over when she would break.
  5. I found an interesting parallel in: Stargate: Universe (2009-2011). It is the story of a group of scientists and soldiers who unexpectedly travel onto an alien spacecraft far out of reach of Earth contact. One might expect the number of actors/characters to be limited to that group. They yet found reasonable ways to introduce guest actors who were present for only one episode and never mentioned again.
  6. I do not mind that: Zardoz (1974) is considered a guilty pleasure. It does not matter what Sean Connery looks like in a mankini because he is the type who would look great even if he wore nothing. It does not matter that it turns several science fiction tropes inside out. It does not matter that several very bad directorial and cinematography decisions make it difficult for the audience to feel comfortable with the storyline. What matters is that it is one of those rare movies which is based on legitimate scientific extrapolation of existing knowledge and technology while damning sociolo
  7. I like this schedule very much! I have long believed that Linda Darnell should be SOTM. The Charlie Chan series is welcome at all times. You have included also two of my favorite James Mason movies.
  8. She is in: A Frosty Affair(2015) which is available on TubiTV and The Roku Channel. I have not watched this movie and it seems to be in the genre of a Hallmark movie. She is in also: Mothman (2010). I have not watched this movie and I do not know if you will be attracted to it because it is one of those admixtures of a watered-down blend of three genres. Do you have one of those free accounts on: PeacockTV? I know that it is not a genre which you like and I know that you resist movies which have realistic moments of violence and I know that there is no reason for you to accept my recomme
  9. 1. Woody Allen - Zelig (1983) 2. Roger Corman - A Bucket of Blood (1959) 3. Andre DeToth - Slattery's Hurricane (1949) 4. Blake Edwards - Victor Victoria (1982) 5. David Fincher - Gone Girl (2014) 6. Sam Fuller - Merrill's Marauders (1962) 7. Mervyn LeRoy - Mister Roberts (1955) 8. Penny Marshall - The Preacher's Wife (1996) 9. Norman Z McLeod - My Favorite Spy (1951) 10. Ronald Neame - Gambit (1966)
  10. I love very much Jewel Staite in her many roles. I saw her first as: Kaylee on: Firefly (2002-2003). Her role in the space-opera was a space cadet who was a savant with all things mechanical. She had the perpetual soft-hearted, clueless innocence of a young girl whose third brownie had just kicked in. She never worried because it was all shiny. I saw her next as a matter-of-fact doctor on: Stargate: Atlantis (2004-2009). The character was so very different from her role as Kaylee that it was difficult for me to reconcile the two. Most of her work has been television series and tel
  11. I have heard the botanical version: you can lead a horticulture but you can not make her think.
  12. This is a quite wonderful schedule and I do hope that TCM Programmers use much of it. I must admit that I was taken aback when I did read your notation: "TCM SPOTLIGHT: Akira and Orson Tackle Shakespeare". It was automatic that I thought first of Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood (1957) but my brain stumbled over the concept of Orson Bean playing Iago. Or Hamlet. Or Macbeth. Or any other powerful Shakespearian character. His portrayal of: Katherina in: "The Taming of the Shrew" in drag would definitely be worth watching and I am sure it would have been a monumental piece of cinematic histo
  13. A little fuzzy of my acquaintance began a lucrative freelance writing career by translating engineering reports into understandable English for a regional utility. His pinnacle achievement was turning a forty-six page quarterly report with sixteen charts into a three page report with one chart which contained all the information which the board of directors wanted and needed to know.
  14. It is my understanding that the way to become a writer on one program is to submit a great script for a similar program. Producers chose this way because it demonstrates ability to write and it is considered unlikely that an outsider's script would be perfectly suitable as written because there are elements of canon which are not known outside the writers' room. Any script would have to undergo editing and/or rewrites before shooting and so it is just as easy to start fresh. Rewriting is often called: "washing garbage". It is my understanding also that writers come and go from a series be
  15. I like this schedule very much! My main concern is how you will break the news to Errol that you are partying down with Moondoggie.
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