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  1. It was the 1966 television movie. I did not know there was a remake. It truly never entered my mind that any person would think it would ever need to be remade. I believe this proves I am too naive when it comes to the greedy minds of Hollywood. IMDb lists several remakes. I have seen Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving It is also very nice but it did not touch me in same way as How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  2. I believe this is thread for things off-topic and which do not fit elsewhere or need their own thread. I have watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time. It is wonderful! I very much like classic animation done to high standards and for simple stories told with elegance. This show is both. I have seen other Dr. Suess shows and they are cute but do not have richness of this one. I hope all of you take time to watch this when you can even if you have seen it in past.
  3. How does one make a compliment in Bizarro World? Is it like telling an actor to "break a leg" for good luck? Do you use teen-lingo where "bad" means "good"? Can it be made as "thumbs up" because that first meant gladiator was to slit opponent's throat? However you do it I wish to give your schedule a great compliment. Please use BabelFish-like program to translate the following from English to Bizarro: I love it! I think it is always good to recognize character actors and Grant Mitchell does seem to have been in every movie ever made. Perhaps what is most important is that you have use
  4. > {quote:title=SueSueApplegate wrote:}{quote} > *SansFIn* --Love your "Day" day Thank you for your kind words but I am confused about which "Day" day you like.
  5. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > Also fun is how he uses his angel powers to get David Niven to stay stuck to that chair. I love that scene! It makes him much more human to think he can do such a peevish thing and yet he does it with angel's style in subtle manner. I also love the scene where he makes the professor's glass refill with gentle wave of his hand and then he does very subtle trick of making bottle refill while professor watches glass intently. I have little experience with putting tinsel on Christmas tree but I think the true fun is getting into ti
  6. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > Why must everyone now refer to "Christmas" as "holiday" ? I am very sorry but I will call it holiday in America because it does not feel like true Christmas. It is two weeks early and is all about selling toys. At home it was more quiet joy. I have photograph of when I was 12 dressed as Snowflake Girl. I was adorable!
  7. You may not feel like a spring chicken but I have a scar from a knife wound older than you are. I am sure others will be quick to provide detailed information but the quick version is that TCM's library of movies was split from TCM when Time Warner/AOL bought the system some years ago. It is just shuffling money from one department to another department in the same corporation but TCM does have to pay to rent any movie it wishes to show.
  8. This is a wonderful and very touching movie. I feel it works on many levels. It is light-hearted fantasy and touching love story. It makes a new angle on romantic triangle. I did not think of it but a person pointed out it shows true spirit of charity by all memory of the angel disappears with him leaving behind only the good he had done. That adds wonderful element even if you do not consciously recognize it. They did not show it last year but did show it in distant past.
  9. I have very much a love-hate feeling with silents. Some are my favorite movies of all time and yet there are others I cannot stand to watch more than few minutes. There is no silent movie I have seen which I think is only okay. I must thank TCM for showing *Silent Shakespeare* It is collection I never would have known about if they had not shown it. It is quite odd to think of silent version of Shakespeare because all the plots and stories of plays were old and it is only wonderful crafting of words which makes them special.
