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  1. I believe so. There were several episodes in which he was possibly not as aloof and professional as might be.
  2. "Star Trek: The Original Series" Bread and Circuses (TV Episode 1968) - IMDb
  3. The Jupiter 8 Reactor Mach II built by car customizer Gene Winfield It appeared on the television programs: Bewitched, Batman and Star Trek. It appeared with different paint in: The Psycho Lover (1970).
  4. I can not speak to changes or costs as those are not within my areas of interest. I can state that a considerable number of the files which I handle are Canadians who come to U.S.A. for imaging or radiation treatments. I presume this is due to the lengthy access times when there is insufficient evidence for a priority declaration. An appalling number of these cross my screen again with directives from the diagnostician to immediately seek treatment because any further delay may be life-threatening. I can state also that I have seen more than one file which notes several MRI and/or CT
  5. It was fortunate in the situation pictured that it was not enclosed because that would have prevented detection before meltdown.
  6. Part of my work is reviewing orders for imaging to ensure that they are appropriate to patient history and will provide the resolution needed for an accurate diagnosis. A considerable number of these files have the notation: "patient pay" or: "no charge" in the box for insurance information. No sorting or delays incur because of such notations. The only times that I have experienced more than three days from the issue of the order and the scan being performed has been due to natural disasters preventing imaging centers from sustaining normal operation or when there is a specific health criteri
  7. It looks to me as if it is in a boat or RV. I heard fairly recently of a very expensive RV which burned because the owner wired accessories directly to the generator feed because the fuse box was full and he did not want to pay for a professional installation.
  8. I have heard of a proctologist in England who is a passionate treasure hunter. It is sad when she confuses the two and does not know her arse from a hole in the ground.
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