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  1. Why bother putting a bird on a hat when you can simply use a cat? Cats as hats can carry attitude! Cats will chose which 'face' they show the world! Forget subtle body language! Your cat-hat can express your true level of interest. Fun for all ages! No species bias here!
  2. I have just now finished reading three books: Pepper&Carrot: The Potion of Flight by David Revoy If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff You Don't Want a Dragon! by Ame Dyckman These are unfortunately going into a box of gifts for a certain fuzzy's great-granddaughter's birthday. I shall miss them. 😞
  3. The Pirates of Penzance (1983) A young pirate comes to the end of his apprenticeship. He has come to love each and every one of the pirates dearly but his sense of duty leads him to vow to destroy them. An amusing paradox is that his apprenticeship ends when he is twenty-one but being born on February 29th means that he is twenty-one years of age but counting birthdays means that he is only five-and-a-little-bit and so he is not yet truly released from his apprenticeship and must rejoin them. This is an exhilaration of pure silliness! No one expects production of a Gilbert &am
  4. Planet of the Vampires (1965) Explorers land on a mysterious planet. It is quickly evident there are forces beyond their understanding there. It would be easy to dismiss this as shlocky spaghetti sci-fi if it were not for the fact that it was directed by: Mario Bava. The exterior shots are quite beautiful while evoking a sense of unseen horror. The story is slow in places but his direction keeps them from being boring. I have read that this movie greatly influenced: Alien (1979). The parallels are quite solid. I must wonder what might have been done with a reasonable bud
  5. I feel this movie conveys well the "we do not need to put up signs to know which people belong where" mentality. The messages of Herzog's images are often subtle but they are present at all times. The aborigines in their native environment wear motley cast-offs of the Western world. They are in the city swaddled in formal business suits so that they might not contaminate the environment. It is a quite compelling juxtaposition to see a man who is tailored to modern sophistication from the neck down and a venerable part of an ancient culture from the neck up. It is common for movies with su
  6. I would suggest that half-inch is the minimum which you should consider for such a set-up and three-quarters of an inch would be much better. I would avoid birch, oak or maple veneered plywood because the topmost ply is virtually tissue paper. I have checked just now and the closest Lowe's to us has two foot by four foot pieces of half-inch fir plywood for: $29.05 and three-quarter inch for: $33.79.
  7. The danger that I see is that lumber prices are currently extremely high. A four-by-eight sheet of: OSB which was: $12.87 in February, 2020 is now $38.47. I can not imagine what plywood prices are like.
  8. Where the Green Ants Dream (1984) A company wants to set off a long series of small explosions so they can seismically map a potential mining site. Aborigines believe this will disturb the green ants who will then rise to destroy the whole universe world. This is a Werner Herzog film. That means that the plot has only a loose and quite superficial relationship to the story. This is culture shock at its most real. What makes it compelling is that we are not presented with simple stereotypes in opposition. Each person on each side is unique and has a unique effect on
  9. I believe that the important difference is that a smile is all that she is wearing.
  10. It's not important how many people I've killed. What's important is how I get along with the people who are still alive. I am a leaf on the wind - watch how I soar. Ding-ding-ding! Laaaaadies and gentlemen, welcome to the fight of the century! In one corner is a beautiful young girl, and in the other, unhappiness! Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. But you have heard of me. Feels strange to be going home, doesn't it? Isn't the view beautiful? It takes my breath away. Well, it would if I had any. Twenty-three nineteen! W
  11. Malice in Wonderland (2009) This movie is ... interesting. I believe it is a must-see for all Lewis Carroll completists. "Insanity is not a plea, it's a way of life!" A woman is running from two men. She is hit by a taxi. The driver bundles her away because he does not have time to deal with the police as he is late. Very late for an important date. So the adventure begins. This Wonderland is a very sanitized underworld attempting to be surreal. There are occasional odd little nods to the original story: she escapes being forced into prostitution by driv
  12. I have been made aware of a situation which speaks powerfully also against government control: at least two major cities have opened vaccinations to people of all ages. Officials bemoan how few people are scheduling appointments. People bemoan how appointments for weekends are rare or non-existent. The bureaucrats strongly feel the world must march to their Nine-To-Five Monday-through-Friday timetable and treat people who have children or have to work during the day as subhuman undeserving of care.
  13. I can not speak with authority as my political beliefs do not align with: 'right' or: "left' but I have heard it said that the most persuasive argument against government health programs is: the VA. What hope does the average citizen have of receiving proper care if veterans consistently and constantly suffer neglect at the hands of bureaucrats? A question which I have often heard posed is: "If socialized medicine is so great, why do NHS workers demand their benefit package include private health insurance?"
  14. I have horrific visions of the park rangers having to treat Big Horn Sheep who have contracted a respiratory illness. Fueling the terror is the fact that no oral thermometers are made for animals.
  15. I have had no significant dreams concerning movie stars. I did see a picture of a frequent poster to this forum and I soon dreamt that I was looking at him from a distance. The dream was odd because my vision was limited to a tight circle and there were horizontal and vertical diameters in red. The distance was one-hundred-and-fifty yards and there was no wind. I am sure it meant nothing.
  16. I believe that is the basis of: The Spaceships of Ezekiel (1974) by Josef F. Blumrich. He worked at: NASA and wished to disprove the hypothesis that Ezekiel's vision described a spacecraft. His research convinced him otherwise. Most of his conclusions are fuzzy and much of his engineering fudged fanciful but the concept is tantalizing.
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