  10. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > But I'm dying to know...what movie did you see there? I am sorry to say I do not remember. I think it may have been a Western as I remember thinking it was not movie appropriate to that setting. The first time I saw *Holiday Inn* (1942) it was shown on side of a barn. They were playing movies for us because it was so hot no one could sleep. We watched many winter movies that week. At one place I was stationed there was standing order to show one movie every week. There were no rooms with wide enough flat wall space to make it big
  11. > {quote:title=ILoveGinger wrote:}{quote} > I speak for the entire TCM Community when I tell you WE DON'T WANT IT! You do not speak for me. I do not like reviewers because they always want me to like or not like a movie for reasons that have nothing to do with the movie. I do not care if an actor's performance was better or worse in another movie or if the movie marks a significant change in a director's style or any of the other things that try to make me see a movie within a body of work rather than letting me know if that particular movie is worth watching. I do not like
  12. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > That is to say, the entire story points to > the events leading up to the female character's self -sacrifice. And it's that self-sacrifice that drives me crazy ! I have a great deal of trouble believing not only that the Irene Dunne/Deborah Kerr character would not allow Charles Boyer/Cary Grant to find out what happened, but that she would believe that this would be the best thing for them both. I am sorry to say I do not agree and I find it very possible. Being in love means being irrational. It is common thing for a person to
  13. My father was concierge for large hotel for foreign visitors. He asked a guest from a town I was to visit to write a letter for me to concierge of hotel I would be staying at there. Letter was only to ask to send me places nicer than usual tourist-traps. Concierge was really nice rather than guest-nice towards me. I thought it may be that he had daughter and he wished to treat me as he wanted her treated in strange city. He always had most wonderful recommendations for places where there were no tourists. It was not until much later that I learned the guest who wrote the letter to him worked f
  14. > {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote} > Compete with those beautiful French and Italian women? You are sure to be a very big hit. French woman is ordinary in France while you are exotic beauty. Everyone knows Imported is always better!
  15. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > What I was curious about when posting this thread was, are there ever times when your "visit to this other world" doesn't work, your putting aside expectations of credulity for the film is broken, and if so, why? It may be very odd but I have great trouble suspending disbelief with Westerns. Many of my relatives had farms so I spent much time week-ends and summers in the countryside. We used horses for much of the work. It may be that Americans used horses so very differently but I find most scenes with horses in Westerns to be so obviou
  16. > {quote:title=Kinokima wrote:}{quote} > I don't really find the movies on the schedule all that mainstream (with some exceptions of course) Or perhaps we have a different definition of mainstream. I know very little about old movies. I watch many because I prefer them to recent movies but I have not studied them and I am far from being a cinephile. Perhaps because of how many I have seen I am slightly outside mainstream but not by far. In February listing there are exactly thirteen I did not instantly recognize title. If you subtract those and all movies made since 1960 there are p
  17. filmlover - You have made a wonderful schedule. The themes are all very creative and many of them made me laugh. I like very much the movies for Michael Caine. It is deliciously wicked idea to have *Les diaboliques* followed by *How to Murder Your Wife*
  18. The schedule is what I have come to expect of TCM in February. All the movies are very good and are worth watching again but there is very little I find exciting. February/Oscar month is very mainstream.
  19. I find it very interesting that suspension of disbelief can let you accept ghost romancing living woman but it is which ghost which makes it over-the-top. A story can pile one thing on top of another and every person has their own limit of what topples the pile. Editor John Campbell said you can only have one thing requiring suspension of disbelief. Example given was that a story could have men landing on the moon or most people in America watching the same thing on television at one time. To have most people watching moon landing was thought to be too fantastic for science fiction stories
  20. C.Bogle - You have made a wonderful schedule. It is very eclectic. You choose many movies I do not know but those which I do know are all very good so I must think others are equal and I must see them. I very much like number of foreign films you use. The Henri-Georges Clouzot/Filmsonor films are two of my favorites.
  21. Suspension of disbelief touches on many things. It is not done in real life that a suspect is allowed to participate in police investigation but that is staple of murder mysteries. It would not be possible for James Bond to carry all the gizmos which might be useful but he always has just the one he needs. It would require many moving vans to carry all the different dresses a woman at a resort can pull out of her small suitcase. To do fact-check on any movie would create list as long as its script. We must overlook coincidences and things that are not the way they are in real life if we a
  22. Frank Sinatra does a cameo singing 'doobie doobie doo'.
  23. *Donovan's Reefer* John Wayne is finally able to use the skills he honed to perfection by rolling his own smokes in Westerns.
  24. misswonderly - I believe others here are geniuses but I am proof that one not need be a genius to create a schedule. I also do not believe a person must be crazy to do it but I know that it surely helps. It can be hard work but it is also great fun much like doing crosswords or anacrostics. I know that those who create 20th Century Vole movies have great wit, insight and depth of knowledge. The ones I have tried to make are trite, banal and prosaic. It was as tribute to 20th Century Vole thread that I made one for my schedule. It is very superficial artifice compared to ones in thread but
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